Natural Remedies

Yeast Infections

– Colloidal Silver. One of the best remedies for Candida or Yeast infection is colloidal silver, used both internally and topically- applied directly to the affected tissue.

– Grapeseed Extract. Aids in ridding the body of potentially harmful microorganisms.

– Flaxseed Oil. Essential fatty acids are very important in healing and preventing the fungus from damaging and destroying tissue cells.

– Ease the maddening itch of a yeast infection with a suppository made with boric acid. Although its name sounds harsh, boric acid acts as a mild antiseptic and has antiviral and antifungal properties. Insert one suppository every night as long as needed. Do not exceed 14 days. If you don't find the suppositories in your natural food store, ask your pharmacist to make them.

– Yogurt – Dip a tampon in a container of live culture yogurt that contains active cultures, then insert it into the vagina and leave for 30-40 minutes.

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