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H1N1 Swine Flu Likely Already Infecting 100,000 Americans, Admits CDC

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) H1N1 influenza (swine flu) has spread beyond the ability of the CDC to track it, leading one of its health authorities (Daniel Jernigan) to admit that 100,000 Americans are likely already infected by the swine flu.

The CDC has only "confirmed" 4,714 cases of the flu so far, but by its own admission, the CDC's testing lab is so hopelessly overloaded that it has all but abandoned trying to identify every case of swine flu. All it can do now is estimate the likely number of infections through statistical modeling.

That modeling essentially says that swine flu is already at a pandemic stage, and it will eventually infect anywhere from one-third to one-half of the world population, depending on whose figures you believe.

So if swine flu is infecting so many people, why aren't more people dying?

Some people are dying from it, of course. The latest is an assistant principal of a NYC school, who just passed away yesterday (…).

Beware of the "influenza winter of 2009"

But the lack of deaths from the swine flu at the moment doesn't mean the danger is over. In fact, the western world is right now experiencing the health benefits of Spring, which brings sunlight and vitamin D (a natural anti-viral vitamin) to the people.

Historically, influenza strikes in the Fall and Winter months when vitamin D levels are low. Winter, of course, means December – February in the Northern hemisphere, and June – July in the Southern hemisphere. So even if a pandemic strikes North America during the winter of 2009, it is unlikely to be as dangerous in Australia at the same time (because that's Australia's summer).

At the same time, the coming Summer in North America is a vitamin D deficient winter in Australia, so there may be increased risk of H1N1 influenza deaths throughout June, July and August in the Southern hemisphere.

The CDC and WHO, however, are most concerned about the coming winter in North America. The 1918 pandemic struck during the winter months, of course, hitting the population when people were most vulnerable with vitamin D deficiency.

With potentially millions of Americans carrying non-fatal H1N1 influenza into the regular winter flu season in late 2009, there is a very real chance that H1N1 genetic code could mix with various seasonal flu strains, creating a highly lethal and contagious strain that devastates the human population across the world.

It's impossible for anyone to accurately predict the risk of such a mutation occurring, but the elements are in place for precisely such a development. Importantly, should such a scenario unfold, vaccines will be totally useless because they only target whatever H1N1 strain was circulating eight months ago!

Remember this: A viral mutation instantly renders all vaccines completely useless.

Big Pharma making big bucks off influenza

That doesn't mean Big Pharma isn't trying to cash in on the vaccine money machine, of course. In fact, the drug companies have been busy negotiating with third world countries to take possession of viral genetic material found in those countries so that they can manufacture patented vaccines that they sell back to those very same countries (at monopoly prices).

In fact, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, the very company that was found to have accidentally (yeah, right!) inserted live influenza viruses into vaccine material distributed to 18 countries, is now cashing in on the H1N1 pandemic.

This profit motive has led some commentators on the 'net to wonder whether H1N1 was actually created in a laboratory and released in the wild based on a Big Pharma profit agenda. The flames under this theory were fanned recently when a top virologist announced that swine flu may have been created by "human error" in a vaccine factory (,2933…). The WHO, predictably, was swift to dismiss such fears, claiming to have investigated and ruled out the claim.

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New Study: Probiotic Strain Boosts Immune Response to Flu Virus

by S. L. Baker

(NaturalNews) A new study just published in the journal Postgraduate Medicine has good news about a way to help fight a potential flu pandemic, naturally. Researchers found that a specific strain of probiotics, which are beneficial microorganisms similar to the "friendly" bacteria found naturally in the body's digestive system, increases the body's immune response to the flu virus — specifically, to influenza A. And the currently much hyped and much feared so-called swine flu, also known as H1N1, is a variant of influenza A.

Although many mainstream medical doctors as well as natural health practitioners have long recognized that probiotics can often help people with digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, gas, and bloating, the idea that taking probiotics could help healthy people stay that way has been controversial. But the new study could change that notion. It shows that taking probiotics regularly can boost the immune system in a specific way which helps the body give influenza A the boot. The probiotics strain, which has the scientific tongue-twister name of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, PTA-6086, was found to cause significant increases in T-cell production of TNF-alpha, a key immune system activity marker, when health adults were exposed to influenza.

Researcher Mira Baron, MD, measured changes in blood TNF-alpha levels in 10 healthy adult volunteers before and after they took doses of the probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans (which is marketed under the trade name GanedenBC30 and found in various dietary supplements) daily and then were exposed to an influenza A virus. Results showed a huge 1709 percent increase in TNF-alpha levels upon viral challenge after the research participants had taken the probiotic for about a month. Dr. Baron noted in her study that the initial, dramatic increase in the body's production of TNF-alpha in response to viral exposure shows a heightened immunological response aimed at protecting against infection.

The study did not evaluate an immune response to the specific swine flu virus, H1N1, currently causing much worry. However, there's certainly reason to think that Bacillus coagulans could boost the body's natural defenses to fight a variety of flu viruses, including swine flu. "These results demonstrate the ability of GanedenBC30 to boost the immune system of healthy adults against viruses that cause some of the most common human illnesses," Dr. Baron said in a statement to the press. "The study helps support the long-suspected belief about the beneficial effects of GanedenBC30 on the immune system and adds to the emerging body of evidence that probiotics can benefit healthy people as well as those with specific health issues."

Dr. Gary Huffnagle, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan, and author of the book The Probiotics Revolution reviewed Dr. Baron's findings and concluded the research adds to the growing body of scientific data that show probiotics boost the immune function of healthy adults to defend against infection and lessen the symptoms of disease. "I think it is a wise move to include the consumption of probiotics, such as Sustenex (a supplement that contains Bacillus coagulans), along with good diet, frequent hand washing and other recommendations by the CDC in the battle against flu. While more research is needed to demonstrate whether this translates into reduced hospitalization and/or deaths, it's a healthy, low-cost, proactive thing that people can do that has no risks associated with it."

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Court Orders Parents to Poison Their 13-Year-Old Child with Chemotherapy

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Against the wishes of both the parents and the 13-year-old patient in question, a Minnesota judge has ruled that Daniel Hauser must undergo conventional chemotherapy treatments, which are characterized by the mass-poisoning of the patient with toxic chemicals.

For opting to explore alternative and natural remedies rather than chemotherapy for their son, the parents were accused of medical neglect and now face having their son taken away from them by Child Protective Services (CPS). They may also face prison time if they refuse to follow the judge's orders.

Daniel was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a health condition that is widely known by alternative cancer practitioners to be reversible (curable), especially in younger patients. Conventional medical doctors have told the courts that unless Daniel is subjected to toxic chemotherapy treatments, he has a 95% chance of dying.

That statistics is an outright lie. It is one of the many deceptive statistics put forth by the cancer industry in order to scare patients into submitting to extremely toxic protocols that cause far more harm than good.

Cancer patients cured by chemotherapy? Zero

There is not a single cancer patient that has ever been cured by chemotherapy. Zero. They don't exist. Not a single documented case in the history of western medicine.

And why is that? Because conventional medicine operates from the false belief that there is no cure for cancer! Thus, anyone offering a cure (or assisting in the body's own natural reversal of the disease) is immediately dismissed as a quack. Meanwhile, the real quackery is found in the pushing of toxic chemotherapy chemicals that are injected into the bodies of patients and called "treatment" when they should really be called "torture." (Nancy Pelosi, by the way, was never briefed on the fact that chemotherapy is torture…)

What's most disturbing in all of this, of course, is that the state is now forcing parents to poison their own children, requiring they hand over money to Big Pharma and conventional cancer treatment centers. The concept of freedom of choice has been stolen away from parents. The idea of protecting your children from toxic chemicals has been not just nullified, but made illegal!

Furthermore, the whole universe of natural cancer cures that really work has been sidelined by this Minnesota judge who is, no doubt, completely ignorant on cancer and human physiology. All these were utterly ignored: Vitamin D (, selenium, oxygen therapy, medicinal mushrooms, microalgae, Amazon rainforest herbs, Chinese Medicine herbs, high-dose vitamin C, raw foods juicing, wild foods extracts, superfood powders, raw cacao, broccoli sprouts and a thousand other things that we know help the body reverse various cancers.

All these things were apparently thrown out of the courtroom and almost certainly disparaged by drug-pushing doctors who claim that only their own chemicals can treat this disease.

Can you imagine the arrogance of that position? Of all the hundreds of different systems of medicine in our world, with tens of thousands of identified medicinal plant species growing on our planet, with the knowledge and wisdom of over 5,000 years of natural medicine being used across nearly every continent, modern doctors insist there is but one approach to cancer that has any value whatsoever: Chemotherapy. And they believe it so strongly, that they will argue for the arrest and imprisonment of parents who disagree with them.

This is the point at which medicine crosses over the line of anything scientific and becomes a dangerous form of dogma known as "scientism."

Modern medicine is not a scientific debate, folks. It's a system of control. Doctors, judges and courtrooms are simply tools of oppression to manipulate, poison and exploit a diseased population, all while isolating them from the natural cures that really work.

And the people causing this to happen are, in every conceivable way, guilty of mass murder. To deny the population access to accurate information about natural cancer remedies that really work — and to threaten to imprison those who attempt to protect their children from the harm caused by poisonous chemicals — is essentially an act of murder. It's not quite the same as putting a gun to someone's head and pulling the trigger, but it's close: Dead is dead, whether they were killed by a bullet or an injection.

It is especially educational to realize that most oncologists refuse to submit to chemotherapy themselves. When cancer doctors get cancer, they avoid chemotherapy as any sensible person would. But they have no hesitation about injecting the poisons into the bodies of other people, including innocent 13-year-old boys who will almost certainly be harmed or even killed by the treatment.

Chemotherapy causes permanent brain damage. It's an undisputed scientific fact. It's called "chemo-brain." (

Chemotherapy also causes heart damage and kidney damage. If you want to kill someone, an easy way to accomplish that would be to inject them with chemotherapy chemicals. But if you want to protect someone from danger, it would be far smarter to avoid chemotherapy altogether, and seek natural remedies that really work.

What works? Lots of things. Medicinal mushrooms ( are extremely powerful anti-cancer medicines. So is spirulina ( and chlorella. Trace minerals are anti-cancer, as is aloe vera (

Cancer can also be beat with the help of superfoods (, berries (, cruciferous vegetables, sprouts ( and even resveratrol ( Eating spinach from your own garden is anti-cancer. The Amazon Herb Company sells numerous Amazon rainforest herbs that are naturally anti-cancer, and vitamin D all by itself can prevent nearly 4 out of 5 cancers (

There is no shortage of cancer cures in our world. There is only a shortage of intelligence among court judges, doctors and CPS personnel who have allowed themselves to remain dangerously ignorant of the cancer treatments offered by Mother Nature.

When will the world wake up and figure out the obvious here?

Cancer is not caused by a poison deficiency. And poisoning the body while calling it "treatment" is a prime example of extreme intellectual dishonesty on the part of oncologists and Big Pharma pill pushers who, at the very least, are responsible for the deaths of perhaps half a million people a year worldwide.

By any honest mathematical analysis, cancer doctors are orders of magnitude more dangerous to our world than all the terrorists, ocean pirates and serial killers combined. And now, with the help of ignorant court judges, they have outlawed NOT using their own brand of poison.

It's sick beyond imagination. It's a crime against humanity, and I can only pray that one day the people responsible for the deaths of all these children being poisoned by chemotherapy will face their own court trials for mass murder.

Health & Freedom


by Ben Taylor

The 2010 Census claims “Your answers are confidential and protected by law.” The question is, ‘confidential and protected by law’ from whom? Who do the citizens of this country need to be protected from? Is the average petty criminal on the street going to take this information and use it against us? It’s possible, but not likely. The biggest perpetrator of death and destruction upon mankind and the loss of liberty has always been and will always be that ‘entity’ called ‘government’. Most of us can take measures to protect ourselves to a reasonable degree from the individual criminal, but when government falls into the hands of organized criminal elements, people are left at its mercy. The ‘government’ of this country has slowly, but surely, been brought under the control of an international gangster banking cartel who is stealing America and placing it under control of their One World Government, whether we like it or not.

We all know that so-called ‘law’ can change in a heartbeat at the whim of politicians. We are well on the road to loosing America because most of us have been unwilling to stand up and demand that “The Supreme Law of The Land”, our Constitutions and our Organic Common Law be upheld by all who are in positions of authority, be it government administrators, law enforcement officials, or judges. We can see the evidence in front of our eyes when we witness public officials being de-educated to ignore the Constitution and even to consider anyone invoking the Constitution or serving in the military as potential domestic threats or terrorists. This travesty is going on around the country within the offices of prosecutors, law enforcement and judges at all levels of government in training manuals and seminars.

The federal government of The United States of America has a very limited Constitutional mandate to do census taking. Article I mandates that a counting of the citizens (an enumeration) be taken every ten years in order that Representatives and direct Taxes can be apportioned among the States. Article I is still in effect as written. No one has a right to ask any questions about anything else and there is certainly no good reason for what the ‘census takers’ call ‘plotting’. Plotting is actually putting the exact location of your home into the world government data base using the Global Positioning System. Stand up for our American Constitution, refuse all requests to do anything but count the people in your household and demand that these so-called ‘census-takers’ immediately leave your property if they are doing anything else. Your property should be “No Trespassing” posted by sign or by purple fence post tops.

Our right to live as free men and women will exist only if we demand an end to the intrusion into our lives of this self proclaimed “New World Order” that has taken over our country. This so-called Census 2010 is nothing less than an extension of the massive information gathering arm of this encroaching one world tyranny.


Key Points:

*An American does not have to speak with a government agent unless the citizen has been arrested, even then there is the Right to have your counsel of choice present.

*American Citizens have a right to privacy in their life, property and papers.

*The PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 (Public Law 93-579), empowers Citizens to require full, written disclosure from any government official who seeks information from them.

*You may insist on complete disclosure as a precondition to speaking with any government official.

The Limits On Federal Power:

*Law-abiding citizens are sometimes visited by agents of the Federal government for no apparent reason. It is helpful, at the time of these visits, to recall that unless a citizen has been placed under arrest (either because a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe the citizen has committed a crime or because the officer has in his possession an arrest warrant issued by a judge who believes there is probable cause the citizen has committed a crime, a citizen does not have to entertain the company of government  agents.

*Citizens also have the right, guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, not to testify against themselves. Thus, when "the government" comes knocking on one¹s door, you have the right to simply say, "Please go away." Unless the government officer places you under arrest (there must be probable cause, or an arrest warrant based on probable cause), the officer must obey your wishes.

Be Helpful…. On Your Terms

*Of course, citizens also have a vested interest in assisting "the
government" in its role of crime-solver. Most of us understand the need to help "the government" to apprehend criminals. But it is also helpful, when "the government" arrives at your place of employment or at your home, to know how to find out why government agents have appeared on YOUR doorstep.

*A handy little questionnaire that I came across years ago will do the trick. It¹s called the "Public Servant Questionnaire." A version
accompanies this article. The "PSQ" was developed by Lynn Johnston, author of Who's Afraid of the IRS? (Libertarian Review Foundation: 1983, ISBN 0-930073-03-7).

*The PSQ is based on the requirements placed upon the government by the Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579), an amending law to Title 5, United States Code, Section 552, and is included as Section 552a.

*If a citizen chooses to cooperate with government officials who are seeking information, BEFORE questioning begins, the citizen should politely inform the government agent or agents that a prerequisite for the citizen's cooperation with "the government" is the agent¹s cooperation with the citizen.

Do It Right, The First Time

*The questions should then be put to each agent, and the citizen should enter the answers onto the questionnaire. Copies should be provided to each agent, either at the time of the questioning or by mail to the agent after the visit. The questionnaire informs the government agent that the citizen knows his rights and knows which limited powers the government agent has been granted by the people.

*Most probably some government agents will not want to fill out or sign the PSQ. That¹s fine. They can then be sent on their merry way. They may need to explain to their superiors, and a court of law, and a jury, on another day, why they refused to cooperate with the reasonable questions of the highest officeholder in the land, a citizen.


Public Law 93-579 states in part: "The purpose of this Act is to provide certain safeguards for an individual against invasion of personal privacy requiring Federal agencies… to permit an individual to determine what records pertaining to him are collected, maintained, used or disseminated by such agencies…."

The following questions are based upon that act and are necessary for this individual to make a reasonable determination concerning divulgence of information to this agency. [Write on back of these pages if more space is needed to fully answer this questionnaire.]

1. Full Name of public servant: ___________________________________________________________

2. Domicile address:______________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State: ______________________ Zip: __________

3. Name of department of government, bureau, or agency by which public servant is employed: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Supervisor¹s name, position % contact telephone number: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Office mail address:____________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: _________

5. Will this public servant uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, “The Supreme Law of The Land”? Yes__ No__ Refuse To Answer__

6. Can this public servant guarantee that no violations of any God-given, unalienable and Constitutionally secured Rights are being abrogated by their actions/investigation or by the cooperation of this Citizen? Yes__ No__ Refuse To Answer__

7. Did the public servant furnish a delegation of authority and proof of their identity before proceeding with their actions/investigation? Yes__ No__ Refuse To Answer__

8. What was the nature of proof? ID No.: _________________________________________________
Badge No.: ____________________________  Driver License No.:_______________________________

9. Will public servant furnish a copy of the law or regulation which authorizes their actions/investigation? Yes__ No__ Don’t Know__ Refuse To Answer__

10. Will the public servant read aloud that portion of the law authorizing the questions he will ask? Yes__ No__ Don’t Know__ Refuse To Answer__

11. Are the Citizen's answers and cooperation Voluntary?__ Mandatory?__ Don’t Know?__

12. Are the actions to be taken and/or questions to be asked based upon a specific law or regulation? __ or are they being used as an investigative discovery process? __

13. What other uses may be made of this information?

14. What other agencies may have access to this information?

15. Describe any actions that may be taken against this Citizen should I choose not to cooperate with or to be a part of your investigation/actions?

16. Name of person in government requesting that this investigation/actions be made? ____________________________________________________________________________

17. Is this investigation/action "general?__ or is it “special”?__

[Note: "General" means any kind of blanket investigation in which a number of persons are involved because of geography, type of business, sex, religion, race, schooling, income, etc. "Special" means any investigation of an individual nature directed specifically at this Citizen.]

18. Have you or your agency consulted, questioned, interviewed, or received information from any third party relative to this investigation or to this Citizen?
Yes__ No__ Don’t Know__ Refuse To Answer__

If yes to item 18, identity all such third parties.

19. Do you reasonably anticipate either a civil or criminal action to be initiated or pursued based upon any of the information which you seek?
Yes__ No__ Don’t Know__ Refuse To Answer__

20. Is there a file of records, information, or correspondence relating to this Citizen being maintained by this agency? Yes__ No__ Don’t Know__ Refuse To Answer__

21. Is this agency using any information pertaining to this Citizen which was supplied by another agency or government source? Yes__ No__ Don’t Know__ Refuse To Answer__

If yes, which agencies and/or sources? _________________________________________________

22. Will the public servant guarantee that the information in these files will not be used by any other department other than the one by whom they are employed?
Yes__ No__ Refuse To Answer__

23. Did the public servant make a written or verbal (telephone) request for permission to come onto Citizen’s private property. Yes__ No__ Refuse To Answer__

24. Has public servant been versed in the “No Trespassing” laws of The State of Texas?

Yes__ No__ Refuse To Answer__


I declare under penalty of perjury under the Laws of The United States of America that the answers I have given to the foregoing questions are true and correct. (Reference: 28 USC 1746(1))

Signature of public servant engaged in actions or investigation

(Must be signed in ink. This signature should be witnessed by two people. Citizen may administer an oath if he or she so desires.)

Witness: ____________________________________________________________

    Signature of Citizen

Witness: ____________________________________________________________

               Signature of Citizen



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IODINE: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It

Crusador Interviews Dr. David Brownstein

David Brownstein, M.D. has become internationally known and respected for his excellent research and work on iodine therapy.  He became immersed in the study of iodine as an essential nutrient for health after reading a letter from Dr. Guy Abraham published in the May, 2003 “The Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients.”  Since that time he has tested and treated well over 3,000 patients with iodine and says the results still amaze him. In his practice he has found that over 95% of those tested have demonstrated low iodine levels. 

Dr. Brownstein says, “In all my years of practicing medicine, I have yet to see one item provide such miraculous effects on the body as iodine does.”

In the Foreward to the 2nd Edition of his book, “IODINE, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It,” he states why iodine deficiency is a far bigger problem than most people realize:

“The reason there is so much iodine deficiency present is not only due to inadequate iodine intake, it is also due to the toxicities we are exposed to on a daily basis. These toxicities include the toxic halides bromine, fluoride and the chlorine derivatives.”

In the years to come it is certain that more and more doctors will be incorporating iodine therapy into their treatment protocols largely because of the efforts of Dr. Brownstein and what he has done to educate the public about its importance.  In the following interview, Crusador editor Greg Ciola had the opportunity to hear Dr. Brownstein’s thoughts first hand about this essential nutrient that can make a profound impact on your health.

Crusador:  David, it’s a pleasure to finally interview you. You’ve become quite an acclaimed author with the incredible books you’ve written on a number of different health topics, including the one you’ve written on iodine.  I have been hearing all sorts of amazing reports that iodine supplementation can make a dramatic difference in a person’s health.  Tell our readers a little bit about iodine and why you feel this essential trace element is so very important to restore or maintain optimum health?
Greg, it is a pleasure to be interviewed by you.   I have been practicing holistic medicine for over 16 years.  I have never seen a single substance make such a dramatic improvement in such a wide range of patients like iodine.

I refer to iodine as the most misunderstood nutrient.   I was taught in medical school that you get enough iodine from salt and that nobody needs supplemental iodine.   Furthermore, we were taught that if you give thyroid patients iodine, you make the thyroid disease worse.  This includes not only hypothyroidism, but autoimmune thyroid illnesses such as Graves’ and Hashimoto’s disease.  Greg, what I can tell you is that nearly all of what I learned about iodine in medical school was wrong.   

The thyroid gland requires an adequate intake of iodine in order to ensure optimal functioning.    All of the thyroid hormones require iodine.  But, iodine is required by much more than just the thyroid gland.  Every cell in the body requires and utilizes iodine.  All the glandular tissue, including the ovaries, uterus, prostate, and the breasts, need adequate amounts of iodine to optimally function.  Even the white blood cells utilize iodine to function normally.

My clinical experience has clearly shown that it is impossible to reach your optimal health if you are iodine deficient.   I believe iodine levels need to be investigated by anyone suffering from a chronic illness.  

Crusador:  Why are iodine levels so low?

Over the last 30 years, iodine levels have fallen over 50% in the U.S.  These numbers come from the U.S. government.  Iodine levels have fallen due to a number of factors.  The main reason the levels have declined is that people are avoiding iodized salt.  The mainstream media, governmental agencies and most conventional medical organizations have convinced us that salt is bad for us.  I would agree that refined salt should be avoided by all.  It is a toxic, devitalized substance.  But, unrefined salt, with its full complement of minerals can enhance the diet of everyone.  However, unrefined salt has little iodine in it and you may have to supplement with iodine if you use it.

The next reason iodine levels have fallen is because people and doctors are afraid of iodine.  Most believe the myths that iodine must be avoided or you will cause a thyroid problem.  However, as iodine levels have fallen over the last 30 years, what has happened to all the thyroid illnesses?  Have they gone down?  No.  All of the thyroid illnesses are increasing, including hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and Graves’ disease, as well as thyroid cancer. As I describe in my book, these illnesses are caused, in part, from iodine deficiency and iodine needs to be the treatment-of-choice.

Crusador:  Why hasn’t the medical community recognized that iodine deficiency is a major problem?

This goes back to all of our training in medical schools.  If you repeat a falsehood over and over, eventually most people believe it must be true.  When I started looking at the medical research about iodine, I realized nearly all of the negative things written about iodine just weren’t true.    When I started checking my patients for iodine deficiency I was stunned; over 95 % have tested low (with many significantly low).  Doctors say iodine deficiency is a thing of the past.  I say, how many people have they tested for iodine deficiency?  It can’t be many.  I have spoken all over the country and outside of the country about this and heard other holistic doctors finding similar results as I have.  

Crusador:  Where is iodine found in the body?

Iodine is found in every cell of the body. It is concentrated in the glandular tissue which includes the thyroid, ovaries, uterus, breasts, and probably the prostate.  Guess which glandular tissues we are having all our problems with?  I just listed them.  We are having epidemic problems with the thyroid, ovaries, uterus, breasts and the prostate gland.  All of these tissues require and utilize iodine for proper functioning.

Crusador:  Tell us about the different forms of iodine available and which version we need?

There are two major kinds of iodine; iodine and iodide.  Different tissue in the body utilize different kinds of iodine.  The thyroid gland utilizes iodide and the breasts prefer iodine.  My clinical experience has clearly shown that if you want the best whole body response to iodine, you should use a product that is a combination of iodine and iodide.

Crusador:   What are some of the symptoms to look for that may indicate iodine deficiency?

The most common symptoms of iodine deficiency include fatigue, a feeling of coldness, weight gain, muscle aches and pains, hair loss, edema, constipation and brain fog.  Most of these symptoms are found in patients with thyroid disorders.

Crusador:  How common are thyroid problems?

Estimates are that from 10-50% of the population may be suffering from thyroid problems.  I feel the vast majority of these patients are probably suffering from iodine deficiency and if you correct the iodine deficiency you may cure, or at least significantly improve, the thyroid problem.

Crusador:  What’s the relationship between breast cancer and hypothyroidism?

The relationship between breast cancer and hypothyroidism has been written about for over 100 years.   There are many studies that point out that hypothyroidism predisposes one to develop breast cancer. However, there are other studies that show that the treatment of hypothyroidism increases the risk of breast cancer. How can that be? My research has clearly shown that it is iodine deficiency that relates the two observations.  In an iodine deficient state, the thyroid gland will not have enough iodine to produce thyroid hormone, which can cause hypothyroidism.  However, the treatment of hypothyroidism with thyroid hormone, without correcting an underlying iodine deficiency problem, can increase the body’s metabolic needs for iodine.  This can actually make an iodine deficient problem worse.   In other words, the underlying cause of many cases of hypothyroidism is actually iodine deficiency.  

Crusador:  Are there items in our environment that adversely affect iodine in our body?

Absolutely.  The two most common items we are exposed to that can deplete iodine from our bodies are fluoride and bromide.  Both are from the same chemical family as iodine is.  We all know where we get fluoride from (the water supply) and toothpaste.  Bromide is more insidious.  We are exposed to massive amounts of bromide in our food supply—from refined flour products such as breads, pasta, and cereals.

Furthermore, there are many soft drinks that contain bromide such as some Mountain Dew and AMP energy drink.  Bromide is also used as a fire retardant in furniture, automobiles, carpet, draperies, mattresses and electronic equipment such as computers.    My testing has shown that every single patient that I have tested for bromine toxicity has exhibited some degree of bromine toxicity.  Generally, those with more serious illnesses have higher bromide levels as compared to those without a serious medical illness.

We need to avoid fluoride and bromide in our diet and our environment.  Unfortunately, in our toxic, Western world, it is nearly impossible to avoid being exposed to significant amounts of bromine.  I describe this in more detail in my book.

Crusador:  Can you elaborate on the clinical success you’ve had in removing heavy metals by supplementing iodine with your patients?

Iodine has been shown to be a detoxifying agent for bromine, fluoride as well as mercury, aluminum, arsenic and cadmium.  It is a powerful detoxifying agent for a variety of substances.

Crusador:  How do you measure iodine levels?

The most common way to measure iodine levels is a urinary iodine test.

Crusador:  Why has iodine been removed from most salt?

Many chefs do not like the consistency of iodized salt and they prefer the use of non-iodized salt.  Furthermore, we are back to the myths of iodine; most people feel it is healthier to limit the iodine intake and use non-iodized salt.

Crusador:  What do you think about the iodine that is added to salt and is this sufficient enough to meet the body’s iodine needs?

There is only one form of iodine added to salt; iodide.  There is not the second form (iodine) that I mentioned previously.  Research has shown that only 10% of iodine added to salt is bioavailable.    Iodized salt is a lousy source of iodine and salt for the body.  I say use a product that contains both forms of iodine, iodine and iodide, and use unrefined salt.

Crusador:  What is the best way to get iodine back in the body?

 Iodine is not found in many food sources. It is found in sea vegetables such as sea weed and fish.  Little iodine is found in other food products.  Therefore, if you don’t ingest a large amount of sea vegetables or ocean fish, it is best to supplement with iodine.   I recommend using either Lugol’s iodine or Iodoral (which is the tableted form of iodine).  Both of these substances contain iodine and iodide.  Lugol’s iodine has been used for nearly 200 years in our country.

Crusador:  Do children need iodine and if so, what do you recommend for supplementation?

Of course children need iodine.  I supplement children with the same form of iodine that I use for adults.  Because their bodies are smaller, they may need lesser amounts of iodine.

Crusador:  Are there side effects with iodine supplementation?

There can be side effects with anything, iodine included.  If you have a hyper functioning thyroid nodule, there is a chance that iodine can cause hyperthyroid symptoms.  I have seen this rarely occur.   Iodine can also cause a detox reaction as I previously stated.  Therefore, people can get detox symptoms which can include headaches, and acne.  Those symptoms are rare if iodine is used appropriately and used as part of a holistic treatment regimen.

Crusador:  Our company has done a lot of work with Christopher Barr regarding the importance of selenium. What is the relationship between selenium and iodine?

Selenium, like iodine is concentrated in the thyroid gland.  We need adequate amounts of selenium to help the thyroid gland utilize iodine.   If selenium levels are inadequate, the thyroid gland cannot utilize iodine correctly.  

Crusador:  What types of successes have you seen with your patients who follow your advice on iodine supplementation?

I have yet to see another nutritional supplement perform as well as iodine.  It is the most important nutritional item that we use in our practice.

Anyone with thyroid, ovarian, prostate, uterine, or breast problems should have their iodine levels checked.  Iodine deficiency in these tissues can first occur as an enlargement or swelling.  Next, you can get cysts and nodules.  Then comes fibrosis. Finally, cancer can develop.  All of these changes can be related to iodine deficiency.

Crusador:  Is the supplemental iodine something people should take every day for the rest of their life?

In our toxic world, the answer is unequivocally yes.  If you stop ingesting iodine, your body will become iodine deficient.  We need a daily amount of iodine coming in to prevent that.


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Silica – The Miracle Mineral Everyone Needs & Almost Everyone Is Deficient In

Crusador Interviews Christopher Barr

Crusador:  Chris, Why you are so passionate about silica?

Well, Greg, for starters, it is because I have such passion for helping people, passion about history, and passion for truth, and this mineral silica – or to be more technically accurate – ‘silicon’ – is such a big part of all three of those, but is so very little known.

It is quite easy to be passionate about the mineral silica — in the right form, which is that which is grown, and when taken in the right amount — as I see almost routinely what others call miracles.  The passion is rather catching among those who have had long term problems that nothing helped, and those problems are then significantly helped or even disappear with this common yet so uncommonly known miracle mineral.

You know, Greg, it is so encouraging the way this has worked out with the previous two interviews and now this third one as it fits so perfectly with the other two.

One name noted in the previous interviews was that of Dr. Klaus Schwarz – but just barely, almost as a passing mention.  Dr. Schwarz deserves so much more remembrance than a mention.

It was Schwarz who established the nutritional essentiality for life – first of the mineral selenium that we discussed in the last issue, and then of the mineral chromium that we covered in the issue prior to that one.  Well, Greg, Dr. Schwarz is credited with establishing the nutritional essentiality for life with six different elements.  That is more than any other man, and yet the name of Klaus Schwarz is barely known.

The mineral silicon is the last of those six elements established as essential for life by Dr. Klaus Schwarz, and all of them while he was in the employ of the federal government – first at the National Institutes of Health, then through the Veterans Administration Hospitals.  He was in the midst of further major research on silicon when he died in the late 1970s.  The government just disbanded his laboratories rather than follow up with his work.

The first two nutritional items established as essential by Schwarz (chromium & selenium) and the last, silicon, together make up a triumphant triumvirate of beneficial nutrients.  These three not well known elements together make up a more common deficiency, and when finally learned about positively, effect more benefit to the body than any other three elements.

In the first interview, I noted that whole wheat is a rich source of chromium but that 91 per cent is removed during the refining of whole wheat into bleached, white flour.  Well, whole wheat is also a rich source of selenium but 92 per cent is removed during refining into bleached, white flour.  Whole wheat is a rich source of silicon as well but 95 per cent is removed during refining into bleached, white flour.  Silicon has an important, harmonious role with selenium and chromium, and its deficiency has severe consequences from before you are born until the day that you die.
According to a U.S. government report last year, 20 per cent of Standard American Dietary (S.A.D.) choices are for white flour so that the substantial removal of these vital nutritional elements is quite a serious matter.  

Silicon is important for what literally holds us together, and for the blood circulatory system, as well as for transmission of nerve signals throughout the whole body.

Collagen is connective tissue that literally holds the body together.  Though many nutrients through the years have been discussed as involved or helpful with regard to collagen health, it is in fact the mineral silicon that is the key to collagen, and subsequently both strength and elasticity of the tissues.  Declining collagen health leads to degradation of skin, hair and nails externally, which is an indicator of internal status of bone, blood vessel, and nervous system health.  All of this has been well established by multiple researchers all around the world for more than half a century though it is – sadly – very, very far from common knowledge.

To be honest, even though Dr. Klaus Schwarz is credited with establishing silicon as an essential nutrient there are others who contributed more on the subject before Schwarz received credit.

In America, Dr. Edith Carlisle, of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in their school of Public Health tirelessly researched silicon nutrition both long before and long after Dr. Schwarz’s researches, especially related to so-called ‘calcification’ or more accurately, to strengthening of bone.

Throughout Europe, many researched silicon nutrition though none devoted as much to this mineral as Professor Louis Kervran of France.

Professor Kervran noted bone strengthening properties of silicon.  Broken bones mended in half the normal time with high doses of 100 per cent whole food vegetal silicon.  He theorized that using both calcium and silicon together nutritionally would work even better.  However, he was surprised to find that silicon and calcium together did not mend bones as well as high levels of silicon and low levels of calcium.

Other European researchers prior to this noted that silicon was essential for proper fetal skeletal development.  Because of this there is a strong demand placed on a pregnant mother for the baby developing.  So many of the so-called common problems of pregnancy are actually silicon deficiency issues, such as aching teeth and bones, varicose veins, and also hemorrhoids – which are in fact a varicosity.  Most Americans today are low in silicon due to a high intake of white flour and a low intake of dark leafy greens (the other high source of silicon that used to be much more commonly consumed), and pregnancy causes a silicon deficiency to be made worse.

Speaking of varicosities, silicon is the key to both strength and elasticity of the tissues, including of blood vessels which makes silicon especially important regarding cardiovascular health.

Once again, it was European researchers some decades ago that discovered in cadaver studies that those who died with healthy cardiovascular systems had an abundance of silicon in the blood vessels while those dying from heart problems have very low levels of silicon in the blood vessels.
There is also an electrical aspect to heart health with some heart problems being sort of a short-circuiting problem.  That is yet another important part of the mineral silicon and heart health.  Silicon is a semi-conductor.  Most everyone has heard of ‘Silicon Valley’ in central California that is the heart of the burgeoning computer industry.  It was called that originally because of all the silicon chip manufacturing in that region.  The better the silicon chip the more information the computer can handle and the faster it can handle it.  It is similar in the human body.

I’m telling you Greg, there are so many facets to the mineral nutrient silicon regarding health that we can only just begin to do justice to the subject even in a lengthy interview.

For instance, your body communicates through the nervous system similar to a computer network.  Your body’s ‘CPU’ if you will, is your brain and silicon is a big part of faulty brain messaging such as in Alzheimer’s.  There has been much documentation on this though it gets little attention.

You know how aluminum has been mentioned often in the health food industry as “the” cause of Alzheimer’s?  Did you know that aluminum is found significantly in the earth’s crust in the form of SILICON-aluminate?  Silicon manages aluminum.  It is the absence of the semi-conductor mineral nutrient silicon necessary for facilitating electrical messages in the brain more so than the presence of aluminum that is the problem in nervous system disorders.  For instance, high dose silicon can also make a noticeable difference for one with Multiple Sclerosis.

Going back to collagen for a minute, we can also tie in silicon deficiency to cancer.  You see, Greg, doctors have done a disservice (a long and ever growing list if ever there was one) by making it sound like cancer spreads by eating up other cells.  That is not exactly accurate.  I don’t know if they explain it that way for some misguided attempt at simplicity or if it has to do with their being such simpletons when it comes to nutrition and cancer – or pretty much nutrition and anything.


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The Benefits of Using Real, Natural Soap

by Cheryl McCoy

(NaturalNews) The next time you walk down the soap aisle at your favorite store enjoying the fresh, clean scents and the bright colorful packaging, pay attention. Look at the labels. The vast majority of the products on the shelf don't say 'soap' on their labels. They might be called beauty bars, moisturizing bars, or body bars, but not soap. That's because these bars aren't actually soap and can't legally claim to be; they're detergents. The manufacturers have removed most of the 'good' stuff that occurs in the soap making process, and replaced it with synthetic lathering agents and harsh chemicals. These cheap, plentiful detergent bars are not only bad for your skin, but they're also bad for the planet, too.

What's so bad about it?

Commercial soap manufacturers make it a practice to remove the glycerine that is produced during the saponification (soap-making) process. The glycerine is a highly profitable substance, often sold to other companies who use it to make lotions and moisturizers, which your skin, now dried out from the harsh detergent 'soap,' desperately needs.

Most commercially produced bars contain synthetic lathering agents, artificial colors, and a slew of chemicals we can't even pronounce. Antibacterial and antimicrobial soaps often contain triclosan. Triclosan is a toxic chemical that is known to cause cancer. According to the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP), manufacturers of a number of triclosan-containing products claim that the active ingredient continues to work for as long as 12 hours after use. Consumers are, therefore, exposed to triclosan for much longer than the 20 seconds it takes to wash their hands or face.

Always remember that your skin is porous and absorbent. It absorbs whatever it comes in contact with, much the same as sticking something in your mouth. Chronic use of chemical laden products will cause the body to store the chemicals in the body fat or even in the brain. With enough accumulations of toxins in the body, illness can occur.

These nasty chemicals and toxins are now finding their way into our eco-system. Every time that lather goes down the drain, those pollutants are going with it. A recent report by the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) revealed that synthetic chemicals from soap, body washes, shampoos and other healthcare products were sneaking through the filters at water purification plants. The list of offenders included phthalates, which are linked to reproductive disorders in both humans and animals, and parabens, a preservative, which links to cancer.

What's the alternative?

All natural, organic, handmade soap. There are several small businesses selling extremely high quality, all natural, organic soap – yes real soap. Sure, these soap bars generally cost more than the detergent bars you'll find at Wal-Mart. But the difference is these soap bars are actually good for your skin, and are good for the planet.

Choosing the right soap

Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it's good for you, however. You need to understand a few things about the soapmaking process to know what to look for.

There are basically three ways to make soap. One common way is called "melt and pour" soap. There are even melt and pour kits you can buy to make cute soap shapes with your kids. These are generally glycerine based transparent soaps. They're not as harmful (usually) as the commercial bars, but they're not what we're looking for here.

The other two methods are "hot process" and "cold process." The hot process method utilizes heat after the saponification process has taken place, while the cold process method does not. The cold process method takes the most time, but is undoubtedly the best method for producing the highest quality soaps.

Now, we need to discuss the ingredients. Cold process soap bars are made using a combination of oils or fats and lye. Lye sounds a little scary, but all the caustic qualities of the lye are removed during the saponification process. When the lye interacts with the oils or fats, it creates glycerine. The type of oils and fats used make a difference in how hard or soft the soap bar ends up being, and how well it lathers.

With handmade soaps, just like with commercially manufactured bars, you need to read the labels. You want to find soaps that use only pure, organic oils or fats. If plants are used in the bars (many bars incorporate seeds and petals from various plants) they should be certified organic. Avoid any bars that use artificial colors or fragrances. These are synthetic chemicals and you don't want them on your skin or going down your drain. If you want a colored or scented soap bar, look for one that uses organic essential oils and natural, organic colorants.

Another nice ingredient to find in your soaps is Bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is often used to increase lather in soap bars. It has the added benefit of being a natural detoxifier. Bentonite clay binds with and removes toxins from your body, and it's extremely eco-friendly.

To sum it up, the best soap for your skin and our planet is a handmade, organic, all natural cold process soap bar. Once you've tried one of these lathery treasures, you'll never again be satisfied with 'store-bought' bars. So do yourself and your world a big favor and start using REAL soap.

Utopia Naturals Skin Therapy Soaps

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Vitamin D Aids Colon Cancer Treatment and Survival

by Henri Junttila

(NaturalNews) Colon cancer was one of the most common cancers in the U.S in 2005 according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. About 150,000 Americans are told each year that they have colon cancer and about 35 percent of these will die. There are many contributing factors in why someone gets colon cancer but the most commonly acknowledged one is diet. Diets high in fat and non-organic non-grass fed red meat are especially dangerous. Other diets help prevent colon cancer such as diets high in fruits, vegetables and other natural raw and organic foods.

Vitamin D May Increase Colon Cancer Survival

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (June 20, 2008) conducted by lead researcher Dr. Kimmie Ng, from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, United States, found that high blood levels of vitamin D increased colon cancer patients survival rate by 48 percent. In this study, Dr. Kimmie Ng and her team collected data on 304 patients who had been diagnosed with colon cancer between 1991 and 2002. Everyone in the study had their vitamin D blood levels measured a minimum two years before being diagnosed with the disease. The patients were tracked until they died or when the study ended in 2005. 123 patients died, 96 of them from colon or rectal cancer during the follow-up period. Dr. Ng and her team found that the patients with highest vitamin D levels were 39 percent less likely to die from colorectal cancer, compared to the patients who had the lowest levels.

What Can You Do to Prevent Colon Cancer?
Dr. Ng does not yet advocate vitamin D supplements as a prevention or treatment for cancer, however she says "Definitive evidence that our results are due to vitamin D would require a randomized clinical trial". Clinical trials are planned to determine if adding vitamin D to chemotherapy after surgery improves colon cancer survival, a researcher told the Washington Post.

Dr. Michael F. Holick, a professor in the Department of Medicine`s Endocrine Laboratory at Boston University, is convinced that high doses of vitamin D can reduce the risk of malignancy and aid in colon cancer treatment. "This finding is outstanding," Holick told the Washington Post. "It is consistent with dozens and dozens of observations that have been made in the past decade," he said. Holick thinks that most men and women do not get enough vitamin D in their life and says that vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition worldwide. He recommends that everyone, including children should supplement with at least 1,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin D a day.

The recommended daily dosage of vitamin D is currently around 200-600 IU per day depending on your age. Holick says that this is way too low and that most experts agree that these recommendations need to be markedly increased. Holick also said that many people today are avoiding sunlight because they are afraid of skin cancer. This puts people at high risk of developing vitamin D deficiency.

Short Summary
What we can all be certain about is that sunlight is good for us. If you want to lower your chances of skin cancer you can avoid being in the sun when the sun is the strongest, usually around noon, and eating a healthy natural diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables will decrease not just your risk of colon cancer but also other cancers and diseases.

Vitamin D3

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Breastfeeding Halves SIDS Risk

by David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Babies who are breastfed for at least six months are significantly less likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) than those who are formula fed, according to a study conducted by researchers from the German Study of Sudden Infant Death Study Group and the University of Munster, Germany, and published in the journal Pediatrics.

The study adds "to the body of evidence showing that breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS, and that this protection continues as long as the infant is breastfed," the researchers wrote.

The researchers compared breastfeeding rates among 333 infants who died of SIDS and 998 children of similar age who did not die. They found that while 83 percent of surviving infants were being breastfed at two weeks of age, only 50 percent of those who died of SIDS were. The rate of breastfeeding at one month was 72 percent among surviving children and only 40 percent among those who died of SIDS. This corresponded to a 50 percent lower risk of SIDS among children who were exclusively breastfed at the age of one month.

"In the last 20 years, the prevention campaigns to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome were very successful," the researchers wrote. "In some countries the advice to breastfeed is included in the campaigns' messages, but in other countries it is not."

Women should be encouraged to breastfeed exclusively until their children are at least six months old, the researchers said.

"In our study, 73 percent of the infants died before six months of age," they wrote. "The implication of our findings is that breastfeeding should be continued until the infant is six months of age and the risk of SIDS is low. Because breastfeeding rates are low in the socially deprived sections of our population, there should be special programs to encourage mothers of low socioeconomic status to breastfeed their infants not only for the established benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and infant but also to reduce the risk of SIDS in their infants."

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Breastfeeding Protects Hearts of Mothers

by Melissa Sokulski

(NaturalNews) Breastfeeding has long been known to be good for mother and baby. La Leche League International lists many benefits, including that breast-milk is easy for the baby to digest, and has natural antibodies protecting the baby against bacteria and viruses. Now a new study by the University of Pittsburgh has shown that breastfeeding protects women from heart disease, heart attacks and strokes as well.

Published in the May issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the study finds that if a woman breastfeeds for one year or more, she is ten percent less likely to have heart attacks, heart disease or strokes. Dr. Eleanor Bilma Schwarz, a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh and author of the study says, "Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, so it's vitally important for us to know what we can do to protect ourselves."

The study found that even one month of breastfeeding lowers the rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, all of which lead to heart disease. Yet Dr. Swartz points out, "The longer a mother nurses her baby, the better for both of them." Dr. Schwarz and her colleagues studied 139,681 post-menopausal women, whose average age was 63. Even though the protection did fade somewhat due to other variables, such as poor diet and lack of exercise, they found the benefits of breastfeeding were long-term.

Breastfeeding has been long shown to protect women against ovarian and breast cancer, now Dr. Schwarz has proven it protects against heart disease as well.

Many women can be dissuaded to breastfeed, especially at hospitals which often still separate mother and baby. Nurses offer babies bottles of formula, and send new parents home with free formula samples.

La Leche League encourages new families to learn about breastfeeding early. They suggest contacting La Leche League leaders (who offer help free of charge), attending free meetings to become familiar with breastfeeding, and being surrounded by supportive people, even before the baby is born.

The benefits of breastfeeding stretch even beyond health of mother and baby: it is good for the environment, as breast-milk is offered free of packaging, processing and shipping.

Natural remedies are even available to women who feel they don't have enough milk. Dandelion, for example, is excellent to promote lactation. Herbalist Susun Weed recommends women begin taking dandelion – either by eating the leaves, drinking the root tea, or as a tincture – the last two months of pregnancy and throughout the time they are breastfeeding (1).

More and more research is supporting what many instinctively know to be true. Breast-milk is the best food for nourishing growing babies, and it is best for mom as well.

Cardio EZ