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Dear Utopia Silver,

I was suffering from an inflamed cyst on my back for about 2 weeks when I saw your ad and decided to give Advanced Colloidal Silver a try. 

I received your product on Monday and started with a teaspoon a day.  By Tuesday night the pain was gone.  On Wednesday it started to drain out of a head on the cyst.  It is still draining today (Thursday) and has gone from the size of a lemon to normal.  I have dealt with this twice before over the past 12 years and both times had to have it lanced by a doctor and drained, costing me quite a sum not to mention the pain.  I can’t believe my luck finding your product when I did.  Of course everyone is skeptical as to whether it was really the colloidal silver and how could it have worked so fast.  Well, I’m certainly no expert and so I can’t say for sure that it was your product that did the trick, but I’m very happy with the results.


Laughter, The Best Medicine

Stealth Fighter

Health & Freedom

The Stealing of America’s Food Supply

by Ben Taylor

There has been a concerted effort for most of the past century in America (as well as Canada, Mexico, and around the world) to wrest control of the land and ultimately the production of food from the hands of the small family farmer and rancher, as well as any kind of self-sufficiency from the common people.

It happened in earnest with the so-called “Great Depression” of the 1920s and 30s with a deliberately manufactured depression that started a massive transfer of land and food production from the hands of the people into the hands of large agricultural conglomerates. This same event or more accurately, series of events, also caused a massive transfer of wealth in stocks and investments from the average man to the big-time investor. A similar scenario has been evidenced by what has occurred in banking and energy.

That depression did much worse than put us on the treacherous path of forced communalism in the function of “government” in America, but also placed us on a high wire above a bottomless chasm as far as the ability of individual men, women and families to be self-sustaining on the land. Slowly but surely since the 1920s, family farms have steadily shrunk in numbers and in agricultural production. Government programs supposedly designed to “help” farmers and ranchers have always resulted in little more than making them slaves to “government” rules, regulations, and ill-conceived mandates. For my farmer and rancher friends who still attempt to defend their government welfare programs that firmly locks that ball and chain around their necks, please explain, if all of these “programs” to help small agri-business really worked, why has the result been exactly the opposite? I’m not going to get into citing statistics here and the truth is as undeniable as the stars in the heavens and if you do not see it now, numbers will not convince you.

This system under which the small family farmer and rancher in America has steadily declined was “designed” to accomplish exactly that!!! Look about you my friends, the same thing happened to the small town banks. A system promoted and mandated by “government” whereby small banks and lending institutions were lured into a spider’s web from which they could never become untangled. When it was all said and done, most were either out of business or bought out by a multi-national banking entities. Today most of the banking and lending is controlled by a small handful of large banking cartels which are nothing less than criminal cartels. Even small financial institutions that have survived have little self control or autonomy and are under the thumb of the privately owned banking cartel called “The Federal Reserve”. You guessed it; it is neither “Federal”, nor is it a “reserve”, it is nothing less than a criminal syndicate.

Does everyone remember when the number of small oil and energy producing companies were too numerous to count? What happened to them? As with banking, most of the small energy producers were either squeezed out of the market or have been bought out by large multi-national companies. Where was our government to protect America’s self-sufficiency for our energy needs? Instead of protecting our national interests, it has all along been working in concert with Exxon, Shell and other energy cartel members and near monopolies to impose rules, regulations and mandates on producers that completely gutted America’s small producers. Now we are paying the price at the pump and we all better get ready to open our wallets even wider when we buy gas for our cars and electricity for our homes. For those of you who missed basic economics, when competition is reduced or eliminated, prices go higher, not lower.

Although I served eight years as a Republican Party County Chairman in Texas, I know it is not just the Democrats who are to blame for the destruction by monopolization of our Nation’s food, banking and energy infrastructure. Both major parties are complicit as they are controlled by “the same” big money and therefore share equal blame. Democrats have been instrumental in helping the Internationalist power-brokers usher in the principles of communalism and welfare-ism that ultimately gives all power to the “state” while on the other hand Republicans have been the driving force in protecting “corporate” monopolist interests that destroys small businesses. Both are nothing more or less than the flip side of the same coin. They allow and encourage us to argue pro-abortion vs. pro-life, open borders vs. closed borders, liberal vs. conservative, while all the time they are systematically stealing all our Rights by our tacit assent and consent.

When corporate business power becomes concentrated in the hands of a few, guess whose money ends up influencing so-called “public servants” in government (which is also a series of corporate entities) the most? You need only follow the money trails and see where high government “officials” go to “work” after their tenures in office. This will tell you who they were really working for when they were supposedly serving you and I. By the way, when you have a merging of corporate government and corporate business, you have Fascism. Didn’t our fathers and grandfathers fight a war to stop such a Fascist philosophy from taking over the world? Didn’t we also fight several other wars to supposedly stop the philosophy of Communalism from dominoing and dominating the world? Now just how and when did those two supposedly divergent philosophies merge into one and become the dominant political force it is in the world today? Answer that and you will be on the path of understanding what is really happening behind the scenes in our Nation and planet Earth today.

There are only two choices here and it is black and white no matter how much gray is painted over it. The gray we should be talking about is the so-called gray matter in our heads, otherwise we will be “seeing” it when we do decide that enough is enough. We can sit on our laurels and ignore the truth about what is going on or we, as Free Men and Woman (for a little while longer) can stand up and say no. This evil force, embodied in Fascist and Communal political philosophies cannot steal our Right to sustain our families, cannot steal our Right to Live on the land and raise our food, cannot steal our Right to choose how to take care for our Heath, cannot steal our Right to buy and sell, and cannot steal our Right to worship, …unless we allow them to. I firmly believe that God’s protection is with us, but not to the extent we might like if we do not claim the Rights and the power that is ours.

I’ve heard people say that they would simply pray for divine intervention and leave things in God’s hands. That is good to a point. I too was raised to believe that there is power in prayer and it should be an important part of our spiritual lives, but I was also raised to believe that God helps those most who help themselves. Do not misinterpret my meaning here; I do not refer to those who go out and help themselves unjustly to the labor of others or who take advantage of others, but that God expects each of us to put our hands to the till and to work and then we will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The following is borrowed from another article by Ben Taylor not yet published. “Those who sit and pray for sustenance, may often starve, while those who till the land and plant the seeds while praying for God’s blessing on their work and their harvest will prosper and be sustained. Moses hiked up the mountain to receive The Law from The Lord; he smote the rock and then water sprang forth; David picked up that small stone, placed it in his sling and then let it fly, then Goliath fell; Jesus made himself a whip and went through the Temple swinging it and turning over tables to drive out the money changers; and he broke the loaves and the fishes into pieces and had his disciples do the same. The Lord could have performed these miracles and acts simply by his will and the speaking of a man, but he didn’t; he instead commanded physical action and then the miracle was accomplished.  So pray mightily, for there is much power in your words and prayers, but get out there and beat a path around the walls of Jericho while you are doing it.

The following letter was written by a former Hillary Clinton supporter who investigated the Clinton’s connections to large multi-national agri-business cartels who care only about profits and control over the food supply. There is no other reason for “designing” and genetically engineering seeds so that they produce plants that then cannot reproduce. It is not natural and it is not God’s way.

Note: Although this particular letter is directed at the Clinton’s, remember they have their counterparts in the other party as well; both are equally to blame for what has and is taking place.

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from Another Wellesley College Alumna
Hillary, Will You Renounce Your Ties to Monsanto?
By Linn Cohen-Cole

Dear Hillary,
By polling logic, I should be your supporter — Democrat, woman, white, liberal. But this past summer I saw a News Hour show on farmers committing suicide in Maharastra, India, which affected me deeply. I started learning what was happening to farmers and to food and how the Clintons are connected.

The News Hour piece said Monsanto, a US agricultural corporation, hired Hollywood actors to sell illiterate farmers Bt (genetically engineered) cotton seeds, promising they'd get rich from big yields. The expensive seeds needed expensive fertilizer and pesticides (Monsanto's) and irrigation. There is no irrigation there. Crops failed. Farmers had immense debt and couldn't collect seeds to try again because Monsanto seeds are "patented" as "intellectual property").
"Genetic Engineering is often justified as a human technology, one that feeds more people with better food. Nothing could be further from the truth. With very few exceptions, the whole point of genetic engineering is to increase sales of chemicals and bio-engineered products to dependent farmers."  David Ehrenfield: Professor of Biology, Rutgers University.

Monsanto has a $10 million budget and 75 person staff to prosecute farmers.
Since the late 1990s (as industrial agriculture took hold in India),166,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide and 8 million have left the land (P. Sainath, The Hindu). Farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, South America, Central America and here, have all protested Monsanto and genetic engineering.

What does this have to do with you?

Your Orwellian-named "Rural Americans for Hillary" were Monsanto's lobbyists. My greater concern, though, is you former-employer, Rose Law Firm, representing Monsanto, world's largest GE (GE – genetic engineering) corporation; Tyson, world's largest meat producer; Walmart, the world's largest retailer. Rose is home to Industrial FOOD.

Rose's cozy connections: Jon Jacoby, senior at the Stephens Group – one of the largest shareholders of Tyson, Walmart, DP&L – is C.O.B. of DP&L, arranged the Wal-Mart deal. Jackson Stephens' Stephens Group staked Walton, financed Tyson. Monsanto bought DP&L. Walmart's board invited you on, Tyson executive helped you do $100,000 trade just before Bill' governorship, Jackson Stephens backed Bill for Governor, then President (donating $100,000).

Monsanto made Agent Orange, PCBs, nuclear weapons components, pesticides, and with that diverse background in death, are now "doing" food.
Bill in office:
USDA immediately significantly weakened chicken waste/contamination standards, easing Tyson's poultry-factory expansion.
1. Monsanto people were put in charge of food, …
2. FDA okayed Monsanto's rBGH (bovine growth hormone), first GE-product ever approved.
3. Despite bovine illness/death, FDA didn't recall or warn.
4. When dairymen labeled milk "rBGH-free," USDA threatened confiscation.
5. Organic food was the last way around unknown danger. FDA tried to close that escape with new "organic" standards, to include: genetic engineering of plants/animals, food irradiation , sewage sludge fertilizer.

USDA backed down from public response 20 times greater than to anything before American food:
Oils: Indian sheep died eating from Bt cotton fields. Our children eat Bt cottonseed oil in peanut butter, cookies.

Grains: 49 per cent of corn acreage planted in Bt corn in 2007. A French study indicates it causes kidney and liver toxicity. . Monsanto controls US's two main crops, soy (90% GMO, 90% of traits "belong" to Monsanto) and corn, the largest crop (60% GMO, nearly 100% Monsanto "owned" traits).
Meat: Steroids bulk athletes, Monsanto steroids fatten animals, our fattening children eat steroid-laced meats. FDA allowed "known TSE-positive (Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy Mad Cow Disease) material to be used in pet food, pig, chicken and fish feed." Monsanto's GE-hormone increases risk sick cows are entering US food chain

Poultry: USDA weakened waste/contamination standards. Waste from transnational poultry industry is now implicated as the source of bird flu. The poultry industry is using the crisis to push out small farmers.
Milk: Scientific studies indicate Monsanto's rBGH increases risks of breast cancer by up to seven-fold, increases colon, prostate cancers risks. Canada, 29 European nations, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa ban U.S. rBGH dairy products. Bill's USFDA put no restrictions, warning labels, or any labels.
Control out of control.
Monsanto's Terminator genes make plants sterile after one season, posing apocalyptic risk of breaking out into nature. GE breakouts have contaminated maize and weeds, already.
Monsanto, meat-packers, and the USDA are pushing NAIS (National Animal Identification System), a corporate database tracking small farmers' livestock.
Monsanto pushing state laws taking control from farmers, communities, over GE planting.

Cattle living in filth, 12,000-year-old seed loss, poultry industry implicated in bird flu, Mad Cow disease, bee colony collapse, poisoned soil, depleted water, Superweed), lawsuits against farmers, loss of family farms throughout the world, … farmers committing suicide. Industrial agriculture.

Bees and farmers, dead canaries in that mine.
Your proposed "Department of Food Safety" centralizes control over food into whose hands? Tough talk on labeling "foreign" food but Bill degraded US food and prevented minimally sane labeling. You never objected.
Monsanto uses child labor in India.
You take Monsanto donations. Blacks, our poorest group, have to eat Monsanto's steroid/hormone/antibiotic-filled GE food. You take Monsanto donations.
Who are you protecting? National Black Farmers Association, boycotting Monsanto? Babies drinking rBGH milk? Women fearing breast cancer? Despairing farmers? Suffering animals? Children fed kidney-and-liver-toxic Bt-corn?

Or Monsanto?

I am a person before I am a woman. Your gender is irrelevant. Given deadly threats to my grandchildren's future by your corporate connections (Edwards was right), I don't believe your talk of "caring" about Blacks/women/children/health/farmers/food.
I will vote for someone committed to small farmers – our ONLY real food safety. Your friends, though, are the heart of an international industrial agricultural nightmare.

Linn Cohen-Cole

Disclaimer. I am not a scientist. I have read for months on this subject, and am including only a tiny portion of the horrifying things I have learned. I am expressing my opinion as person and may be wrong. Perhaps things are swell out there and rBGH is fabulous and TSE-laced feed is great, and genetic engineering is the best thing since manna. But I am scared for my family and I have not only a right to say so but an obligation to do so. I am angry that Monsanto was allowed the influence it had and has done the things it definitely seems to have. I am disgusted by industrialization of every tender and beautiful part of our world and hope, for all our children's sake, we are not too late to pull back.

Additional Note From Linn Cohen-Cole:

When I originally wrote it, it was 7000 words long. A shorter version was circulated. I want to be careful it doesn't give a wrong impression in my having deleted so much to make it short enough for people to read easily. Would you do me a favor and insert this sentence near the beginning? Please, would you replace: Since the late 1990s (as industrial agriculture took hold in India),166,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide and 8 million have left the land, and it has increased since 2002 to an average of 1 every 20 minutes (P.Sainath, The Hindu). Farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Indonesia,South America, Central America and here, have all protested Monsanto and genetic engineering. With: Since the late 1990s (as industrial agriculture took hold in India?), 166,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide and 8 million have left the land, and it has increased since 2002 to an average of 1 every 20 minutes (P.Sainath, The Hindu). The reasons for suicides are always complex and Monsanto is not the only giant agribusiness now in India, but it is one of the largest, and the main one in Maharastra where the suicides are especially high. Farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, South America, Central America and here, have all protested Monsanto and genetic engineering. Thank you. Best wishes to all of us.

The Best Years In Life

Naturopathic Rights in the Founding of America

by Tony Isaacs author of Cancer's Natural Enemy

The FDA, AMA and other powers in mainstream medicine would have us believe that it is their legal and moral duty to protect us from nature and naturopathy and determine which drugs and treatments we are allowed to have. 

Just the opposite is true: it is both immoral and against the founding principles and laws of our nation – and the principles and laws that predate the founding of our nation and governed our country at the time of it's founding.

When the American Colonies declared their independence as Sovereign States, in July, 1776, they each adopted the Laws of England as the Common Law of the State.  With the exception of Louisiana, which was a French colony and adopted Napoleanic Law as it's common law, every state in the United States has followed suit.  What is important to note is that unless the laws in English Common law have been specifically modified or overturned, they still are considered to be law – and indeed it is not uncommon at all to see higher courts consult English Common Laws and it's principles to decide cases.

And thus it was that a charter which addressed the evils of restrictions on herbs, herbalist and those who were allowed to practice medicine and healing was made in 1543 during the reign of Henry the VIII and was used by the original 13 States of America to determine the rights of Naturopathy and our freedom of access to natural alternative medicine and treatments.

It is amazing to note that many of the issues confronting alternative practitioners today are the same issues which the Act of Parliament addressed back in the sixteenth century.  Then, as now, so-called "licensed" physicians and surgeons were going to Court to ban the activities of the alternative practitioners of their day, the herbalists. Parliament ordered an end to this misuse of the Courts to enforce licensure, protecting the nutritionists from "suit, vexation, trouble, penalty, or loss of their goods…"

This ancient Act of Parliament applied to England and the King's "other dominions" including, of course, the American Colonies, and later, the States. This Act has never been repealed, and thus remains part of our Common Law to this day, offering protection to alternative practitioners, "at all Time from henceforth…" as a perpetual Charter of Rights.

Here is the text of the charter:

Herbalist's Charter of Henry the VIII
1543 A.D.
"An Act that Persons, Being No Common Surgeons, May Administer Outward Medicines
"Where in the Parliament holden at Westminster in the third Year of the King's most gracious Reign, amongst other Things, for the avoiding of Sorceries, Witchcrafts and other Inconveniences, it was enacted, that no Person within the City of London, nor within Seven Miles of the same, should take upon him to exercise and occupy as Physician or Surgeon, except he be first examined, approved, and admitted by the Bishop of London and other, under and upon certain Pains and Penalties in the same Act mentioned;

"Sithence the making of which said Act, the Company and Fellowship of Surgeons of London, minding only their own Lucres and nothing the Profit or ease of the Diseased or Patient, have sued, troubled and vexed divers honest Persons, as well as Men and Women, whom God hath endued with the Knowledge of the Nature, Kind and Operation of certain Herbs, Roots and Waters, and the using and ministring of them to such as been pained with customable Diseases, as Women's Breasts beings sore, a Pin and the Web in the Eye, Uncomis of Hands, Burnings, Scaldings, Sore Mouths, the Stone, Strangury, Saucelim and Morphew, and such other like Diseases; and yet the said Persons have not taken anything for their Pains or Cunning, but have ministered the same to poor People only for Neighborhood and God's sake, and of Pity and Charity:

"And it is now well known that the Surgeons admitted will do no Cure to any Person but where they shall be rewarded with a greater Sum or Reward that the Cure extendeth unto; for in the case they would minister the Cunning unto sore People unrewarded, there should not so many rot and perish to death for Lack or Help of Surgery as daily do; but the greatest part of Surgeons admitted been much more to be blamed than those Persons that they troubled, for although the most Part of the Persons of the said Craft of Surgeons have small Cunning yet they will take great sums of Money, and do little therefore, and by Reason thereof they do oftentimes impair and hurt their Patients, rather than do them good.

"In consideration whereof, and for the Ease, Comfort, Succour, Help, Relief and Health of the King's poor Subjects, Inhabitants of this Realm, now pained or diseased:

"Be it ordained, established and enacted, by Authority of this present Parliament, That at all Time from henceforth it shall be lawful to every Person being the King's subject, having Knowledge and Experience of the Nature of Herbs, Roots and Waters, or of the Operation of the same, by Speculation or Practice, within any part of the Realm of England, or within any other the King's Dominions, to practice, use and minister in and to any outward Sore, Uncome Wound, Aposelmations, outward Swelling or Disease, any Herb or Herbs, Ointments, Baths, Pultess, and Emplaisters, according to their Cunning, Experience and Knowledge in any of the Diseases, Sorea and Maladies beforesaid, and all other like to the same, or Drinks for the Stone, Strangury or Agues, without suit, vexation, trouble, penalty or loss of their goods;
"The foresaid Statute in the foresaid Third Year of the King's most gracious Reign, or any other Act, Ordinance or Statues the contrary heretofore made in anywise, not withstanding."

Natural Remedies


Gout is common type of arthritis that occurs when there is too much uric acid (sodium urate) in the blood, tissues, and urine.  Uric acid is the end product of the metabolism of a class of chemicals know as purines.  
In people with gout, the body does not produce enough of the digestive enzyme uricase, which oxidizes relatively insoluble uric acid into a highly soluble compound.  As a result, uric acid accumulates in the blood and tissues and, ultimately, crystallizes.

When it crystallizes, uric acid takes on a shape like that of a needle and, like a needle, it jabs its way into the joints.  It seems to prefer the joint of the big toe, but other joints can be vulnerable a well, including the mid-foot, ankle, knee, wrist, and even the fingers.  Uric acid is more likely to crystallize at lower temperatures, which may explain why roughly 90 percent of gout attacks affect cooler extremities like the big toe.  Acute pain is usually the first symptom.  Then the affected joints become inflamed, almost infected looking-red, swollen, hot, and extremely sensitive to the touch.  Repeated attacks of gout over a long period of time can lead to joint damage.

Uric acid is a byproduct of certain foods, so gout is closely related to diet, especially a rich diet high in sugar and fructose. Obesity and an improper diet increase the risk of developing gout.  Gout has been called the rich man’s disease, since it is associated with too much rich food and alcohol.  But in fact is affects people from all walks of life, most commonly men between the ages of forty and fifty.  It may be inherited or brought on by crash dieting, drinking, certain medications, overeating, stress, surgery, or injury to a joint.  Approximately 90 percent of the people who suffer from gout are male.  Uric acid kidney stones may be related problem.

Here are a few natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms of Gout:

• Essential Fatty Acids in the form of Flax Seed Oil or Omega 3-6-9 .

Enzymes and Pancreatin aid in digestion and of proteins especially.

• Black Cherry Juice. Drink one 6 oz glass of Black Cherry Juice once or twice a day.

• Black or sour cherries. Cherries seem to work well to prevent gout. Consume 10 or more per day. Cherries are also high in anti-oxidants and good for you in many ways.

• Drink three to four cups of one of these tea's a day: yarrow, dandelion, celery seed to rinse out and neutralize the uric acid. An old time favorite is corn-cob tea! Just get three corn cobs and simmer in four cups of water. Strain and keep in the fridge and then simply heat it and drink after meals.

Vitamin B Complex . Essential for proper digestion and all bodily enzymes systems.

Minerals (preferably plant minerals). The foundation and building blocks of all bodily enzymes.

• Never take aspirin for gout! Apply ice and drink lots of water.

• Do not eat any of the following: anchovies, gravy, sardines, cauliflower, mushrooms,

clams, oatmeal, shellfish, spinach, and absolutely no alcohol.

• It is also helpful to limit your intake of caffeine, cauliflower, beans, eggs, oatmeal, peas, spinach, poultry, red meat and yeast products.

• The most important thing one can do is to stay away from processed sugar and fructose foods and drinks; instead drink pure water.

Ask Utopia Silver

Clear Lungs

I have high blood pressure and I see that CLEAR LUNGS has licorice in it. I am wondering if it is okay to use it[with high blood pressure]. I’ve also read that licorice may make you retain fluids? I am prone to Bronchitis at least once a year. I work in a cosmetics dept. and get a lot of different perfume smells and can feel it in my lungs also. I use extra Ester C when I get over dosed with the smell from body sprays and cologne, but my lungs need something to keep them healthy.


Hi Nadine,

Licorice can increase blood pressure if used for more than 7 days in substantial strengths. Notice that the licorice listing on the Clear Lungs is the last item on the ingredient list, which means is the smallest percentage ingredient in the product. I also called our manufacturer and discussed this; they tell me that there is such a minute amount that there is no problem for even those with high blood pressure.

You are also correct to some degree about licorice and fluid retention, …but it works favorably in that it increases the fluidity of the mucous so that it is easier to eliminate the mucous from the bronchial tubes and lungs. Thicker mucous is much more difficult for the body to break down and absorb or to cough up. We too have had lots of Bronchitis going around the office here in Utopia and have had especially good results with both the Clear Lungs and the Colloidal Silver as an inhaler. Although Colloidal Silver will not prevent allergies (most of our Bronchitis has been cedar pollen and allergy related) unless they are microbe caused, it is effective in reducing infection in the respiratory system. It can be taken orally and by inhaling it with a mist sprayer. Simply fill it ½ full of silver and when you squeeze, it comes out in a fine mist that can be inhaled.

Following is a list of some supplements that are very good support for the lungs and bronchial tubes:

Vitamin A – a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

Vitamin C – enhances the immune system and reduces histamine levels.

CoQ10 – improves circulation and breathing.

MSM – clinical tests show that it improves lung problems.

Zinc – is essential for the repair of lung and bronchial tissue.

Vitamin B Complex
– activates many enzymes needed for healing.

Bromelain – enhances healing and the absorption of other supplements and nutrients.

Magnesium Peroxide (Oxy-Gen) – aids impaired breathing by oxygenating the blood through the stomach.

Most of these can be found on our website at:

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor

Utopia Silver Supplements

830 966-2315

Notice: We are not doctors and we suggest that you consult a healthcare professional,preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one who has been trained in integrative medicine if you have a life or health threatening illness.

Featured Articles

Gout Surge Blamed On Sweet Drinks

Sugary drinks have been blamed for a surge in cases of the painful joint disease gout. Men who consume two or more sugary soft drinks a day have an 85% higher risk of gout compared with those who drink less than one a month, a study suggests.

Cases in the US have doubled in recent decades and it seems fructose, a type of sugar, may be to blame, the British Medical Journal study reports.

UK experts said those with gout would be advised to cut out sugary drinks.

About 1.5% of the UK population currently suffers from gout and there has been an increase in numbers over the last 30 years – although the condition is more associated with Victorian times.

Dr Andrew Bamji stated, "I will certainly change my advice to patients and I suspect the number drinking fructose is quite large."

The symptoms of painful, swollen joints, mainly in the lower limbs, are caused when uric acid crystallises out of the blood into the joints.

US and Canadian researchers said the increase in cases had coincided with a substantial rise in the consumption of soft drinks.

Previous research had also shown that fructose increases levels of uric acid in the bloodstream.


To look in more detail, the team carried out a 12-year study of 46,000 men aged 40 years and over with no history of gout, asking them regular questionnaires about their diet.

Over the period, 755 newly diagnosed cases of gout were reported.

The risk of developing the condition was significantly increased with an intake level of five to six servings of sugary soft drink per week.

This link was independent of other risk factors for gout such as body mass index, age, high blood pressure and alcohol intake.

Diet soft drinks did not increase the risk of gout but fruit juice and fructose rich fruits (apples and oranges) were associated with a higher risk, the researchers said.

But this finding needs to be balanced against the benefit of fruit and vegetables in preventing other chronic disorders like heart disease and stroke.

Dr Hyon Choi, from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver said dietary advice for gout had focused on restricting purine-rich foods, such as red meat and beer.

He said practitioners should advise patients with gout to reduce their fructose intake.

"I can think of some situations, for example in severe treatment failure gout, where reducing sweet fruits, such as oranges and apples could help," he added.

Dr Andrew Bamji, president of the British Society for Rheumatology, said anecdotally cases of gout appeared to be rising.

"When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense in that fructose inhibits the excretion of uric acid.

"I will certainly change my advice to patients and I suspect the number drinking fructose is quite large."

Featured Articles

Texas Straight Talk – If We Subsidize Them…

For decades we have welcomed new immigrants to our American "melting pot".  We respect those who come here peacefully to pursue their American Dream.  But Americans have noticed lately that modern problems associated with illegal immigration are at a crisis point.  Taxpayers are now suffering the consequences.

Costs of social services for the estimated 21 million illegal immigrants in this country are approaching $400 billion.  We educate 4.2 million children of illegals at a cost of $13.8 billion.  There have been almost 2 million anchor babies born in this country since 2002, with labor and delivery costs of between $3 and 6 billion.  There are currently 360,000 illegals in our prisons and we have spent $1.4 billion to incarcerate them since 2001.  In Prince William County near DC, ICE can't deport criminal illegals fast enough and has actually asked its local jails to slow down on referring them.  Jurisdiction over illegal immigration lies at the federal level, yet many municipalities are struggling with the compounding problems of mandated costs and tied hands.  My office has heard from at least one sheriff in my district considering seeking compensation from the Federal government for the cost of so many illegal immigrant inmates that wouldn't be here if the Federal government was doing its job and protecting our borders.  The problems are widespread.

One thing is certain:  If we subsidize them, they will come.  We have rolled out the social services red carpet, so it is no surprise that many from other countries are eager to come take advantage of our very generous system.

We must return to the American principle of personal responsibility.  We must expect those who come here to take care of themselves and respect our laws.  Not only is this the right thing to do for our overtaxed citizens, but we simply have no choice.  We can't afford these policies anymore.  Since we are $60 trillion in debt, there should be no taxpayer-paid benefits for non-citizens.  My bill, the Social Security for American Citizens Only Act, stops non-citizens from collecting Social Security Benefits.  This bill, by the way, picked up three new cosponsors this week and is gaining momentum.   Also, we should not be awarding automatic citizenship to children born here minutes after their mothers illegally cross the border.  It just doesn't make sense.  The practice of birthright citizenship is an aberration of the original intent of the 14th amendment, the purpose of which was never to allow lawbreakers to bleed taxpayers of welfare benefits.  I have introduced HJ Res 46 to address this loophole.  Other Western countries such as Australia , France , and England have stopped birth-right citizenship.  It is only reasonable that we do the same.  We must also empower local and state officials to deal with problems the Federal government can't or won't address.  Actions like this are a matter of national security at this point.

Illegal immigration is draining and frustrating the American taxpayer.  I will continue to work for a solution that does not reward those who break our laws.

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Skipping Meals May Aid Dieting

If the latest diet fads don't seem to have worked for you, you may want to consider a weight-loss method with a bad reputation: skipping or drastically restricting meals.

You've heard the reason not to: You'll only eat more later on. But people don't automatically replace all the missed calories at their next meal, says David Levitsky, a professor of nutrition and psychology at Cornell University. His research team assigned one group of people small lunches of about 200 calories, while a second group dined on about 600 calories. Both ate as they wished the rest of the day. After two weeks, the small-lunch bunch lost weight; they were eating about 400 calories fewer than the all-you-can-eaters.

A variation that might not even feel like self-denial is to restrict calories every other day. In a small study published in March, researchers followed a group of 10 overweight people who were fed just 20 percent of their normal calorie intake on alternate days. The other days, they could eat what they wanted. After eight weeks, they'd lost an average of 8 percent of their body weight, says study co-author James Johnson, a clinical instructor in the department of surgery at Louisiana State University School of Medicine and author of a forthcoming book on alternate-day calorie restriction.

"I like the psychology of it," says Kenneth Webb, 37, a hedge fund trader from Walnut Creek, Calif., who's followed Johnson's program. "On the down days, you've got hope for tomorrow — who can't diet for one day? And on an up day, you've got no guilt about it."

Webb calculated his calorie needs based on his level of activity and eats just 30 percent of that one day; the next, he eats 130 percent. He's lost 30 pounds since July.

Healthy benefits?

Besides shrinking the waistline, skipping meals regularly might protect against disease. A study presented in November at an American Heart Association conference compared the rates of heart disease among Mormons, who are supposed to fast on the first Sunday of every month, with the habits and disease rates among a smaller number of non-Mormons.

Controlling for other behaviors that make a difference in the risk of heart disease, the researchers found that fasting seemed to be significant: If you fasted, you had a smaller chance of having heart disease.

"The thought from a biological perspective is that fasting rests the metabolism for a day and resensitizes the body's cells to glucose and insulin," says study author Benjamin Horne, who researches heart disease at Intermountain Medical Center and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. That's only a theory, he notes, since most studies on calorie restriction have been done in rodents, roundworms and slugs.

Less is more

Still, there's plenty of evidence from the animal studies to suggest that some sort of calorie-restricted eating plan might be good for humans, too, says Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist at the National Institute on Aging who was also an author of the alternate-day study. (That study focused on asthma sufferers, whose symptoms improved more when they reduced their intake than seemed attributable to just losing weight.)

Eating less cuts down on the production of free radicals, which damage cells and can lead to disease, Mattson says. And there's a cellular response similar to what happens when we exercise. Like working out, going without calories is mildly stressful to the cells at the time but beneficial over the long run.

"Dietary restriction is about the best dietary advice I can give you," Levitsky says. "We don't know about living a longer life, but all the markers are in a favorable direction."

You may have noticed, though, that the bottom line of any of these techniques is cutting the overall number of calories you eat. Webb, for example, has effectively reduced his average daily caloric intake to 80 percent of what it used to be. Like Webb, many people may find that skipping a meal or two a week, or taking a day every month entirely away from food or eating a lot less during a given meal or every other day, is far more appealing than making the sacrifice all the time.

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World’s Fattest Man Wins Dieting Title

As the world's heaviest man, tipping the scales at 560kg (88 stone), Manuel Uribe had a record but not one he was particularly proud of. Now, having lost half that weight in two years including 180kg in a 12-month period, Uribe has a world-beating performance he is far happier about.
"I feel great," the 42-year-old former computer technician said by telephone from the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, where he lives with his mother, after it emerged that he will earn a Guinness World Records mention for the first year of his diet. "One day I will be able to walk again, I don't know exactly when, but it will happen for sure." His aim is to reach 120kg over the next two years, thanks largely to a new low-carb diet.

"The weight still comes off," he said, "but it comes off slower now."

Uribe got himself on the road to recovery after appealing for help on Mexican television's most watched nightly news. Depressed after his girlfriend left him, he allowed the cameras to linger on his cascades of flesh and fat as he sat immobile and desperate.

The ensuing publicity had nutritionists beating a trail to his reinforced bed, only to discover that his internal organs were in uncannily good condition. Diet experts then clamoured to sign him up. Uribe plumped for the Zone, of Jennifer Aniston fame, and agreed to film a documentary with the Discovery Channel, which has organised outings for him with the aid of a fork-lift truck.

Bedridden for the last six years, Uribe says he spends most of his time answering the hundreds of emails he receives every day, between eating five specially prepared meals at specific times. He also runs a small clothes shop set up in his home, and hosts a support group for the obese on Sunday afternoons.

Uribe has a new girlfriend too. They first became friends when she sought him out after her obese husband died of a heart attack. "My aim now is to do God's work and spread the word about how to live well," Uribe said. "It's incredible that man can go to the moon and fix a computer but doesn't know how to eat."

Obesity rates have soared in Mexico, with the latest studies suggesting it may even have overtaken the United States as the fattest nation in the world.