Living By Grace

A Place Beyond “Religion”

By Gwen Watkins

So Gloriously fair.
A place that only
My God and I share.

A place of quiet communion
So gloriously sweet.
A place where only I
Sit at His feet.

A temple not made by hands, but the very presence of God dwells here. (Acts 17:24 ). While others hurry and scurry off to the four walled churches, my Lord, asks me to Stay and Pray.

From my temple, my Father gives me pictures of many four-walled gatherings. Times and seasons for the people who enter there to worship, praise our Lord, hear His Word, preach, sing, and be inspired to commit their lives to Him. Many parts of the Body of Christ, I pray, are working in these gatherings…many individual temples gathered together under one roof.

But, my Lord has called me aside…as He has others. We are a different part of the Body of Christ…almost like a hidden part. He has a need for us. Not that we are any better than the other parts, but that we are vitally necessary.

Our ears can no longer abide the loud, clanging symbols, the many outside spirits that filter in with some of the people  often without them knowing it. But our spirits can sense them and they agitate our spirits, robbing our peace…and preventing the Holy Hush…that precedes the arrival of our King.

It’s in this quiet temple that I sense the Power of the Prayers the Holy Spirit places inside of me to pray. It’s here that I can hear His still-small-voice clearer than among the throngs.

There was a season when I walked among men, evangelizing, soul winning, administrating, reaching out, healing, teaching, loving, directing, initiating action, exhorting, cleaning the physical four walled church. It’s because I have walked where they are walking now that I can pray for them with a pure heart.

“STAY and PRAY”, my Father says. What is it to me what others think?

Yes, there is a side of me that says, “I wish my loved ones understood just how much I do love the Lord.” You Lord…and many do. And perhaps, when they have been where I’ve been…they too will desire this sweet, quiet, satisfied, fellowship I find with my Lord in my private temple.

As I stay and pray for the Holy Hush to come over the many gatherings…all over the world…when they hear the angels begin in a soft whisper: “He’s coming  He’s coming….”

And the Power of sustained Silence turns all eyes to the door of HIS Arrival. Later, trumpets will sound and a great fanfare…but not until the Holy Hush…covers the earth. May it begin with you. (us)

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