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Water and Sea Salt, A Disease Remedy?

Crusador Interviews Bob Butts

CRUSADOR Interviews Water Advocate And Researcher Bob Butts About The Water Cure He Promotes That’s Healing Thousands Of People Of Diseases Doctors Have Sent Patients Home To Suffer And Die With

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.”  (I Corinthians 3:19)

Is the answer to our current health care crisis as simple as drinking half your bodyweight a day in water with a pinch of pure, unprocessed sea salt? It sounds too easy doesn’t it? However, the passage from Corinthians makes it clear that what man thinks is best or correct is generally foolishness to God. Think about it for a moment. Trillions of dollars are being made annually worldwide when it comes to health care. Pharmaceutical companies have billions of people literally hooked on drugs that do absolutely nothing to cure their health problems. Scientists, doctors and researchers are all in search of the magic bullet cure that they think will be found in some synthetic concoction they come up with. Might they all be looking in the wrong places?

Everyone knows that water is the source of all life on earth. NASA scientists send space probes around the universe in search of water because they know that if they can find water, life on other planets is possible. Why is it that something as simple as consuming more water is not considered when it comes to treating or preventing disease? Every single cell of our body runs on water. Cells are the bricks and mortar of our chemical make up. Our respiratory and circulatory systems require water to function. The simple fact is without adequate hydration we would be dead. Could it be that the manifestation of disease symptoms is really your body’s cry for water and the 75 to 80 minerals needed in the form of pure, unprocessed sea salt?

In this enlightening interview, CRUSADOR interviews water researcher Bob Butts who has spent over $600,000 of his own money trying to tell the world that drinking enough water with a mixture of salt is the solution to over 65% of the diseases afflicting mankind. Bob Butts is selflessly and heroically carrying on the astonishing work of Dr. Fereydoon Batamanghelidj, M.D. (a.k.a. Dr. B), author of the book “Your Bodies Many Cries For Water.” With no agenda other than to help humanity, Bob Butts is literally saving countless lives which otherwise would be swallowed up and extinguished by our nearly Medieval, ignorant medical/pharmaceutical industry.
Crusador:  Bob, tell our readers about Dr. B and how he came to be known worldwide as an expert in the field of water research?

Dr. B. was slated to be shot as a political prisoner of Khomeni’s revolutionaries after the government of the Shaw was overthrown in 1979. Everyone who was well off financially was assumed to have acquired their wealth dishonestly and therefore, slated enemies of the people. His family owned four hospitals, two of which were charity hospitals where people were able to get treated at no cost. While he was in prison, he found that many inmates suffered from ulcers and he used nothing but water to treat them and cured every single one of over 3,000 using nothing but water. He also found that many of these same people that suffered from severe depression were cured in just a few days by drinking lots of water.

When his trial came up a year and a half later, he presented his discovery as his defense from 32 charges, each of which carried the death penalty if he were convicted. The judge recessed the trial and reconvened two weeks later where he acknowledged that their
medical doctors concluded that he had indeed made a tremendous discovery. That is what gained his release. If you view the TV news special on our site, you’ll see and hear Dr. B.’s amazing story and a whole lot more. These same videos are now being aired in India.

After leaving Iran and coming to the USA, Dr. B continued his research at the University of Pennsylvania where he gathered the material for his ground breaking book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.” This book has been peer reviewed by many researchers around the world where Dr. B. gave lectures. On his site there are many testimonials from medical people and institutions. Unfortunately, his discovery met with strong resistance from special interest groups whose incomes depend upon high profit problems not being solved.

Crusador:  What are some of the things Dr. B discovered?

He found out that the root cause of about 65% of most health problems is dehydration (a salt & water deficiency) and when the dehydration is corrected, many so-called incurable illnesses are greatly improved or cured. A few are asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, anxiety, obesity, M.S., cancer, Lupus, etc.  When I am asked by talk show hosts to appear on a show, I advise them that I don’t do interviews unless the interviewer knows for a fact that the Water Cure truly works. When they do this, we set a record for the most calls in the station’s history every time. Probably the most amazing thing is the 100% cure of pet arthritis just by adding unprocessed sea salt to their water and food at ¼ tsp. per quart of water and sprinkling some on its food. Tremendous results are also seen with other pet health problems.

Crusador:  How did you meet Dr. B and what caused you to make such a commitment to this research as I understand you have spent $600,000 promoting his Water Cure, yet you don’t make one cent on it?

On our website is an ABC News story that tells some of the history. I was ripped off by our legal system and it caused me to lose a business and $800,000.  I was filled with great hate and frustration for a number of years. But something happened one night that changed my life. I woke up in the morning with all hate and frustration gone. I called my family together and told them that it is over. Everything is fine. We are going to make something come out of this so great that we’ll be glad we incurred this loss and I didn’t have the slightest doubt. I even said that I’ll never forgive the people that did this to us because there isn’t anything to forgive. God made us perfect, but our software stinks. Their actions are the result of negative values of the culture they grew up in.

It turned out to be the greatest thing that happened in my life because that is what caused me to meet Dr. B. and commit 75% of our advertising budget to promote his discovery. The initial results with the Water Cure were so astonishing that I felt that it would only take six months for it to be accepted nationwide. I never realized that we were so money driven that the powers that be had little interest in this discovery no matter how many people got well. I even ran 12,000 TV spots in 12 months of local people, including four doctors, who got rid of incurable problems and not one researcher would even talk to me or the people that got well.  You can view these same spots on our website

You can bet this greatly upset me because I’m seeing all these people get well and the powers that be had no interest in making this information available to all the other countless people who are suffering and dying needlessly. Today, I am no longer upset or
frustrated because the problem has nothing to do with orthodox medicine or the drug companies. It has to do with how we measure excellence and we measure it in terms of money and power which has predisposed us to all the problems we have. To win at this, the main thing is to excel at kindness, compassion and live our lives in service to our fellow man regardless of who they are or what they have done.

Crusador:  What effect does pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation have on dehydrating the body?

Using drugs and procedures to silence the alarm signals of underlying problems is like disconnecting the warning lights from your car’s dash. Whether its people or vehicles, the answer is to give the problem no reason to exist. Common sense tells us that the only thing that can get us well and keep us well is a strong immune system. Drugs, chemotherapy and radiation do the opposite.  As Dr. Dean Burk, a friend and co-founder of the National Cancer Institute said, “Drugs are man’s way to try to bludgeon the body into a cure profitably and if there’s enough money to be made on it, research could be designed to prove that daylight doesn’t exist.”

Yes, most drugs dehydrate the body and the #1 protocol in every hospital hydrates the body which incidentally is water and salt. A saline IV has six times as much salt in it as the water cure recipe recommended by Dr. B, which only recommends a ¼ tsp. per quart. A quart of saline IV sells for up to $475 and there is only about one penny’s worth of salt water in it.
Crusador:  I noticed a headline newspaper story in a major northeastern Pennsylvania newspaper where you offered $50,000 if the Water Cure couldn’t cure every child. What prompted you to make such a bold proclamation and how did the campaign work?

I saw so many people get well from asthma that I felt it was no more a risk than betting $50,000 that tomorrow at noon it will be daylight. We have no knowledge of it failing even once. Local talk shows were talking about it and bashing it. I said that if I’m wrong, then I’ll have to pay $50,000. Nobody could prove it wrong and not one person came forward to say it failed.

Crusador:  Can you discuss a few of the chronic diseases that are caused by a lack of water such as high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, asthma, etc. and how they are linked to dehydration and not some kind of genetic problem you were born with?

High blood pressure, according to Dr. B., is primarily the result of a dehydrated body that has to elevate the pressure in order to see that every cell gets enough blood which is 94% water.  Mineral deficiency can also cause people to be salt sensitive and raise the blood pressure. Dr. B. has much info on this on his site and we have some testimonials also.

Heart disease is similar and a great article is on our site under the headline from Family practice News which reads; “Water Sinks Fatal Heart Disease Risk.” High Cholesterol is the result of a dehydrated body needing more cholesterol to seal the water in the cells to minimize water loss. I’ve never seen a case yet where correcting the dehydration didn’t cure the problem.

Asthma is a very simple problem produced in a dehydrated person when the brain deliberately constricts the bronchials in order to prevent water loss. Drinking two glasses of water for an adult having this problem and then putting a pinch of salt on the tongue will stop an asthma attack in minutes. I’ve seen or heard of it work many times.

Crusador:  Can you tell by the color of your urine or any other visible signs that your body is dehydrated?

The darker the urine, the more dehydrated one is. The skin of a dehydrated person is very dry and often wrinkled. Eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, and raccoon eyes are also obvious symptoms of dehydration, along with depression and low energy.

Crusador:  How many lives and how much money would be saved if the water cure were endorsed by our medical system?

According to Dr. B., possibly one million Americans every year could be saved from premature death and 1500 billion dollars ($1.5 trillion). Even if Dr. B. were only half right as Paul Harvey put it, the water cure would still be the greatest health discovery in history.

Crusador:  Don’t some people think you’re crazy? You’re in the auto parts business and what makes you think that you know more than doctors?

In the beginning the skepticism was so great that half the people thought I was nuts and the other half knew I was. That is no longer the case as northeastern Pennsylvania abounds with testimonials and the TV news specials covering this story certainly increased our credibility. Cars and people are a lot alike. Neither will run well if they are water deficient. People come into our store and ask for help. They rattle off their health problems with all the scientific labels and ask me what I think. I think you have drought. You are a couple of quarts low I respond, and they are. I explain that doctors are trained to follow protocols or they could be sued if they don’t.

Crusador:  You have said that if cars were as easy to fix as people you’d be out of business. Can you elaborate on that statement?

If cars were as easy to fix as people all we’d have to do is to throw all the raw materials that each part is made of in the trunk and the car would digest them and renew every part. That’s all we have to do to fix our bodies, but the raw materials need to be what our bodies need and not be compromised with processing. We need live food, not micro-waved or devitalized food from cooking.

Crusador:  You say that medical research already knows that the Water Cure is true and researchers would have to be dumb beyond belief if they didn’t know. Explain why?

When a prominent TV personality and attorney with MS contacted me after his MD told him to do so, he told me that he had lost 90% of his vision in one eye and had difficulty walking up and down steps. I told him that as far as I’m concerned, MS stands for monumentally stupid because researchers would have to be dumb beyond belief if they couldn’t figure out its cause and cure. You already know that the nerve tissue of a person with MS hardens and researchers should certainly know that nerve tissue is 85% water. Therefore, what would cause it to get hard? Obviously lack of water! I never knew of one person with MS who wasn’t severely dehydrated. I told him that his vision would be back in four or five days and in a couple of months most symptoms would be gone and that’s exactly what happened.

Crusador:  Why is salt such an important part of the Water Cure?

Without adequate salt, your body will never retain enough water to make the body function properly. That is why the saline IV is so great and uses so much salt. No metabolic process can take place properly without enough salt.

Crusador:  Compare a saline IV with the Water Cure?

First of all, for the hard nosed skeptic with a health problem, ask your MD to give you a saline IV twice a day for four days, drink no caffeine or alcohol and see what happens. You can also go for a swim in the ocean for an hour and note the improvements.
The Water Cure is an oral saline IV with less salt and more minerals. The big difference is the IV costs up to $475 and the salt water only cost one penny.

Crusador:  If the Water Cure is so simple, then why isn’t everyone using it?

Because there’s a rule that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Talk show host Barry Farber turned me down for an interview initially when I told him that I don’t do interviews unless the host knows it’s not too good to be true. He verified the truth and called this the most incredible story in his 44 years of broadcasting. The interview we eventually did resulted in about seven shows with Dr. B. and me. He said that our interviews caused switchboard meltdown.

Crusador:  Medical people say that the success stories you publish are just anecdotal and don’t mean much. How do you answer that?

I tell them that the only reason they are called anecdotal is because research already knows the stories are true. Why else would their #1 protocol and most profitable protocol be salt water in the form of a saline IV? Whoever invented the saline IV knew very well all that it would do. Actually, Hippocrates, the father of medicine and the namesake of the Hippocratic Oath, was the first to use the Water Cure as documented in the 1934 book, “Back to Eden.”

Crusador:  I understand that some prominent people whom you’ve helped have been warned to stop telling people about their success or economic sanctions will be taken against them. Can you elaborate on who these people are and what type of sanctions would be taken?

The president of a well known animal welfare group was telling everyone, including Barry Farber’s coast to coast audience about her 15 year old arthritic dog who was running up and down the stairs within two days after getting sea salt in its food and     water. Her board of director told her she’d be fired if she didn’t stop telling this story. An executive of a prominent accounting firm whose daughter had severe asthma necessitating frequent emergency room trips was quickly cured of asthma and the owner of the company told him that he could not put this story in the paper because this firm does a lot of work for medical people. A radio personality was told he cannot use his name and the station’s name in any way connecting him and it with the Water Cure. The station where he worked previously had no problem with it. Doctors, including the head of one hospital, told me they’d be fired and possibly lose their jobs and licenses if they told that the Water Cure is nothing but common sense.

I must say that one local doctor, Dr. Lang Su of Mid-Valley Hospital, spoke very highly of the Water Cure, including once on TV and he never had any kind of sanctions taken against him or was warned in any way. There are a number of other stories also.

Crusador:  Have you been threatened by anyone in the medical community or the government for telling people that most diseases are linked to a lack of water and salt?

Not even once or even had a hint of any threat other than from a few customers who quit buying from me because they thought I was nuts. By the way, every one of them came back after learning the truth.

Crusador:  Do your colleagues and family support the work you’re doing?

My family does now and all who have worked with me for any length of time do now.

Crusador:  What kind of effect does soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol have on the body?

Caffeine and alcohol are deadly because they are diuretics that remove more water from the body than was in the drink originally. The sugar in soda is certainly bad and caffeine and aspartame make a bad thing even worse.

Crusador:  Have you been on any well known radio or TV shows?

I have been on the Art Bell Show with Dr. B. for four hours. The show made the front cover of Art’s monthly magazine and our interview was aired a second time four weeks later. We weren’t allowed back on because the interview upset some powerful people.

Crusador:  I understand that you have no ill feelings toward any of the powers that be for stonewalling this simple solution. Why not?

Because the job of every CEO is to make more money for the company and its shareholders. He’d be fired if he didn’t do that. The problem is that every business is the same and there are no incentives for any business to eliminate the problems that are their main sources of income. How many of us would blow the whistle on a problem that is our main source of income?

Crusador:  Is your faith in God and your desire to help others the main reason why you are so motivated to share this message with the world?

Absolutely! I consider myself the luckiest person in the world and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone for all the money in the world. The Water Cure is truly a gift from God and passes the litmus test for being this gift. It is free, has no negative side effects, it works and is truly a blessing to the world. I just prayed the following as I completed this questionnaire: “Bless my words with God’s light and love to give them the energy to heal, strengthen and nourish the bodies and spirits of all who read them.”

Read Dr. B.’s dedication in each of his books:  “To our Creator, with Awe, Humility and Love.” I can honestly say that I am infinitely rewarded in the wonderful feeling that I receive in knowing that I am sharing Dr. B.’s tremendous discovery with people around the world. I am deeply honored to be able to do it and I hope these words will inspire many more to pass this wonderful discovery on.

Crusador:  Have you had any support from doctors and the medical community?

From a few who can be seen on the TV special by WYOU TV and Dr. Su who have willingly put their seals of approval on it and many other doctors who have quietly supported the Water Cure and shared it with their patients. Many nurses and people who work in local hospitals are also passing this on.

Crusador:  Thanks for the opportunity to interview you, Bob. Hopefully thousands of people reading this interview will find the healing they have been searching for that won’t leave them penniless, in debt, and confused.

Bob:  Thanks, Greg. I assure you that anyone trying the Water Cure recipe will see astounding results nothing short of miraculous.

The Water Cure Recipe

Drink 1/2 your body weight of water in ounces, daily. Example: 180 lb = 90 oz. of water daily. Divide that into 8 or 10 oz. glasses and that's how many glasses you will need to drink, daily. Use 1/4 tsp. of unprocessed sea salt for every quart of water you drink. Use sea salt liberally with food. As long as you drink the water, you can use the salt. Use only 50 to 80 mineral, no additive, unprocessed sea salt.  Avoid table salt.  It only has three minerals in it. While the best sea salts contain all minerals, you should eat a banana or two a day for potassium and take some magnesium, calcium and zinc to maximize your immune system. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. These are diuretics and will dehydrate you. Every 6 oz. of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz. of water to re-hydrate you.

Monitor your pH checking both urine and saliva with test strips. The best pH is 7.36. The lower the reading, the more acid your body is and the more difficult it is for it to repair itself because it is then in a degenerative state. You will find that in most cases, the people with cancer and other terrible health problems are very acid. Water & sea salt are the best for neutralizing acid, but there are foods you need to select for proper pH.

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