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Who looks healthier after cancer? Suzanne Somers or Michael Douglas?

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) They're about the same age and they've both battled cancer. One person chose the natural treatment route and the other chose toxic chemotherapy. Can you guess which is which?

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It's difficult to look at recent pictures of Michael Douglas and not come to the conclusion that he's dying. Or, more accurately, he's being killed by the cancer industry just like countless other victims who have been poisoned, irradiated or surgically harmed by an industry that offers no cures, no compassion and no real solutions. The cancer industry kills more people than it saves, and yet oncologists insist that they alone know how to treat cancer even when the hard science shows their treatments aren't working!

The real answers to cancer come from people who have survived it through healing, not poison — people like Suzanne Somers who is now teaching principles of self healing through her new film called the Suzanne Somers BREAKTHROUGH Tour, opening tomorrow in theaters across the country.

This event is billed as "an honest, engaging and often humorous discussion encouraging viewers to take charge of their health, recapture their youth and maintain their vitality."

An announcement for the event explains: "Suzanne busts open the paradigm of conventional cancer treatments and creates a step-by-step action plan based upon hundreds of interviews with doctors and scientists who are having great success with alternative treatments. She reflects on her own cancer scares with a fervent plea to persuade people to seize a commanding role in their health treatments, urging viewers to ask the questions their doctors aren't asking, to educate themselves about alternative therapies and to seek out information for addressing their health issues rather than merely taking conventional treatments at face value."

In other words, Suzanne is teaching her audience to be more like NaturalNews readers: Educated, responsible and self-healing. It's the only system of medicine that really works. Learn more about where you can see her film at

Michael Douglas, meanwhile, has surrendered his health over to a team of poison pushers called "oncologists." And for taking absolutely no active role in his own healing while subjecting his body to deadly poisons, he is for some reason being called "courageous."

Let me be blunt about this: Selling out your body and your health to the cancer industry is not courageous. It's foolish. What takes real courage is standing up to the cancer industry, telling your oncologist to keep his hands off your body and taking charge of your own healing journey through changes in diet, nutrition, exercise and mind-body medicine. Self-healing takes courage. Chemotherapy does not.

Will Douglas be a chemo survivor?
If Michael Douglas survives the next twelve months, it will only be because his body managed to resist the poisoning he was subjected to by his doctors. He will then be a chemo survivor (not a cancer survivor), because the cancer itself will of course come right back now that his immune system has been so damaged by the chemo.

As with all chemo patients, Michael Douglas has now sadly suffered brain damage, heart damage, liver damage and kidney damage from the chemotherapy poisons. He has paid a steep price for "shrinking a tumor" even though the physical shrinking of a tumor has been scientifically shown to be medically useless in and of itself. Cancer tumors have their own root cells (cancer stem cells) which grow right back unless you change the environment and improve the holistic health of the patient.

How to make better decisions about cancer
I admire Michael Douglas as an actor and as a human being, and I feel great sorrow for his decision to harm his own health at the hands of chemotherapy doctors. Yet just like millions of other cancer industry victims, Douglas has made a poorly informed decision about cancer treatment that may very well cost him his life.

What Douglas needs to see is Suzanne Somers' new "Breakthrough Tour" film. He needs to read NaturalNews and listen to the enlightening interviews Jonathan Landsman has done with cancer experts (…).

In fact, every cancer patient needs to listen to people like Suzanne Somers, a self-empowered woman who has chosen to invoke her body's self healing capabilities and take a stand against the quackery of the conventional cancer industry.

After all, the photos tell the real story: Suzanne Somers looks a whole lot healthier than Michael Douglas these days. And that's because of a courageous choice she made to stand up to the cancer industry and take charge of her own healing journey.

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