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Why Cancer Is Harder To Prevent and Beat Today

by Tony Isaacs

I agree that Budwig is wonderful and consider it an essential part of the natural anti-cancer protocol I put together.  It has indeed achieved wonders and is something I recommend for just about anyone trying to beat cancer or avoid it.

However, cancer and the world we live in have changed a lot during the past 50 years and for that reason we do not seem to see the same successes with treatments like Budwig, Essiac, Hoxsey, Gerson, etc.  Cancer appears to be getting harder to avoid and harder to beat once acquired.  I believe that is likely due to a number of factors.

One is the amount of radiation that now found in virtually every square inch of the earth's surface as a result of the atmospheric atomic bomb blasts that spewed millions of tons of radiactive material into our environment.  Two time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling warned of millions of deaths and injuries that could be expected as a result of atmospheric bomb tests.  He was rewarded by having the State Department pull his passports.  A pre-eminent Russian scientist and later Nobel Laureat himself, Andrei Sakhorov, predicted between half a million and one million deaths for every 50 megatons of atmospheric bomb tests (ultimately the tests of the United States and Russia combined to produce fallout equivalent to 40,000 Hiroshimas).  As a result he was exiled to a Siberian Gulag for the next 20 plus years.

Add to that the fact that our industrial age has added no fewer than 80,000 unnatural chemical compounds to our environment, less than 1,000 of which have been tested individually in any way for safety and almost none of which have been tested in combination with one another.  Then you have all of the microwave transmissions, power lines and cell phones.

Next, you have about 20,000 FDA approved medications (both prescribed and over the counter) which have been mostly poorly tested for safety individually, scarcely tested for carcinogenic/mutagenic short or long term dangers, and almost none of which have been tested in combination with each other.  Over 95% of all FDA approved medications have known side effects by themselves. In combination, one can only imagine.

Next comes the foods and nutrition we tend to consume (or not consume as the case may be).  The food products on the grocers shelves have by and large had the nutrition processed out and additives processed in for added shelf life, flavor, color and texture.  The ones that claim to be "enriched" with vitamins and minerals are enriched mostly with synthetic petro chemical vitamins and crushed rock minerals – not natural ones or ones that have been pre-digested by plants to be bioavailable for human benefit.

Our fruit and vegetables are picked early and artificially ripened/preserved with chemicals – plus they often contain pesticides and/or herbicides and come from over-farmed soils which severely lack the major and trace minerals needed for optimum nutrition.  Usually they have just the major petro chemical synthetics added back to the soil which produce the best growth, and which have either killed off the vital soil micro-organisms needed to convert what minerals do remain to usuable forms to be taken up by the plants, or else have not been given those micro-organisms adequate time to perform their vital roles thanks to over-farming and lack of proper crop rotation.

Today, most of us are deficient in most vital trace minerals needed for optimum health and many major miinerals and vitamins as well.  Thanks to the totally overboard scares about the danger of exposure to the sun, most of us are woefully deficient in Vitamin D3 – instead slathering on sunscreens which block out the beneficial rays, let in the harmful ones and contain carcinogens to boot.  Most of us are similarly lacking in iodine, and many are lacking in selenium which, besides many other health benefits, is an important co-factor for iodine to be properly utilized.  While many people diligently supplement with calcium via milk or supplements, as many as 95% of us are deficient in magnesium – and without magnesium being consumed/supplemented on a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 ratio with calcium, the calcium does not work.

Besides all of the poor nutrition we consume as part of our fast food, processed food, microwavable meals SADS diet, we have also largely adapted to sedentary lifestyles which further impair our immune systems – nature's vital first line of defense against cancer and other illness.

In great part, cancer is a defense mechanism where the cells mutate to protect themselves from a heavy metal, chemical compound, or other irritant/toxin.  One of the things they do is form an outer protective shell which prevents the body's natural immune system from recognizing and killing off the cancer cells.  Some have observed that this protective layer is getting thicker in many forms of cancer, possibly as a result of all the added toxins and other factors listed above.  The end result is that cancer is more hardened against attack and is harder to recognize and defeat by immune systems that are most often in less than optimum condition to begin with.

In addition, the body's great toxin removal organ, the liver, is also often compromised and operating at far less than peak efficiency.  Instead of a toxin removal organ, many people have developed fatty livers which are fat and toxin storage organs and which have bile ducts that fail to eliminate toxins but instead serve to recycle them through the bloodstream.

Perhaps the best of all the Mexican Clinics is the one established by Harry Hoxsey's protege and partner, Mildred Nelson, an angel of healing who passed on in 1999.  In her later years, she observed that their clinic was still having wonderful results with most forms of cancer, but that cancers which once had been able to cured in only three weeks or so were taking up to six month or longer.  I believe that what she observed is a perfect illustration of what I outlined above.

My anti-cancer protocol may be overkill for many people.  But I think it takes more than just one cancer preventative or cancer fighter these days.  That is why the wonderful Budwig protocol is an essential part of what I recommend, but far from the ONLY element.

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