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Dear Utopia Silver,
Have you heard anything about this (Advanced Colloidal Silver) being good for genital warts? Would it be taken orally or another way (topically)?


Hi Shane,
Warts are very difficult to treat, but I would use it both topically and orally as you suggest. One method I’ve seen is to take a finger nail file and gently file down the wart to soften it up and to make it absorb the silver better. Next, take a band-aid soaked with colloidal silver or silver gel and place it over the wart. Keep reapplying until the wart is gone.

Simultaneously oral consumption may also help, taking one to two ounces a day for a week or so. Just remember, if taking larger servings orally, supplement with Acidophilus and Probiotics to replenish the colon flora to ensure proper digestion.

Another ‘cure’ is to apply the white milky sap from a fig or fig leaf directly onto the wart. This was my grandmother’s remedy and we used this successfully many times when I was a child.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor
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