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The #1 Health Concern Between Christmas & New Years – A Heart Attack

Crusador Interviews Christopher Barr

“Once there is an active heart problem the importance of magnesium actually increases considerably.  This has actually been noted in medical research since the 1950s.”  — Christopher Barr

Almost all adults are concerned about the condition of their heart and cardiovascular system. Some live in constant fear wondering whether any ache, cramp or pain in their upper body is a sign of a heart attack. There isn’t an adult living in North America that hasn’t lost a loved one or a family member to heart disease. The fact is, heart attacks kill, and they kill by the millions every year!

Just recently we witnessed the sudden death of TV news anchorman Tim Russert from a massive heart attack. Tim was only 58 years old. It came as a complete shock to the world. Since Tim was internationally recognized, our society tends to give deaths like his more attention than others. What happened to Tim Russert is only a microcosm of what is happening on a massive scale every year. Generally we expect people in their seventies, eighties and nineties to die from heart attacks. When it occurs with people in their twenties, thirties, forties or fifties, it’s usually considered a tragedy.  

There’s a reason why statin drugs, high blood pressure drugs, and diabetes medications are the best selling drugs on the market. Drug companies have done a masterful job of instilling fear into virtually everyone alive that if there are any imbalances, their risk of dying from heart disease greatly increases. What they haven’t told you is that these numbers have been deliberately manipulated so they can sweep in millions and get them on a regimen of drugs for life on the false assumption that they will live longer by taking them.

What you will rarely hear is that most heart disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies. You won’t get well or live out the years you were created to live until you know what’s causing your heart condition or how to prevent one altogether. Of all the organs in the body the heart is the one most often damaged by nutritional deficiencies. It is also the most responsive organ to nutritional therapies.

Over the course of the past year, our readers have been blessed beyond measure by the incredible insights and pearls of wisdom that Christopher Barr has shared with us on a number of important health topics. We continuously get calls and letters all the time from readers who have followed his advice and have seen the results in their own life. In this issue of Crusador we have a special interview that is over the top. If you, a loved one, co-worker, friend, or associate ever wanted to know the full truth about heart disease and what you need to do to avoid becoming another victim, the following interview below is one of the best ones you will ever come across.

Crusador:  Chris, it is truly a pleasure to interview you again. I want to give more coverage to heart health than we have in previous issues since heart disease is the #1 killer in this country. You have spent many years doing some amazing research to distill out truth people need to know to stay well. What pearls of wisdom can you share with our readers and why should someone listen to what you have to say on this subject as opposed to anyone else?

Well, Greg, pearls are formed over time from an irritant.  It is through a lifetime of research by way of science, history and journalism that I have come to a variety of pearls of wisdom with inestimable value – considerably by way of my being an irritant to both medical and nutritional mainstreams.

You’ve heard of the proverbial “between a rock and a hard place”?  That is where I do my work.  The “rock” is modern medi$in and the “hard place” is nutrition.  Either of these is filled with erroneous biases and neither of these is open to being challenged due to their “love of money” which as the Scripture notes “is the root of all evil”.  I do what I do due to the Scriptural precept of “love of the truth” rather than for “love of money”.

“The proof of the pudding” as they say “is in the eating”.  More and more people all the time taste for themselves the proof of my knowledge by way of the interviews provided by me to Crusador over the past year or so.

Crusador:  Mainstream medicine’s answer to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes/blood sugar issues is to treat it with drugs. Why do they have it all wrong?

The simplest answer is that neither heart disease, high blood pressure nor diabetes/blood sugar issues are due to “drug deficiencies”.  The reasons for each of these problems are due to complexities of nutritional deficiencies.  The most complex of these matters you have mentioned is heart disease.  A variety of nutritional deficiencies are what leads to heart disease.  These deficiencies come from a few very bad dietary habits that have only become common place over the last 100 years.

100 years ago cardiovascular disease was not even among the top ten causes of death.  Today it is the number one cause of death and has been number one more than half a century.

Crusador:  So much bad press has made headline news lately regarding the ineffectiveness and outright dangers of statin drugs. Some have even argued that statin drugs are the biggest scam ever. Where do you stand on this issue and why?

If statin drugs are not the biggest scam ever they are at least right near the top.

The whole purpose of statins is to lower cholesterol levels in order – allegedly – to protect the heart.  Cholesterol levels are reduced due to statins interfering with normal liver processes.  Liver problems are one of the two most common and most serious side effects of taking statins which should not be surprising since statins work by interfering with normal liver processes.

The other most common and most serious side effect of taking statins is muscle damage.  Isn’t the heart a muscle?  Why, YES, it is!  “Sometimes it is just a matter of asking the right question,” my good friend Dr. Kenneth O’Neal, M.D. said with a smile when I put forth this question to him in a discussion of statins when he was a guest on my daily radio broadcast, ‘VOICE OF CHANGE’.

Additionally, cholesterol is not an issue because one has too much cholesterol but rather because one has too little of the essential trace mineral element chromium.

Chromium manages cholesterol.  In the absence of chromium cholesterol is unmanaged and goes haywire.  Low density lipoproteins (LDL) increase which are commonly regarded as “bad” cholesterol while high density lipoproteins (HDL) decrease which are commonly regarded as “good” cholesterol.

High HDL levels are so much more important than low LDL levels that even a recently published medical research study noted that if HDL levels are high enough then LDL levels are irrelevant when it comes to heart disease.

Statins are very effective at reducing the “bad” LDL cholesterol but do not increase the “good” HDL cholesterol.  Medical options – in other words DRUGS – for increasing the “good” HDL cholesterol are limited both in number of options and in their effectiveness, PLUS they have serious side effects so that they are barely used at all.  Of course, statins also have serious side effects but since they are very effective in their targeting of the “bad” LDL cholesterol they are prominently used anyway.  The use of statins is so prominent that they are the number one most prescribed class of drugs in the world.

Now back to chromium.  Increased chromium does two things; it increases the levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and decreases the “bad” LDL cholesterol.  The nutrient option provides the best of both worlds with no side effects as well as numerous other benefits.  However, only 100 per cent whole food, grown varieties of chromium are significantly utilized by the body.  Meanwhile, the drug options are many though limited in application and with many side effects.

The nutrient answer to the cholesterol question is superior in every way to the multitude of drug answers.  Yet, the nutrient answer of 100 percent whole food, grown chromium is too little known and even less addressed.

Dr. Henry Alfred Schroeder received the highest award of The American Heart Association and established the dietary and drug protocols used for high blood pressure.  He was one of the greatest researchers of the 20th century – if not the greatest – yet his considerable researches on the mineral chromium were almost entirely ignored.

Dr. Schroeder wrote that “we found that chromium in the aorta was not detected (too low to be found) in almost every person dying of coronary artery disease, one manifestation of atherosclerosis, and was present in almost every aorta of persons dying accidentally.”

How does this happen?

Refined white flour and refined white sugar made up a negligible part of the average American dietary 100 years ago at which time such began to increase in American dietaries.  Through the 1920s and 1930s there was a dramatic escalation of these “foods” and cardiovascular disease cracked the Top 10 causes of death.  That dramatic escalation continued and cardiovascular disease has been the number one cause of death now for more than 50 years.  Refined white flour consumption now averages more than 150 pounds per person per year in America and refined white sugar consumption is about the same.

Whole grain is an abundant source of chromium but refining it into white flour removes 91 per cent of that chromium.  Whole sugar cane is also an abundant source of chromium but refining it into white sugar removes 98 per cent of that chromium.

Recent U.S. government figures note that refined white flour is 20 per cent of the typical American diet.  That means that refined white flour and refined white sugar now makes up almost half of the typical American diet.

Schroeder wrote of “the typical American diet, with about 60 per cent of its calories from refined sugar, refined flour, and fat”.  He noted that this diet “was apparently designed not only to provide as little chromium as feasible, but to cause depletion of body stores of chromium”.

“The result is a prevalent disease, in this case, atherosclerosis,” concluded Schroeder about chromium deficiency.

You do not have high cholesterol and heart disease because of a deficiency of Lipitor!  Artificial means (DRUGS) do not fix the problem.  They may delay the problem although at what cost in both dollars and cents, and in side effects?

Regarding chromium Schroeder wrote that “the most effective way of avoiding the atherosclerotic-diabetic syndrome is by prevention.”  He looked for the day that “this essential micronutrient so necessary to the integrity of arteries” would no longer be removed by refining.  Either that “or if the public insists on white flour and white sugar” that chromium would be “restored in sufficient quantities to those foods to ensure their adequate metabolism.”

Schroeder has been gone now for more than 30 years and that day he longed for has yet to arrive.

“Modern man makes many mistakes through lack of knowledge, but there is no excuse for his continuing his mistakes in the face of knowledge,” Schroeder wrote in his writing on chromium more than 30 years ago.

I agree with Schroeder.  There is no excuse for modern man to continue removing chromium from his food supply and not add it back.

Crusador:  CoQ10 is a naturally occurring compound that is found in every cell of the body. It also plays a major role in protecting the heart, hence the reason why millions of people take it regularly. There is a real interesting side to this story that is rarely discussed though. You stated in a previous interview with me that selenium is more important than CoQ10? I found that rather shocking since it flies in the face of accepted nutritional dogma. Why Is that?

There are many reasons.  First, CoQ10 is produced in the body from selenium.  Second, selenium is relatively inexpensive and CoQ10 is one of the more expensive products on the market.  Plus the superior, whole food varieties of CoQ10 are rare and hard to find, and even much more expensive than the commonly available varieties.  It is a matter of common sense and dollars and cents – as well as scientific sense – to concentrate more on selenium supplementation than on CoQ10 supplementation.

There is also no better antioxidant than selenium.  Antioxidants protect against free radicals that damage the arteries, thereby setting up the basis for plaque build-up.

Selenium deficiency is also at the root of hypertension (commonly called high blood pressure) that also increases cardiovascular risk.  This is a very technical matter that a whole article could be devoted to but I’ll just sum it up here.

It was Dr. Schroeder who discovered the connection of salt to hypertension and devised the low salt for high blood pressure that continues to be used today more than 50 years after his discovery of this.  However, his later, more advanced finding that salt was not actually the culprit have been ignored.

Schroeder found that refined, white salt was a carrying agent for the mineral cadmium and that a build-up of cadmium was the real agent for causation of hypertension.

Cadmium is a heavy metal and as such is stable against the processing that removes other minerals when refining salt deposits to the pretty, white, sodium chloride salt so popular with almost everybody  –  thereby setting up an exaggerated imbalance of cadmium in the body that results in high blood pressure so very, very common to so very, very many.

Cadmium displaces zinc due to some technical matters of physics.  The only normal means by which the body has to remove cadmium is the mineral selenium.  Selenium physically bonds with cadmium to escort it out of the system.  Of course, selenium is sacrificed in this role so that it is then unavailable to protect the heart, prevent cancer, or to perform any of the other myriad functions that it nutritionally performs.

Cigarette smoking is documented to dramatically increase high blood pressure risk.  Cigarette smoke is very high in cadmium.  The subsequent loss of selenium due to such cadmium increase also explains why cigarette smokers have so much more heart disease as well as cancer.

The processing of whole cane sugar to refined, white sugar has the same cadmium problem as with salt refining noted earlier.

Whole grains can be very high in selenium, although there is a wide disparity due to modern farming practices and geographical distribution of selenium in the soil, In any case, refined, white flour removes 92 per cent of selenium from the whole grain and leaves a similar exaggerated imbalance of cadmium, as with white salt and white sugar.

Dr. Alexander Schauss is noted to have said that practically the only mineral left in white flour and white sugar is cadmium.  Dr. Schauss is the author of the book, ‘Diet, Crime and Delinquency’, and has been researching physical, mental, and social effects of nutrient mineral deficiencies and toxic element build-ups for many decades.

Selenium is important for so many functions in the body that it just makes sense in so many ways to concentrate on selenium supplementation rather than CoQ10 supplementation.

Crusador:  What effect do statin drugs have on the body’s CoQ10 levels?

The artificial means by which statin drugs interfere with the production of cholesterol also interferes with the production of CoQ10 from selenium.

So, if you are so brainwashed and/or brain dead as to use a statin drug then you must supplement with the very expensive supplement of CoQ10 because this very important substance for heart health (and so much more) cannot be produced from the more economical selenium due to the interference from the statin drug.

Crusador:  Isn’t it true that Merck, the maker of Zocor, originally patented this drug with CoQ10 but never brought it to market?

“Speaking of the devil” to coin a phrase, and speaking of brainwashed and brain dead, yes there is quite a story regarding Merck and the FDA when it comes to statins and CoQ10.

Indeed, the Merck magicians who first opened the cursed Pandora’s Box — that is statin drugs — did know from the outset that the Merck black magic of statin drugs – subsequently copied by most every other black magic sorcerer of the pharmaceutical world and the number one most prescribed drug in the world today – prevented the body’s own production of CoQ10.

Please note again that CoQ10 is expensive and Merck chose not to utilize the patent for statins with CoQ10 since there was no demand from the marketplace for it.  Of course, how can there be demand if almost nobody knew – other than those at Merck?

Just the normal course of business practices at Merck.

Almost 20 years ago internal memos at Merck noted dangers of mercury in vaccines – a BIG part of Merck’s murky business – but they took no action for more than a decade.  It was only after mercury in vaccines began to become a common news item that Merck “volunteered” that they were going to stop adding it to vaccines.  Even at that it took some years before they actually stopped adding mercury to vaccines – or at least to mostly stop adding most of the mercury in most of their vaccines – even though they knew about the problem for a very long time before it gathered considerable attention from others.

Then there is the whole Vioxx illicit affair in which there was years of delay after its connection to increased heart deaths before Merck finally “volunteered” to remove it from the marketplace.

Back to CoQ10, statins, Merck and the FDA.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., is a fairly well-known doctor who has at least attempted to integrate nutrition extensively with his practice of medicine.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how much he doesn’t know about nutrition considering how much that he does know about nutrition.

Anyway, Dr. Whitaker spent considerable time and expense preparing and submitting a petition to the FDA regarding statins and CoQ10.  He had quite a combination of lawyers, researchers and documentation compiled and submitted on the matter.

Dr. Whitaker was calling for one or more of several options regarding statin drug usage.  One option was to require CoQ10 with all statin drug usage.  Another was to at least recommend CoQ10 with all statin drug usage.  Yet another was to place a black box warning on statin drugs about the interference of these drugs with production of CoQ10.

It took the FDA three years to respond.  The FDA did not deny that statins interfere with production of CoQ10.  Rather, the FDA denied that the interference of statins with production of CoQ10 warranted any FDA action.

Crusador:  One of the big buzzwords that frightens people when it comes to heart related issues is plaque. Should we be concerned about this, how does plaque build-up and is there a nutritional regimen that counters it?

Plaque build-up should be a very great concern to the vast majority of Americans who make Standard American Dietary choices that most Americans do and yes, there is a nutritional regimen that counters it.

First, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the old saying goes.  Preventing heart problems is easier than countering heart problems.

Dr. Schroeder came to believe and wrote that chromium deficiency is the cause of heart disease.  While chromium deficiency is A primary cause of heart problems, it is not THE primary cause of heart problems.  This is a very complex matter so the answers are complex.

You can’t blame the late, great Dr. Schroeder for putting his eggs mostly in the chromium basket when it comes to heart disease as some of the other significant factors were very little or practically unknown at the time of his death 30 years ago.

Chromium is rich in both flour and sugar before more than 90 per cent of it is removed, whereas other nutrients important to heart health are abundant only in flour before they are significantly removed.

Chromium and selenium have been addressed at some length already in this interview.

91 per cent of chromium is removed when white flour is made.  However, before cholesterol goes out of control due to a lack of chromium and becomes a significant part of the plaque process there has to be damage to the artery.

92 per cent of selenium is removed when white flour is made.  However, before a lack of selenium becomes a part of the plaque process due to increased damage to the artery there is another matter of the heart.

95 per cent of the mineral silicon is removed when white flour is made – more than either selenium or chromium.  Silica is vital to the integrity of the blood vessels.  It is key to both strength and elasticity of the vessels.

Lack of silica results in weaker vessels.  This results in easier damage to the weaker vessels from free radicals due to lack of selenium.  Then cholesterol acts as a band-aid to a problem that is not truly countered without the restoration of the nutrients.  The continual placing of cholesterol band-aids is the plaque that builds up in the arteries – in combination with excess calcium as well.

A study many years ago confirmed that in those dying from cardiovascular disease there was little or no silica to be found in the arteries.  Those who died with healthy cardiovascular systems had an abundance of silica in their arteries.

Other very important nutrient deficiencies contributing to heart disease are magnesium, of which 75 per cent is removed in the refining of white flour, and pyridoxal compounds (commonly referred to as vitamin B6) of which more than 50 per cent is removed in the refining of white flour.

Once there is an active heart problem the importance of magnesium actually increases considerably.  This has actually been noted in medical research since the 1950s.

Crusador:  So what’s the truth about cholesterol? Has there ever been a proven link to high cholesterol and heart disease?

Well, Greg, there is a link between high cholesterol and heart disease, but then there is also a link between breathing and heart disease.  The key is not whether there is a link but rather whether there is a causative link.  There is absolutely no causative link between high cholesterol and heart disease.

This is just one more reason that statin drug use is so absolutely idiotic.  The primary function of statins – the number one most prescribed drug in the world – is to reduce cholesterol, which is not a primary cause of heart disease.  Neither is cholesterol secondary or even tertiary to heart disease.  Yet statins do prevent production of CoQ10 which IS a primary PROTECTOR of the heart!

Crusador:  Do you believe that the numbers for high blood pressure and cholesterol have been manipulated to sell drugs instead of health?

Greg, that is not a matter of belief.  That is a simple matter of fact for any who are intelligent and honest health researchers and practitioners.

Before the advent of statins 20 years ago there was not much that modern mediSin could do about cholesterol.  So even though those pholk predominantly believed the phantastic phraud that cholesterol causes heart disease, they pressed somewhat about diet but tended to downplay seriousness of cholesterol levels unless they began to climb above 220 or more.

As statins entered the marketplace suddenly a goal of 200 became common.  As that level began to become more commonplace then “less than 200” was the new goal, and with the passing of time more and more doctors are shooting for considerably below 200.

There is even growing talk of statins being given to children.  THAT would be child abuse.

Then there is the more recent high blood pressure phraud.  Textbook perfect blood pressure has been 120 over 80 for decades, but in just the last few years, that which has always been called perfect is now called pre-hypertension for which it is recommended that drugs should be considered – as if there are not already enough people on high blood pressure drugs.   It seems like most adults are on these, and often these people are on more than one type at a time.

Crusador:  Should we have a genuine concern if our cholesterol or our blood pressure is high?

If cholesterol is alleged to be high the only concern should be to dramatically reduce or preferably cease refined white flour and refined white sugar products, and start taking a minimum of 100 micrograms of chromium in a 100 per cent whole food form three times daily.  I’ve never known a “cholesterol problem” not resolved with that regimen through three decades of experience and usually in short order – a matter of months and sometimes in a matter of weeks.

The most important aspect of utilizing chromium with cholesterol issues – since cholesterol issues ARE actually chromium deficiency issues – is that chromium balances out cholesterol by decreasing truly high “bad” LDL levels and increasing low “good” HDL levels.

As to blood pressure issues … that is far more complex.

For one thing, determining high blood pressure is not an exact science.  Let me give you a personal example.

My blood pressure right out of high school as an active, healthy young man was 140 over 90 more than 30 years ago.  Doctors would have said then and especially now that that is high blood pressure and would have medicated me – if I didn’t know better.  Learning about better eating habits and nutrition 30 years ago – and applying what I learned – has resulted in my blood pressure now varying from the 120s to 140 over the 70s to 90 depending upon how hard I am pushing myself.

Also, doctors are commonly ignorant or dishonest about blood pressure anyway.  People commonly have higher blood pressure readings at a doctor’s visit due to nervousness and/or discomfort.  PLUS the first reading is practically NEVER accurate anyway.  To get an accurate reading usually requires at least taking the blood pressure reading twice consecutive and three times consecutive is better.  Doctors commonly just take blood pressure once and then drug people due to an inaccurately high blood pressure reading.

Crusador:  Is there any evidence that suggests the long-term use of cardiovascular medications actually worsens cardiovascular health?

Any evidence?  There is a boat load … no a whole fleet of boats loaded full of evidence.  This interview is already lengthier than any other we have had and there are still some very important matters to address so briefly I’ll just cite two dramatic examples starting with a very recent one.

A robust and very active NBC newsman, Tim Russert, just died very suddenly at a young 58 years of age from a heart attack.  His own news network reported that he had “been diagnosed with asymptomatic coronary artery disease, but it was well-controlled with medication.”  His heart disease “was well-controlled with medication” and he suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack?  Sounds like the old adage, “The operation was a success but the patient died.”  It is lunacy that an allegedly serious news agency could make such a statement.

The second example is actually many examples.  Research studies and several books by Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D. extensively document exhaustive side effects of statins.  This is no fringe lunatic, health nut.  He has multiple degrees including from Johns Hopkins.  He is called “SpaceDoc” because he was a NASA astronaut and U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon who additionally practiced as a family practitioner for more than 20 years.

Crusador:  Dr. Bruce West who puts out a health alert publication says that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that stents, bypasses or balloon angioplasty provide any lasting benefits to heart patients. In fact, he says they can make you gravely ill and even kill you! Do you agree or disagree with his position and why?

There are many studies even in the polluted mainstream of medicine as to lasting benefits to heart patients being fleeting or non-existent.  More importantly, all drugs or medical procedures have risks and side effects.  Most important of all – heart problems are not caused by drug deficiencies but rather due to complex nutritional aberrations and deficiencies.

Crusador:  I have read that of all the organs in the human body, the heart is most responsive to nutritional therapies. Have you seen the same results too?

I have seen extraordinary results first hand and routinely receive excellent reports from those I know and help with such matters.  Also, I receive great reports from other doctors as well – including medical doctors.

Crusador:  What nutrients are the most important for cardiovascular health and why?

The mineral chromium is the most important of all for cardiovascular health and many of the reasons are already covered earlier in this interview.  One reason is that all the most important nutrients for cardiovascular health – chromium, silicon, selenium, magnesium and the pyridoxals (vitamin B6) –  are significantly stripped from the very common American dietary staple of refined white flour.  However, chromium is also 98 per cent removed from sugar cane in which it is abundant to produce the refined white sugar that is about as common an American dietary staple.  That – among other things – makes chromium the most important of all for cardiovascular health.

A study late last year in the New England Journal of Medicine noted that the lowest incidence of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems is in those with the highest HDL levels.

The medical doctor who authored the study said, “The fundamental important message of the paper is that if you take HDL high enough, LDL doesn’t matter.”

Plainly speaking that means the statins are useless even by medical standards if HDL is high enough.

The same doctor just cited then said, “What we desperately need is a new drug to raise HDL levels.”

No drug new or otherwise is needed at all.  100 per cent whole food chromium raises HDL very effectively because that is one of its specialty functions in the body.

Once there is an active heart problem, the role of magnesium is magnified in importance.  This was actually documented in Massachusetts hospitals 50 years ago – and there is no magnesium so dramatically most effective as 100 per cent whole food magnesium.  Countless numbers of people – including doctors – are amazed at the added improvement they note when switching to 100 per cent whole food magnesium.

Crusador:  Hawthorne berries are touted as being a great benefit to those with heart conditions. From what I know most of the hawthorne products being sold on the market do very little for heart health. Why is that and can you tell our readers what to look for if they have come across information regarding hawthorne berries?

Most hawthorne products being sold on the market do very little for heart health because they are based on wishful thinking, ignorance and/or dishonesty.

Some purport that you shouldn’t even use the berries at all.  While it is true that the healthful heart principles are present in all parts of the hawthorne, it is in the berries that these principles are most concentrated.  Of course, it is more work and a greater difficulty to work with the berries of the hawthorne so some don’t bother and that is a shame for anybody using those hawthorne products.

The most important part to success with hawthorne berries is using them fresh or freshly processed into a syrup that protects the powerful benefits of this truly miraculous heart healing berry.

There is one hawthorne berry heart syrup formula that has been used for nearly 150 years.  Dr. Christopher’s Hawthorne Berry Heart Syrup is one of the few Dr. Christopher formulas that is actually not his own formula.  It was given to him as a gift for being such an excellent student by his herbal professor who was given it by his herbal teacher.

I could fill an interview with the experiences of Dr. Christopher with this formula.  However, I have observed at least as many wonderful experiences myself with his formula as I have read or heard from Dr. Christopher.

In just the past few months alone I’ve had two different men report reversals of carotid artery blockages.  One man with a 90 per cent blockage of his carotid artery had that blockage reduced to 75 per cent in a very short space of time on Dr. Christopher’s Hawthorne Berry Heart Syrup.  Of course, he was already taking whole food forms of chromium, selenium, magnesium and silica for some time before and that could only hasten the healing experience with the hawthorne syrup.

The other man had a 60-70 per cent blockage of his carotid artery and put the doctors off for a month while he took hefty tablespoon dosages instead of the label recommended half-teaspoon dosages.  When he showed up at the hospital a month later where they were prepared to do angioplasty they discovered his blockage was only 30 per cent.  Of course, this man had been taking whole food forms of chromium, selenium, magnesium and silica for more than a year.  The doctors were befuddled and the man went home without angioplasty.

Recently a medical doctor who was a student of mine some years ago commented on his amazement at the hawthorne berry heart syrup and especially noted that he sees the most dramatic results of all in those who are in their 90s.  He noted how that they come in practically lifeless and with no energy, and that after getting on the hawthorne berry heart syrup they are full of life.

I laughed with him as I know this very, VERY well.

A very dear brother in the faith, just shy of 93 years old suffered a heart attack while I was out of state some years ago.

Another brother and I arrived at the hospital the next day (two days before Thanksgiving). Our dear brother had been there almost a full day and was all hooked up in ICU, very pale, eyes sunken, with speech that was almost non-existent and slurred. His heart rate was 51, pulse at 41, blood pressure 139 over 41. He was on 100 per cent oxygen and even with that his oxygen was only holding at 90 to 95 per cent.  He was in VERY bad shape.

We asked him and his wife if he would like some herbs. We told them we had hawthorn berry syrup with us. His wife excitedly said, 'YES! ' He barely muttered 'Yes.’'

Hawthorn berry syrup only calls for one-half of one teaspoon per dose three times daily – though I recommend four times daily. This brother's wife used a common dessert spoon and filled it almost full. That means he received more than a teaspoon.

Less than thirty seconds passed and the heart monitor began climbing into the 60s. In sixty seconds his heart rate was at 67 and his pulse was catching up. After two minutes his heart rate stabilized at 69, pulse rate was steady at 71, and his blood pressure steadied at 155 over 89.

Our dear brother disconnected the oxygen and began pulling off monitors as he said, "I'm going home". Within a few more minutes his oxygen was at 98 to 99 per cent AFTER he disconnected himself from the oxygen respirator.

Through the years I have seen hawthorn berry syrup make some difference in minutes and work wonders in days but never before have I seen it work such wonders in such a short time as in this instance.

This provided for an especially thankful Thanksgiving.

He went home against the doctor’s urging.  I learned a few weeks later that he stopped taking his Toprol, Metaprolol, and nitroglycerine against the urging of family and some friends.  He lived for several more years carrying a small vial of the hawthorne berry heart syrup and just sipping on it a few times each day while taking a full complement of 100 per cent whole food nutrients.

Crusador:  Are there any other first-hand testimonials and successes with people you have consulted with who have taken your advice?

I’ve had people who had their doctor tell them they would die if they didn’t have a heart operation in 10 days or two weeks.  It is amazing to see the dramatic improvement in them as they use the hawthorne berry heart syrup and 100 per cent whole food nutrients instead.  They didn’t die and are all still kickin’ many years later – without heart surgery.

High cholesterol levels routinely decrease.  Low HDL levels just as routinely increase.

One woman earlier this year who has had open heart surgery in the past and a long history of heart disease was taking a turn for the worse.  She couldn’t walk across the room without losing her breath and her energy.  She heard about the hawthorne berry heart syrup from a friend who raved about it.  After one week she was walking to the mail box and back again – down a long driveway a quarter mile one way.  Her husband with just mild heart problems got himself his own bottle after that.

I could go on and on with countless other reports of my own personal knowledge.

Crusador:  Some health experts believe that the sole reason for declining cardiovascular health is caused by unhealthy fats. Where do you stand on this issue and why?

Unhealthy fats certainly are no help and do gum up the works in the cardiovascular system but they are far, FAR from “the sole reason” for heart problems. I’m going to decline to go any further due to time and space constraints.

Crusador:  There are some very knowledgeable researchers who believe that the pasteurization and homogenization of milk is a major factor in causing heart disease. What are your thoughts on this?

Oh, Greg, I could spend a lengthy interview on this subject.  Briefly, pasteurization and homogenization of milk each are major factors in causing heart disease for distinctly different reasons – and no, I am not a milk hater.  I absolutely LOVE milk.  But if I can’t get it unpasteurized and unhomogenized then I won’t drink it – it’s a slow poison.  I tell people there is not a nickel’s worth of difference between pasteurized, homogenized milk and a glass of soda pop as far as health goes.

Crusador:  Regular exercise is a big factor in cardiovascular health. What kind of regimen do you recommend and how much more important is getting the right nutrition into the body than exercise?  

Deep breathing and lymphasizing are far and away the very best.  The most common and easiest form of lymphasizing is at least 15-20 minutes daily of gentle bouncing on a trampoline.  Check out the International Academy of Lymphology for much more great information on the hows, whys and wherefores on this subject of tremendous importance all by itself.

Exercise apart from nutrition will only take you so far and so long.  Exercise eventually becomes counterproductive due to increased energy use more rapidly depleting chromium and extra oxygenation eventually bringing harm if there is an absence of antioxidants of which there is none better than selenium.

There is an old song, “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”.  I tell people, “Don’t Fixx it!”

Jim Fixx is credited by many with starting the fitness revolution in the 1970s.  It is primarily due to his influence that you commonly see men and women jogging along roadsides, in parks, and to some extent where ever there is room to roam.

"The most important single indicator of overall health is cardiovascular endurance, which is what running develops," Fixx wrote in 'The Complete Book of Running' in 1977.

I counseled people in the early 1980s that the Fixx approach was incomplete and even deceptive.  Fixx had a family history of heart disease.  Most people call that genetics.

One thing I have learned through the years is that one "acquires" dietary habits from their family as much — and more — than they acquire "genes".  Bad dietary habits don't just effect your jeans.  Bad dietary habits effect your genes, too.

In fact, there is a brand new study just out by Dr. Dean Ornish published in the journal ‘Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences’ in which they were stunned to find swift, dramatically positive changes at the genetic level in individuals making healthful dietary changes.  More than 500 positive genetic changes in only three months.

Well, back to exercise and running – which requires energy.  The basic energy unit of the body at the most basic level is ATP.  That is formed from glucose and oxygen.  The extra energy required for running requires extra chromium.  If that is absent then the benefits of running will only take you so far.  The lack of chromium will eventually catch up to you.  Sooner or later it will overtake you.

Jim Fixx dropped dead of a massive heart attack at the young age of 52 in the midst of his normal 10-mile daily run.  It was only seven years after releasing his book on running.  Though a runner for many years he died with one coronary artery blocked almost 100 per cent, a second blocked 80 per cent, and a third 70 per cent blocked.

If your heart is broke, don't Fixx it.  Running causes the release of endorphins and makes those who do so feel good.  Running is a better option than drug therapy.  It may make you feel better.  It may even extend your life more than if you did nothing at all.  Ultimately, it still does not address the underlying problem of chromium deficiency.  Running in fact demands more chromium and will therefore increase a deficiency if that nutrient need is not addressed.

Crusador:  Do you have any parting thoughts or recommendations for our readers?

As long as this interview is, it’s best to keep it short and simple.  How about, “Read and re-read this interview over and over again and again.”  There is a lot here that I have come to through four decades and it will take going over it again and again to retain the information herein.

Oh, and one more very important extra.  Take a 100 per cent whole food B6 every time you eat any animal food – that’s meat, eggs, or any heated dairy product.  The reasons are too complicated to get into at this late stage but are very, very important to prevent the formation of homocysteine that damages arteries.

Featured Articles

Pediatricians Demand Annual Flu Shots for Infants

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Vaccinations are modern medicine's most-favored form of quackery. Even while the bulk of the evidence shows vaccines and flu shots ultimately harm more people than they help, they continue to be pushed by doctors, drug companies and state health authorities. Now you can add pediatricians to that list.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, a group of drug-pushing doctors that claim to care for children, is now demanding that parents get their children injected with an annual flu shot vaccine — even for six-month-old babies! According to the new AAP guidelines, all children from six months to eighteen years old should receive an annual flu shot vaccine injection even though flu shots have been scientifically shown to be effective on only about one percent of those receiving them!

But here's the most disturbing part: The AAP is now aggressively attacking anyone who suggests flu shot vaccines should be spaced apart or skipped altogether in order to reduce the vaccine burden on a child.

The cumulative toxic vaccine burden
With a child in the U.S. now receiving upwards of 130 different vaccines (many are combined into a single shot, so it's not 130 shots), it only makes logical sense to wonder whether there's such a thing as a cumulative toxic vaccine burden that might harm the health of a child. But the AAP apparently believes there's no limit to the number of vaccines a child may be given. Even a six-month old infant may receive a thousand different vaccines as long as they are demanded by health authorities.

Any doctors or health authority who questions vaccines today is immediately branded a quack by the pro-drug, pro-chemical medical establishment, and vaccines have become the dividing issue that separates the medically insane from the sane. Those who push for mandatory vaccines (like HPV) and annual flu shots for infants are, of course, the insane "mad doctors" who think the human body is somehow deficient in viral DNA fragments and must be supplemented with any number of such injections in order to be healthy.

The agenda of the insane vaccine pushers is to literally criminalize all parents who object to vaccines and strip the medical licenses of any doctors who urge caution on vaccines. Importantly, they claim there is no room for debate on the issue of vaccines because they are so righteous in their vaccine wisdom that no reasonable person can even question the reasoning behind a child being injected with over a hundred vaccines.

Vaccine pushers have become irrational zealots
By taking this position, the pro-vaccine pushers have revealed themselves as irrational vaccine zealots who promote their chemical agenda not because it makes scientific sense, nor because it is medically justified, but rather because it is their demented way of dominating and controlling the population.

The pro-vaccine doctors have become a cult, and in this cult instead of sacrificing all your money and possessions, you sacrifice the health of your own children, turning them into modern medicine's lab rats who are subjected to outrageous medical experiments. (Let's face it: Injecting a child with 130+ vaccines is nothing less than a medical experiment.)

The frightening thing about this cult is that its power over the population is enforced at gunpoint. Try to resist the vaccination cult's directives, and you may find yourself arrested at gunpoint, your children kidnapped by state health authorities (CPS) and you end up in jail, charged with neglecting your child's health.

That's no exaggeration: In states like Maryland, parents are already being threatened with imprisonment for failing to get their children vaccinated, and the vaccine cultist are pushing for mandatory vaccine laws throughout the nation.

The radicalization of the vaccine pushers
In attempting to criticize opposition to his fabricated war on Iraq, President Bush famously said, "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists." This extremist stance is now mirrored by the vaccine pushers who are essentially saying, "You either agree with us, or you're a criminal."

Such a position leaves zero room for thoughtful debate, eliminating the possibility of coherent discussion over possible health threats that might be posed by vaccines. It's also a clear sign of the radicalization of the vaccine pushers who unfortunately seem to hold positions of high authority in modern society.

As the vaccine-pushing cult becomes more radicalized and even militarized (due to gunpoint enforcement, attack dogs at the Maryland courthouse vaccine enforcement event, etc.) it runs the risk of looking more and more like a home-grown terrorist group. It already shares many similarities with terrorist groups: The use of fear to promote its agenda, the use of chemical weapons that harm and kill civilians, the use of firearms and violent weapons to enforce its agenda, and the adoption of an intellectually-extremist position that declares all opponents to be criminals.

It's true that medical violence against children is routinely tolerated in America today. There is no crime modern medicine can commit against children that's outrageous enough to warrant an arrest of the medical authorities, apparently: They can poison children with chemicals, maim them with medically unnecessary surgery, destroy their brains with psychiatric drugs, burn their flesh with radiation treatments and obliterate their immune systems with chemotherapy, but as long as it's approved by a doctor, nobody seems to question this violent medical abuse of a child.

And when angry parents try to fight the system by petitioning the government to end mandatory vaccine regulations, for example, they are immediately called "scientifically illiterate" and accused of neglect.

That's the key to all this, of course: Any parent who objects to vaccines is effectively threatened with being arrested for daring to oppose the all-powerful medical authorities. It is through this blanket of fear that most parents are motivated to shut their mouths, take the shots and stop asking questions about things like autism.

Losing your freedoms AND your health
So what does it all really mean? It means pro-vaccine doctors are not only a threat to your child's health, but also a threat to your freedoms! These vaccine-pushing health authorities aren't running a public health campaign; they're running a militant cult that declares all who oppose it to be criminals deserving arrest and imprisonment.

Like all such militant cults that rise to power, the vaccine pushers need to have their power checked before they become an even greater threat to the health and safety of families everywhere. This could be easily accomplished with the passage of health freedom laws that would establish the permanent right of parents to refuse to subject their children to chemical concoctions they object to.

The fact that we even have to consider new laws to protect such rights demonstrates just how much of a threat to health freedoms the vaccine pushers have already become. When governments and state-license health authorities are given the power to override the commonsense decisions of parents, the very fabric of freedom is beginning to fray.

Or, put another way, when parents who try to protect their own children from a dangerous accumulation of toxic chemicals are branded criminals and imprisoned, a dangerous threshold has been crossed that takes the entire nation further away from anything resembling freedom and a lot closer to a medical police state.

The future of militant medicine in America
If this militant vaccine agenda isn't stopped, and if medical authorities are given even more state power over the People, it's not hard to imagine a future where:

• Where chemotherapy is administered to children at gunpoint and those who resist are arrested.

• Where refusing to put a child on psychiatric drugs is considered justifiable grounds for mandatory psychiatric medication of the parents (in a mental institution, of course!).

• Where all information on the internet that challenges vaccines or pharmaceuticals is censored, and those who dare to publish it are arrested and "disappeared." Imagine a Gitmo for bloggers…

• Where vaccine pushers demand an ever-increasing barrage of vaccines for all children, reaching a point of utter insanity where 1000 or more vaccines are injected into a six-month-old baby.

• Where feeding your child vitamins is considered a crime, and children are even "drug tested" for traces of vitamins, and those found to carry such traces are taken away from their parents by Child Protective Services.

Do these possibilities seem outlandish? The idea that parents could be arrested for refusing to subject their child to chemotherapy also seemed outlandish at one time, but now it's a present-day reality. The idea that the State would send letters to thousands of parents, threatening them with jail time if they didn't submit their children to a "vaccination processing line" at the local courthouse also once seemed outlandish. But now it's an historical fact.

That something seems crazy has never been sufficient to prevent it from actually occurring, and the medical authorities seem willing to abandon human rights more quickly than just about any other group, including terrorist groups. Most terrorist groups, after all, tend to target adults (9/11, for example) while the vaccine pushers are targeting children. Terrorist groups also tend to target populations of other nations, while the vaccine pushers are targeting the children of their own countries.

This is not to say that vaccine-pushing doctors ARE terrorists, only that they use tactics and have embraced extremist views that are frighteningly similar to terrorists. Obviously, doctors don't use bombs, fragmentation grenades and rocket launchers to harm people. They use chemical poisons, heavy metals and viral fragments instead.

Perhaps we should start referring to the act of receiving a vaccination injection as "being fragged."

Featured Articles

Amish Claim RFID = “Mark of the Beast,” Sue USDA

A group of seven Amish farmers in Michigan say the state’s insistence that they use radio frequency ID devices on their animals "constitutes some form of a ‘mark of the Beast’ and/or represents an infringement of their ‘dominion over cattle and all living things’ in violation of their fundamental religious beliefs," according to their lawsuit.
Some Amish, who have a booming business in producing organic milk, disagree with radio ID tagging so strongly that they said they will give up farming if they do not get an exemption.

Amish, members of an Anabaptist Christian denomination, are best known for their literal interpretation of the Bible and their simple lifestyle.

The livestock registration is allegedly intended to create a national tracking system to help contain outbreaks of diseases such as mad cow disease, or foot and mouth.

But the Amish claim that the scheme threatens their religious beliefs because, they believe, it is part of an ongoing attempt to number every living thing, a practice mentioned in Revelations where it is linked with the Devil.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) argues that its cattle tagging plan, part of its National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is voluntary and that the lawsuit should instead be directed at the state of Michigan, which wants to make it compulsory.

The USDA has also pointed out that farmers, including Amish ones, are already using numbered metal studs to track animals.Note: The USDA comment above provides general insight into how the government thinks generally: "Numbered metal studs" farmers use to keep track of their livestock is for private, internal purposes—to government "private" and "public" are the same thing. (DWH).

Featured Articles

The Top 10 Health Breakthroughs of 2008

by Byron Richards

(NaturalNews) This year marks a major turning point in the theory of wellness and the prevention of disease. The drug-based paradigm of Western medicine is crumbling under the weight of its own massive fraud. New technology is proving how nutrients interact at the fundamental gene level to promote health and prevent disease. The discoveries are occurring at a breakneck pace – these are exciting times.

In the face of an obesity epidemic and the early onset of the diseases of aging in even young Americans, there shines a bright ray of hope. It is there for anyone who chooses to inform themselves and then take effective actions to better themselves. The aging clock can be slowed – and in many cases reversed. It is the dawn of a new era.

The following is a list of the Top 10 health breakthroughs of 2008. I know there are many other possible candidates for this Top 10 list. This is my version of the highlights that made 2008 special.

#10 – The Mayo Clinic Places One Foot in the Door of the Real World
Miracles never cease and it appears that the Mayo Clinic is trying to enter the 21st century with at least a finger on the nutritional pulse of reality. In May they put out a press release stating that "Thousands of research studies have documented how the oils known as omega-3 fatty acids can benefit the cardiovascular system, particularly among people diagnosed with coronary artery disease…The most compelling evidence for the cardiovascular benefit provided by omega-3 fatty acids comes from three large controlled trials of 32,000 participants randomized to receive omega-3 fatty acid supplements containing DHA and EPA….These trials showed reductions in cardiovascular events of 19 percent to 45 percent. Overall, these findings suggest that intake of omega-3 fatty acids, whether from dietary sources or fish oil supplements, should be increased, especially in those with or at risk for coronary artery disease."

The breakthrough is not that fish oils prevent and treat heart disease; we've known that for years. The breakthrough is that the vitamin-and-alternative-health-hating Mayo Clinic is telling the world to take fish oil supplements to prevent heart disease. That signifies the initial stages of a paradigm shift of magnitude.

#9 – Bone Health Is One Key to Longevity
Bones can no longer be thought of only in terms of fracture risk and osteoporosis. Bones are constantly giving birth to new cells and these cells play vital roles in metabolism and immunity. For example, when bone cells get inflamed not only does this promote excess bone loss it directly causes fat cells to multiply in white adipose tissue – which clearly explains why women gain weight after menopause as well as the key to stopping the problem.

The highlight study of the year was a detailed gene analysis performed on one of the world's healthiest older men (he was 113 at the time, recently passing away at 114). Researchers expected to find genetic advantages enabling him to live a long life. Much to their surprise, he didn't have any "better genes" at all – he had better bones! And the reason he had better bones was because he ate a diet containing fresh fruit and vegetables (bone anti-inflammatory nutrients) and stayed very active (stimulating bone health).

Needless to say, disastrous bone drugs were not part of his plan.

#8 – Grape Seed Extracts Stop Alzheimer's Plaque

This year's research showed that "normal" brain aging is quite an abnormal process; with the loss of mental capability, intelligence, and memory directly relating to how many plaque-like brain tangles occur. At the far end of the spectrum is Alzheimer's disease – a problem with brain plaque overwhelming healthy brain function. However, there are a thousand shades of grey on the way to this problem, and each step in the wrong direction is marked by ever-increasing levels of brain plaque.

Red grape seed extracts showed that they could stop brain plaque from forming. The new research showed that brain cells must first be punched in the nose by some form of stress, get inflamed, and then begin to express certain genes that promote plaque formation. Red grape seed extracts simply stop this process from occurring. Not only that, they are powerful protection for the lining of your arteries – helping to stop plaque formation there as well.

#7 – Vitamin D for Anything and Everything
A major question during 2008 was: "Is there anything that vitamin D does not help?" Vitamin D's role in bone metabolism is well known. Its role as a hormone is less well known but very important. As a bewildering array of breaking science now shows, vitamin D is a gene-regulating super nutrient. It is vital for efficient immune function, prevention of autoimmune problems, healthy metabolism, proper thyroid function, prevention of type I and type II diabetes, prevention of heart disease, cancer prevention, and improved nervous system health and mood.

The sunshine vitamin is indeed a wonder nutrient. The American Cancer Society sits around with major mud on its face, doing everything in its power to prevent people from getting vitamin D – a problem made worse in the winter months when none is available for most of the U.S. And as usual, our bumbling government won't let all Americans know that they need 1200 IU to 2000 IU of vitamin D per day, especially in the winter, to help prevent major health problems.

#6 – Resveratrol Turns Back the Clock

An explosion in resveratrol science hit the front pages of the news around the world, as Big Pharma spent millions trying to make resveratrol drugs. The Big Pharma spending is interesting for several reasons:

1) Just imagine how much we could learn if our government would spend money studying all major nutrients in widespread use.

2) The resveratrol nutrient that is already on the market will end up working better than any drug made.

Resveratrol activates a gene called SIRT1, which has a profound disease prevention and anti-aging effect. SIRT1 is normally activated by calorie restriction in times of famine. However, in today's world of excess food consumption it will be a major tool to prevent and treat the coming obesity epidemic and all its health complications.

It is already clear that the supplement works best when you are on a good diet, as too much food simply turns off SIRT1. Its value during a diet is that it helps your muscles work better on fewer calories so that you can actually lose weight while feeling great.

Even if you aren't overweight, the other main point is that resveratrol will help you live longer – a fact borne out by the lifespan in various regions of France that have the highest content of resveratrol in their red wine.

#5 – The Digestive Genome Marks the New Frontier of Health

The mapping of the human genome was a monumental accomplishment that has yielded unexpected information. As scientists began to unravel the mysteries of how the human genome is controlled, they quickly found that many of the signals controlling health were coming from the foreign contents within your digestive tract. Like the space race to the moon, the new health frontier is now the genomes of the trillions of foreign cells that comprise your digestive tract.

A treasure trove of information has already been uncovered. Many of these foreign cells are vital to health and have both a friendly and unfriendly role depending on which of their genes are turned on. A case in point is H.pylori and Candida albicans, both of which are considered unfriendly and both of which are normal inhabitants of your digestive tract and need to be in a friendly condition for optimal digestive health and the prevention of digestive disease. In fact, your personal "foreign cell signature" directly influences your own immune tissue to form along the lining of your digestive tract. It also plays a large role in how much inflammation you experience elsewhere in your body – including your joints and back. Friendly flora is vital to maintaining a state of balance that promotes health.

Decades of damage from the overuse of antibiotics, high sugar diets, junk food, chemicals in the diet, pesticides in the diet, genetically modified toxic food, and excess alcohol can finally be seen for the disease-producers they really are. It will be a long time before your doctor gives you any meaningful advice on this subject, since their profession has helped create an epidemic of poor digestive health that in the light of this emerging science is proving to be a major contributing factor to multiple diseases – not just digestive-related problems.

#4 – The Changing World of Fat, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease
Those basing health decisions on cholesterol numbers and concepts of good and bad cholesterol have been left in the Stone-Age dust. HDL, or "good" cholesterol, can have its proteins oxidized and easily become "bad" just like LDL. Cholesterol itself turns out to be a vital player in the structure of nerve receptors, and its levels are reduced when taking medication to lower numbers of LDL. Cholesterol fitness, like muscle fitness, is the new concept of cholesterol health that supports true cardiovascular health.

A huge breakthrough occurred this year when it was demonstrated for the first time that fat accumulating around the outside of arteries was the key signal of impending cardiovascular disease. This fat, which builds up in direct proportion to your waistline expanding, was previously thought to be part of the structure of arteries and not play a functional role. New scientific tools have shown that it accumulates in excess, recruits inflammatory immune cells to live in its newly expanded neighborhood, and they generate inflammation into the arteries that knocks out friendly nitric oxide causing blood pressure to rise and simultaneously generates massive free radical damage that injures LDL and HDL cholesterol and sets the plaquing process in motion.

This is made worse if blood levels of triglycerides stay high during the day – which is caused by eating meals that are too large, snacking between meals, and not exercising.

#3 – How Much BDNF is In Your Bank Account?
Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) may well be the molecule of the year. BDNF is key to keeping your nerve cells alive and stimulating the growth of new nerve cells. Since your nerve cells are important for regulating everything else, keeping them in top working condition not only means that your mind will stay sharp it means you are likely to live longer and healthier.

This year scientists proved the immense value of having adequate BDNF for virtually any issue of nerve and brain related health. If your supplies run low then you cannot tolerate stress properly, you are more likely to be or become depressed, your brain is prone to excess inflammation, and you are set on a path of decline. Conversely, having adequate BDNF helps you keep up with the demands in your life. It means that you have the potential to keep your mind and nerves in good working condition.

For example, when you have adequate BDNF then old memories don't bother you or come back to haunt you at the most inopportune times. Having adequate BDNF may be a key, along with being a good person, to maintaining healthy relationships.

This year scientists demonstrated that fish oil, blueberries, curcumin, and pantethine all help boost the production of BDNF.

#2 – Run for Your Life
Running is now proven to be the single activity with the most bang for the longevity buck. Early in the year papers emphasized the importance of running in human evolution. It was also found that running is the best exercise to boost levels of BDNF. It was proven that running can rejuvenate your heart and even brisk walking can effectively lower your blood pressure.

The highlight of the year was the result of a 20-year study on running over the age of 50. It found that those who ran cut their risk of premature death in half! No drug can do that.

It also found that runners had less cardiovascular disease, fewer cancer deaths, less cognitive decline, and better immunity – and their joints were in good condition.
Running turns on gene signals associated with health – it's that simple. The choice is yours.

#1 – Thyroid Health is for Everyone

A startling array of thyroid-related studies have shown that even a slightly off thyroid sends you down a path of poor health. While thyroid issues are often associated with obesity, thyroid problems affect normal weight and underweight people as well. One of the important points to grasp about the emerging science is that these are not thyroid problems that can be treated with medication – as there is usually adequate thyroid hormone. This information is about thyroid stressors such as common pollution like PCBs, perchlorate in the food supply, excess food consumption, and general emotional stress – to name of few.

This year scientific studies showed a sluggish thyroid system was directly related to increased mortality, fatal heart disease, disturbed heart rhythms, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, lack of coordination, risk of breast cancer, mood problems, glaucoma, and Alzheimer's risk.

You may wonder why so many issues can be associated with a type of thyroid problem that doctors don't even see as a problem. The answer is that your thyroid system sets the metabolic pace of your body, like the drummer in a band sets the tempo. If that tempo is too sluggish then everything else works less well, which means wear and tear accumulates at a faster rate.

You can fix sluggish thyroid problems by eating a cleaner diet, regular exercise, and using nutrients that facilitate healthy thyroid function – especially by enhancing the conversion of T4 to T3 and by providing adequate thyroid-related antioxidants.

The take home message from this year's thyroid news is that you should do everything possible to keep your entire thyroid system working at an optimal level of health. There is no comfort to be found in being "good for your age." The only thing that really matters is optimal function – which is the foundation for your future health.

The era of true anti-aging nutrition is upon us. There are no quick fixes – but there is a path to follow that is now backed by considerable science. Hop on – enjoy quality of health – for a very long time.

Featured Articles

Processed Foods Linked to Lung Cancer

by Sherry Baker

(NaturalNews) Why do some people get lung cancer – even if they never smoke? New research suggests eating a lot of processed foods containing inorganic phosphates could be the explanation. What's more, the study also suggests that dietary changes to avoid these chemical additives may play an important role in lung cancer treatment.

In research just published in the January issue of American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, published by the American Thoracic Society, scientists from Seoul National University conclude that a diet high in inorganic phosphates, which are found in a host of processed foods including meats, cheeses, beverages, and bakery products, might spur the growth of lung cancer. The researchers also suggest the food additive may contribute to the development of malignancies in people predisposed to lung cancer.

Myung-Haing Cho, D.V.M., Ph.D., and his colleagues studied mice with lung cancer tumors for four weeks. The rodents were randomly assigned to eat a diet of either 0.5 or 1.0 percent phosphate, a range roughly equivalent to what's found in most modern human diets that contain processed foods. At the end of the study period, the animals' lung tissues were analyzed to see what effects the inorganic phosphates had on tumors.

"Our results clearly demonstrated that the diet higher in inorganic phosphates caused an increase in the size of the tumors and stimulated growth of the tumors," Dr. Cho said in a statement to the press. "Our study indicates that increased intake of inorganic phosphates strongly stimulates lung cancer development in mice, and suggests that dietary regulation of inorganic phosphates may be critical for lung cancer treatment as well as prevention."

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths worldwide. The American Thoracic Society points out that over 75 percent of lung cancers are small cell lung cancers (NSCLC) and have an average overall 35-year survival rate of only 14 percent. Previous research has shown that about 90 percent of NSCLC appear to be activated by specific signaling pathways in lung tissue. The new study by Dr. Cho and his research team found that high amounts of dietary inorganic phosphates actually stimulate those same cancer-triggering pathways.

In a statement to the media, John Heffner, M.D., past president of the American Thoracic Society, pointed out that this kind of research in animals can reveal the complex interactions between host factors and the environment that can result in human cancer. "We know that only some patients who smoke develop lung cancer but the reasons for this varying risk are unknown. This study now provides a rationale for funding case-control studies in humans to determine the potential role of dietary phosphates in promoting cancer," Dr. Heffner stated.

While living organisms need a moderate level of phosphate, the use of inorganic phosphates as a food additive to increase water retention and improve food texture artificially has soared over the past decade. That means the average American diet is loaded with excess amounts of phosphates. "In the 1990s, phosphorous-containing food additives contributed an estimated 470 mg per day to the average daily adult diet. However, phosphates are currently being added much more frequently to a large number of processed foods, including meats, cheeses, beverages, and bakery products. As a result, depending on individual food choices, phosphorous intake could be increased by as much as 1000 mg per day," Dr. Cho explained in the media statement.

"The results of this study suggest that dietary regulation of inorganic phosphates has a place in lung cancer treatment, and our eventual goal is to collect sufficient information to accurately assess the risk of these phosphates," he said.

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Melamine: Another Toxic Industrial Byproduct Planted In The Food Chain

By The Idaho Observer

Over the last few years, the list of food and drug recalls, ecoli and other food borne illness outbreaks and food/beverage-induced mass poisonings have become more frequent. Government-approved pharma drugs and chemicals of known toxicity are leeching into the environment and are intentionally added into products being sold to consumers. The most recent corporate food adulteration scandal involves melamine contamination in baby formula. While tragic for the babies themselves and the adults who loved them, the larger lesson of this poisoning is that corporate convenience and profit trump public health and safety when it comes to government regulatory oversight.

Near the end of September 2008, news was broadcast worldwide that 53,000 infants in China had become ill and several died as a result of melamine-contaminated milk.

This wasn’t the first time that Chinese melamine has contaminated products with deadly results. In March, 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began receiving thousands of reports of American cats and dogs dying from kidney failure after eating contaminated pet food. Although only 14 cases were confirmed as "melamine poisoning from pet food," there is no centralized reporting system so the numbers of dogs and cats that died of melamine poisoning was likely much higher.

The pattern being revealed here is the increasingly pervasive presence of melamine contamination in commonly-consumed food products both here in the U.S. and abroad.

What is melamine?

There are several ways to produce melamine, some of which have been patented by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil subsidiary American Cyanamid beginning in 1956. Melamine, which is 66 percent nitrogen by mass, is added to a variety of plastics, resins, coatings and even concrete products to reduce porosity and increase strength. Melamine is also a flame retardant.

the Dutch company DSM, the world’s largest melamine producer, published an "industry update" in April, 2007. The update noted that, between 2002 and 2007, while the global melamine price remained stable, a steep increase in the price of urea (feedstock for melamine) has reduced the profitability of melamine manufacturing.

While melamine is manufactured as an end product, it is also a byproduct of synthesis gas production. "Syngas" production in China has been increasing to meet with the nation’s growing energy needs by converting low-grade coal into liquid fuel through a process that involves the conversion of urea through "pyrolysis" (heat and pressure in the absence of oxygen). Melamine is a byproduct of urea pyrolysis.

Since early 2006, mainland China, with melamine production growing by about 10 percent a year, has been experiencing a "serious surplus" of melamine and has recently become the world’s leading melamine exporter.

The emerging picture is that melamine, as a byproduct of syngas production, like sodium fluoride as a byproduct of aluminum and phosphate fertilizer manufacture (and depleted uranium as a byproduct of nuclear energy production), is expensive to dispose of properly so it is being diluted in commonly-consumed products and sold to people.

Melamine in milk and milk products

Melamine, a white powder that is not approved as a food additive, has very little taste or odor and is illegally being added to milk and milk products. Tests also show that melamine contains zero protein but has a unique chemistry that falsely accentuates the protein values of milk and milk products.

The basic nutrient in milk is the protein "casseinate." Melamine has nearly the same protein structure as casseinate but contains too many nitrogen ions and cannot be absorbed nor excreted by the kidneys and kidney failure eventually results. This can be especially dangerous if one’s diet is high in nitrates such as those found in processed meats like ham, lunchmeat and hot dogs.

Adding melamine to milk powder not only reduces the actual milk content but is much cheaper than milk so it lowers production costs. Melamine can be easily mixed with powdered milk and, since it doesn’t have a unique smell or taste, it cannot be detected by consumers.

Melamine in food

The nitrogen-rich molecule is sometimes illegally added to food products in order to increase its apparent protein content. It has also been employed as a non-protein nitrogen, appearing in soy meal, corn gluten meal and cottonseed meal used in cattle feed. Melamine is known to cause renal and urinary problems in humans and animals when it reacts with cyanuric acid inside the body.


In 2007, an estimated 50,000 cats and dogs in the U.S. died suddenly due to kidney failure. Investigators traced the cause to pet food that contained melamine-contaminated wheat gluten from China.

Beginning in 2008, hospitals in China reported an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones. By August, 2008, China’s Sanlu Milk Powder tested positive for melamine content.

In September, 2008, New Zealand’s government asked China’s regulators to test milk products. By September 21, 2008, the vast majority of milk-based food products manufactured in China and stored in Taiwan warehouses tested positive for melamine content.

New Zealand, Australia and most E.U. nations responded by ordering a recall of melamine-contaminated products from China and issued public warnings.

In the U.S., however, because of the threat of credit market collapse, our shaky stock market, bank failures and Chinese ownership of $trillions in bonds and real U.S. assets, the Bush Administration’s FDA and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Mike Leavitt failed to order recalls or issue a public warning (Curiously, they continue to promote avian flu vaccines which are also manufactured in China by Rockefeller’s Sanofi-Pasteur). Meanwhile, many common food products contain melamine that are sold in stores throughout America.

What happens when melamine is ingested?

Melamine ends up inside the kidneys eventually forming stones which block the tubes that excrete urine. Since the person cannot urinate the pain is intense. The kidneys then swell and eventually begin to bleed. Although surgery can remove the stones, ingestion of melamine will often cause irreversible kidney damage. This can lead to loss of kidney function resulting in death from uremia or, if caught in time, long kidney dialysis—the expensive blood filtering process that takes about four hours every three days—for the rest of one’s life or until damaged kidneys can be replaced.

Why is kidney damage more serious in babies? Kidneys are very small and most modern babies, unfortunately, drink a lot of infant formula. It is estimated that 13,000 infants in China are currently hospitalized but since the media is tightly controlled in China, the actual number may be much higher.

What foods should be avoided?

Foods that contain dairy products from China should be avoided. Most milk chocolate sold is contaminated with melamine. Brand names such as Kraft, Nestle, Dreyer’s, Nabisco, Vitasoy, Mars and countless others use ingredients from China that could be contaminated with melamine.We suggest that you avoid food products from China and products containing Chinese ingredients until further public notice.

If you own a snack bar, restaurant or coffee shop, stop selling dairy-containing products from China. If you have infants at home, change to mother’s milk or find other substitutes such as raw goat’s milk. It is vitally important that you share this information with family and friends so they will understand the risk of melamine-contaminated milk poisoning.

The whole world (the Bush administration notwithstanding) is now deeply concerned with food products made in China or manufactured from ingredients made in China. It is difficult to determine where products are made based upon labels or barcodes. It may be prudent to simply avoid mass-produced and nationally-distributed milk and milk products unless you are certain that they are not imported from China or made from ingredients imported from China.

But where does it end?

If we are to boycott food from China and Taiwan because we suspect it may contain melamine, should we not also boycott food from the U.S. known to contain dangerous FDA-approved additives and drugs, genetically-modified plant and animal products? Should we not boycott U.S. food that has been irradiated to extend shelf life?

We are quickly coming full circle in the food-production cycle. We began as hunter-gatherers who either acquired food or starved. With urbanization came the division of labor and farmers produced food in trade for goods and services produced and supplied by others. Mechanization, coupled with corporatization, replaced farmers and food began being processed and packaged more and more for maximum profit and minimal personal liability to the point we are at today: The food supply sustains corporate profit not human life.

Our two choices are emerging: Eat poisoned food from corporate (fiction) sources and die slowly, or eat wholesome food from local (Creation) sources and live.

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Transition and Hope

by Ron Paul

As another year draws to a close, there are some important transitions ahead of us.  Not just transitions to a new administration, but also economically, politically and culturally.

Many hoped that the changes would signify overwhelming positive steps for our country, and that we would enter a new era, as promised during the campaign.  I would like for this to be true, but based on the continuity so far, I would not be surprised to see America stay on the same course of failed monetary and economic policies.  The course has been set for several decades, and in reality there is little the new administration could do to fix things without actually making them worse.  But I expect them to try.  The only real solutions involve allowing the market to liquidate the debt and malinvestment.  The political reality is that this is not going to happen.

Through the coming months and years, our nation will find itself at many crossroads, as all manner of socialist, corporatist, protectionist and nationalist initiatives will be thrown at the economy to see if anything will reflate it.  Some of these so-called fixes will be enacted amidst much outcry, as with the $700 billion TARP bailout, which the public was right to oppose.  About half of that money is gone without a trace, with no accountability, and the economy is no better off for it.  Others, such as the proposed new $800 billion plus economic stimulus the new administration is already clamoring for, might have limited public support, as many will find the prospect of receiving a government check a little too tempting to object to.  After all, Wall Street got a bailout.  What about the little guy?  Everything will be attempted by government in the short run to remedy the worsening situation – everything, that is, but freedom.  Therefore everything attempted will fail.  Unfortunately, government will continue to consolidate and abuse power at an accelerated pace.  Government will get bigger, in the short term, and as monetary policy goes from irresponsible to absurd, I have every expectation that we will soon shift from some prices falling to an inflationary nightmare.

But there is hope.  As all these attempts fail, more people will demand freedom, and see that it is the only way.  Government can only get so big before the country goes broke.

It is regrettable that we keep forgetting what history has shown over and over to be true, because truly, it is a hard and destructive lesson to keep learning.  Perhaps it is just something that every generation has to learn for itself.  The political and cultural changes that come from these economic transitions will be key to the direction and quality of life for future generations.  But I am hopeful because of the strength of the American people and the increased number of voices recognizing that liberty really is the only way to peace and prosperity.

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Hearty Heave-Ho Given Good Heart Health Research

by Chistopher Barr

“Vitamin pills don’t prevent heart disease,” prominently declared the AP (Associated Propagandaess) “news” headline representative of other “news” coverage given an annual meeting of the American Hurt, er, uh, I mean, Heart, Association.

Heart disease has primarily to do with mineral deficiencies – notably of chromium, selenium , silicon and magnesium – so well grounded nutrition researchers wouldn’t be looking in the direction of vitamin pills.

Specifically, the study noted in the report was on vitamins C and E.  Very few nutrition researchers would look to vitamin C for heart help.  A few more would look to vitamin E though that would be misguided.

The study much ballyhooed by the mainstream press in general is – to quote the bard – much ado about nothing, or at least not very much at all.  It was funded by the National Institutes of Health – your tax dollars at work and a wasted work at that.

Barely getting any attention at all was another study presented at the same meeting disclosing that daily aspirin therapy did not provide any benefit against heart problems.  The AP “news” service made not so much as a mention of it.

Aspirin studies that show heart benefit do not use plain aspirin – they use buffered aspirin.  The buffering agent in buffered aspirin is a hefty dose of magnesium – one of the primary minerals of which deficiency contributes to heart problems.

The benefit of magnesium supplementation to individuals with active heart problems was first documented half a century ago before the first buffered aspirin heart studies were conducted.

Aspirin as a benefit for the heart is a very old canard indeed.

Round and round and round it goes …

The AP article previously noted herein did in its conclusion report that another study with vitamins B-12 and folic acid showed no benefit to the heart.

The vitamins B-12 and folic acid reverse homocysteine to the amino acid methionine.

Homocysteine is a long time demonstrated heart risk indicator though it was long ignored until recent years.

Tragically, more often ignored to this day is that the key to homocysteine issues are pyridoxal compounds commonly known as vitamin B6.

Homocysteine builds up when there is insufficient vitamin B6 to properly metabolize the essential amino acid methionine.

In other words, using vitamin B-12 and folic acid to reverse homocysteine to methionine without addressing the vitamin B6 deficiency that caused the problem in the first place means that homocysteine will form again.  The homocysteine problem never really goes away but rather comes and goes back and forth in a not so merry-go-round and round robin of bird-brained medical minds lacking much in nutrition knowledge even as so many are lack much in nutrition.

Drug pushers protect their turf

Having drug pushers conduct nutrition research is like having foxes guarding chickens.

A straw man argument is when one sets up an argument, assigns it to another, and then burns up that argument while claiming to have discredited another who didn’t even believe that in the first place.

Straw man arguments are the stock in trade of medical men when they argue about nutrition.

Medical men push drugs that you have to appear before them and pay tribute (office vi$it) to get permission to access.  You don’t need their permission to access nutrition so they have no motivation for making use of nutrition.

Another case in point is the story this week that purports to extend statin drug usage even to those without high cholesterol levels.

Statin drugs are already the number one selling drug in America and the new push by these drug pushers would increase that almost 50 per cent.  Yet the study noted numerous side effects from the statins including higher levels of diabetics occurring in those taking the statins … oh, and by the way, diabetics have three to five times as much heart disease as non-diabetics.

Yet, for considerably less than half the cost of statins the ingestion of the essential mineral chromium in a 100 per cent whole food form in hearty (pun intended) amounts results in a decrease of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol that statins provide plus an increase of HDL (“good”) cholesterol that statins do NOT provide with none of the many serious side effects that statins provide.

No permission or tribute to doctors needed for a hearty nutritional approach.

Finally, at the same time as all these other storied medical studies comes word that the AMA has come out in support of trans fats bans.  No mention is made that the common place use of trans fats resulted from rigorous recommendations for many decades from the AMA for their use.  Meanwhile nutrition people who have cried out against trans fats these many decades that AMA has recommended them do not even get a mention.

The AMA declared that stopping use of trans fats would prevent 100,000 deaths per year in the United States alone.  If that is true then the AMA has just admitted liability for 100,000 deaths per year in the United States alone based upon their many decades recommendations of trans fats.

Read in NATURALLY Speaking about simple, plain truths years – even decades – ahead of the mainstream.

Ask Utopia Silver

Silver Generator Inquiry #2

Dear Utopia Silver,
I just made my first batch of Colloidal Silver with the machine I had received from you. It came out cloudy (kinda like dirty water) as a .09 and varied to a .1. Beings this my first attempt, is this acceptable? Please advise.

Thanks in advance for your time and considerations,
Harold L.


Hi Harold,
Yes, it is acceptable. Although the cloudiness is probably silver oxide, it sounds to me as if you have silver in your water, which of course is what you want.

In using these simple machines, it does take some tinkering to make a better ‘looking’ product. If you have a Hanna TDS1 Tester, check your distilled water to be sure it is 1 ppm or less. The water factor is the only real variable as long as the generator has an output of about 48 volts.

You may want to try wiping the silver electrodes off more often as the silver oxide collects on them. Also the product sometimes becomes less cloudy as it sits a while.

Ben in Utopia