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10 Bad Habits That Can Damage Skin

Every person wants to have beautiful and glowing skin. They must be spending too much money and time on it. In order to have a smooth skin people are required to take care of the skin or otherwise they will have to say goodbye to their beautiful skin.

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Here are few skin bad habits that should be avoided to have good skin.

  1. Forget to Put Sunscreen:

    Sunscreen is very important in every season. In summer season sunscreen helps to protect the skin from harmful rays of sun and in winter season the sun rays reflect from the snow and the skin is double exposed to the sun rays. In winters sunscreen helps to protect the skin from double exposure to sun rays. Sun rays can damage the Elastic Fiber of skin which can cause Wrinkles and brown spots.

  2. Drinking too much Alcohol:

    Drinking one glass of Red Wine daily provides Antioxidants that are good for skin but too much use of Alcohol can be harmful to the skin. Alcohol causes Dehydration, Wrinkles and dryness on the skin.


  3. Lack of Sleep:

    Lack of sleep causes the body to produce Stress Hormones. These Stress Hormones creates the dark circles under Eyes, makes skin dull and cause puffiness. Sleep provides beautiful and glowing skin and prevents Wrinkles too.

  4. Smoking Cigarettes:

    Smoking decreases the flow of Oxygen in the skin, it also speedup the aging process and the complexion becomes dull. Smoking creates lines around the mouth. Smokers look 10 years older than their original age.

  5. Sleeping with Makeup:

    Whenever you put makeup, never forget to put that off before sleeping otherwise it can cause Blocked Pores, breakouts on the skin and makes it dry.

  6. Too much Skin Exfoliation:

    Skin requires exfoliation once a week. Too much exfoliation like more than one or twice a week is not good for the skin. It wipes away those oils which skin needs to make the skin glow.

  7. Eating Food not Good for Skin:

    Use of too much salt can dehydrate the skin while too much use of Sugar can cause wrinkles on the skin. Try to increase the use of Vegetables and Fruits in your diet. Well balanced diet will help to make your skin glow.

  8. Gaining or Losing Weight too Fast:

    Gaining and losing weight too fast is not good for skin because it can weaken the Fiber of your skin. It can cause Premature Aging, creates Stretch Marks and lines on the skin.

  9. Compressing Pimples:

    Pimples can be caused by Bacteria and Viruses and if you compress the Pimples and then touch somewhere else on the skin, it will create new Pimples so, avoid pressing Pimples as it can lead to Scars and large Pores.

  10. Facial Expressions:

    Facial movements that are repeated like laughing, frowning cause the contraction and Wrinkles on the Skin muscles. It is best to minimize the excessive facial movements.

Skin is the best part of everyone’s body features and one can make it beautiful and glowing with a little possible effort.

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