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26 October 2016

Sonograms Linked to Autism Symptoms

October 27, 2016 ( That first ultrasound is a thrill for parents, but new research suggests that the practice may make autism more severe in children born with the disorder…

26 October 2016

Girls Used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ to Test HPV Vaccine

October 27, 2016 Posted By: GMI Reporter This article is copyrighted by GreenMed…

26 October 2016

Merck Popularized Cocaine Working with Sigmund Freud

October 27, 2016 (NaturalBlaze…

26 October 2016

CDC Blocks Testimony of Vaccine Whistleblower

October 27, 2016 Written By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr…

26 October 2016

Does Alcohol Increase Your Cancer Risk?

October 27, 2016 (TheTruthAboutCancer…

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