Adult Acne

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Q:Hi there. I suffer from adult acne and am wondering whether your products might help me. I'm looking for something to use topically. What would you recommend? Thanks!Rebecca in New York   A:Hi Rebecca,Colloidal Silver used topically and internally is often of benefit. We also have a skin therapy soap containing colloidal silver, organic aloe Vera, essential oils, and plant minerals. Also the deficiency of zinc can be a cause of acne. See Zinc Balance Ben in Utopia



Q:Hi, I got the zeolite and am wondering if I can mix it in with the camu camu, nopal, and aloe vera that I mix up for a daily drink.  I usually use a bit of juice with the water when mixing those two. Would you please let me know the dosage as well as how zeolite is taken.  Do you mix with water and how often should it be taken?   Thank you for your time and reply.Janet in New Mexico A: Hi Janet, You can mix it in almost any liquid drink, but it may make those drinks let enjoyable to consume. I usually mix mine in water, but occasionally I mix it with my green drink. For… Read More →

Yeast Infection


Q:Utopia,I have a persistent yeast infection and do not know what to do any more.  I have gone to doctors, used creams, suppositories; the yeast infections keeps coming back. Elvia in New York.A: Hi Elvia, There is hope, so don’t give up. I would suggest trying this protocol, Yeast Infection/Candida Albicans Protocol Let me know if you need further input. Ben in Utopia

Can Silver Help?


Q:Utopia Silver,  My sister in law who is 71 years old has a problem with her right side of the body it started a few months ago and  now she can only drag her leg she had all kinds of tests done and they can't find the cause. i thought maybe silver could help! which silver should she take? she is in good health and can't understand where this is coming from. hope you can help. thank you, Lorraine in MissouriA:Hi Lorraine,I would presume that she has been checked for a stroke. Beyond that, it sounds like a pinched and inflamed nerve or some sort of neuropathy. This can be caused by any number of things, especially degeneration of the… Read More →

Colloidal or Ionic Silver

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Q: Hello there I am looking for ionic colloidal silver but i can only find advanced colloidal silver and ionic silver. What is the difference between these two and is there such thing as ionic colloidal silver?? Yours sincerely, Yvonne R. A: Hi Yvonne, Yes, we have an ionic silver. Actually a colloid is a suspension of particles in a liquid medium and ions are not particles, so technically ionic silver is not truly colloidal silver,  …but both ionic and particle silver are usually generically called “colloidal silver”. Our Ionic Silver is, Read, There are those who claim that particle silver is less effective and there are those who claim that ionic silver is not effective, but the… Read More →



Q: On your website you state that Advanced Collodial Silver is good for allergies, sinusities. How is it used? Some people say to use few drops as I would use nose drops, some say few drops need to be mixed with warm water and use as a nose rinse. I need the most effective way. If Advanced Colloidal Silver is good for sinuses topically, what is good for taking it internally? I am interested in purchasing two: one for topical use and one for internal. My husband and I decided to pick your company out of all we found on the internet after seeing a table facts on a [colloid analysis] website, but also because we live in Dallas, TX… Read More →

MRSA Treatment


Q: I am not asking for medical advice just an opinion. Would taking silver be recommended for a person with a mrsa infection? Please respond as soon as possible! THANK YOU, BYE. Joe C. A: Hi Joe,We have a God-given right to express our opinions about anything, including but not limited to health issues and anyone or any government agency trying to stop such speech is committing a crime under the American and Texas Constitutions. Therefore the answer is unequivocally YES! In fact colloidal silver may be the most effective product against MRSA. I would use it topically as well as orally. You may want to read this article, A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver You may also want… Read More →

Juniper Oil

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Q:Utopia,Do you carry the cedar oil still? Under what catagory? Also i have a jack russel and a chow mix dog who suffers with severe allergys, because of sniffing pollen when she goes outside for bathroom visits. What do you suggest? I have tried every herbal respiratory on market. Thanks Deborah Barnett. Deborah A:Hi Deborah,See, Texas Juniper Essential Oil Avoiding allergies is a tough one, especially if it is the pollen itself she is allergic to. Sometime thought the pollen can hold mold and/or fungi, which can be killed by colloidal silver. Is it possible to get her to breathe from a nebulizer using silver? Silver in her water might diminish the inflammatory and infection effects of allergies. Another great… Read More →

Silver Soap


Q:Utopia,I have been using the Colloidal bar of soap successfully. I was just wondering if there is a time limit one would use this to avoid strange side affects? I know its topical so I wasn't sure if the same guidelines apply for that as does to the internal colloidal silver. Thank you. Regards,Veronique A:Hi Veronique,Although silver will kill bacteria, I have never heard of a problem associated with regular use of the soap. Should this occur, there will be clear signs evidenced by drying and scaly skin. If this happens, simply discontinue use until the skin returns to normal. Epidermal bacteria is kind of like colon flora in that if destroyed it comes back very quickly. Personally, I alternate… Read More →



Q: Hi, I came across your website while looking for Candida cures. I have systemic Candida overgrowth, and I would like to try your colloidal silver. Do you have a protocol I can use? Thanks Inna P.S. Is it safe to take during pregnancy? I’m not pregnant yet, just curious. Inna in New Jersey   A: Hi Inna, Yes, go to, Yeast Infection/Candida Albicans Protocol I would also add Selenium Synergy and Enzyme Complex to this protocol. Selenium is a potent immune system booster and systemic Enzymes (taken in larger servings on an empty stomach) will help to break down the cell walls of the yeast. I would limit therapeutic use during pregnancy and always use Probiotics an hour or… Read More →