Chronic Lung Infections


I appreciate your reply, thanks. I assumed CS was the best against TB. Curiosity only, am in good health due to CS. Doctor says that 3 years ago he never expected to see me alive by now, but CS broke the chronic lung infections where antibiotics couldn’t. And my nebulizer is always handy. Thanks for being with us. Bill in Texas


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Regarding a question asked as to using CS for MRSA. My mom had MRSA for a long time due to frequent hostipal stays. She balked at using CS for a long time also but when they stated to put some powder up her nose she finally had enough. I brought her four (4) 8 oz. bottles of CS and some Acidolpholous capsuls. I had her consume a bottle of CS a day plus the Acidolpholous capsuls. Within a short time the visiting nurse (?) declared her clear of MRSA. (Must have been the powder — …ya think!?) In the Layman's article you wrote that when something big hits you physically, hit it back hard with CS. It works.

HPV and Warts

HPV Virus

Utopia Silver, I have had HPV that caused Genital Warts since 2010. The dermatologists tried acid, freezing, blistering agents, all of which to no avail. I felt horrible and disgusted with myself. A friend of ours told my wife about Colloidal Silver for a massive infection from surgery. I looked up this website and saw the testimonials for normal warts and decided to give it a try.  It has been several months now with no warts. The ones I had are gone with no scarring and I have had NO NEW WARTS!!!!  What ever ya’ll are doing, keep it up. Thank you so much!!!       [The content of this post may have been edited for brevity and punctuation.]

Pet Shampoo, Food Wash, Colds, Flu


Hi Utopia, We use colloidal silver for EVERYTHING, have sent so many testimonials over the years. Have been using it to spray on our tabletops and computer table every day too and our sinks. It goes into every dog shampoo we use and we have been thrilled for years at the results. Thinking the water pipes are over 100 years OLD and we do use a ten stage water filter, but we still put a dropper of colloidal silver in our water and always wash our fruits and veggies in filtered water WITH COLLOIDAL SILVER in it. The uses are ENDLESS……….and we KNOW what we have here after all these years of use. Plus, we are ‘allergic’ people who haven’t… Read More →



Dear Sir, I am so glad I did not return or stop taking this product do to the vomiting, it has help me tremendously. I went on line and read that when you first start taking this product it can make you vomit, because it is cleansing and destroying bacteria, so I continued to take it and my shingles and shingle pain are gone, so I reordered this time 9 bottles because I never want to be with out, also I was up in the mountains in ukiah and had layed down to go to bed and started coughing I reached over on the nite stand and took a swallow of the colloidal silver the coughing stopped and has not… Read More →

Abscess Tooth


Utopia Silver, I have never written a testimonial in my life until now. I recently ordered a bottle of your advanced colloidal silver to have on hand. This is my first experience with colloidal silver. I woke up this morning with a very painful tooth absess. My neck glands were swollen and very painful. I took a teaspoon of your product and then swished it in my mouth for a few minutes every hour from about 4:30 am until 9:30 am when i went to work. At around noon the absess opened. I rinised again with cs. It is now 6:00pm and the pain in my gum and glands is almost completely gone. I will keep using CS for another… Read More →


happy man

We made our own silver and have for years with your generator and silver sticks. We use silver for everything including our animals and even in our cleaning products. Another event happened that was a wonderful experience. I had about 6 growths on the inside of my left knee and had them for some years. I began to spray colloidal silver from my glass spray bottle on my leg at least 3 or 4 times a day. In a couple of months time, those growths are completely GONE. Take anything out of my house, but do NOT take our colloidal silver away from us. Bless you all for your wonderful products and your efficient service over the years. C. Morris… Read More →

Inflamed Mole


Hi Utopia, I just received your Colloidal Silver Supplements in the mail today.  It came in record time.  I try to keep Colloidal Silver in my house.  It gets rid of infections without the use of antiboitics (antibiotics are losing the battle of infections because of their over-use.) A few years ago, though, I found another use for colloidal silver.  I had a mole on my wrist, which was turning red and getting bigger.  I was going to go to a doctor to have it removed, when an old man told me to try colloidal silver before I saw a doctor.  I had some, and took 1 tsp. in the morning and put some on the mole.  Before I went… Read More →

Truly Wonderful


Utopia, I have to tell you that I have been using colloidal silver for years now and it is truly wonderful! I do have one question though. My mom recently fell and scraped her knee very badly. I had to take her to Urgent Care where they just cleaned it and told us to use soap and water and neosporin.However the knee that my mom injured (the right side) is also the same side that she had her lymph nodes taken out when she had surgery to take out the cancer in her breast. Therefore her doctor has warned her to be careful not to injure that side too much. I have used the advanced colloidal silver for almost everything… Read More →