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ACTION ALERT! Stop the EPA from Eliminating Access to Colloidal Silver

by Tony Isaacs

Recently I received an email asking me to support the petition by a coalition of environmental groups to the EPA for them to regulate nano-sized silver particles as pesticides – not surprising since the groups have been inundating their members with literally millions of such messages. In response, I replied that I would absolutely NOT make a comment in support of this misguided and idiotic petition and in instead I will do everything in my power to gather support to do just the opposite.

I simply cannot believe how some likely good intentioned environmental and activist groups allow themselves to be used as tools by those who have anything but our health or concerns for the environment on their agenda.  I note that the petition actually sprang from the International Center for Technology Assessment which enlisted its sister organization and several other environmental and activist groups to support their logical appearing yet misleading petition.  Regardless of what the intentions of any of the group may be, make no mistake that what is really behind this effort is the suppression of colloidal silver because of the threat it represents to billions of dollars in profits of the world pharmaceutical empire.

Requiring colloidal silver and colloidal silver generator makers to perform needless environmental and other safety studies at costs of several million dollars each would result in the elimination of colloidal silver from the market, which I believe is the desired result of the petition, even though many who advocate it may not be aware of it.

In 1997, the mainstream medical tool we know and love as the FDA made colloidal silver a number one target due to the threat it represented to the billions of dollars in profits from patented and approved antibiotics.  Even since, the campaign against colloidal silver has been waged both openly and behind the scenes.

The Utopia Silver Supplement Company was singled out as a test case to see just how far the government could go in suppressing colloidal silver, natural supplements and commercial freedom of speech when the FDA sent a letter of complaint to the Texas Health authorities because of what they said were health claims on the Utopia Silver website which made colloidal silver fit the FDA’s arbitrary definition of a drug.  But that case ground to a halt when Utopia Silver owner Ben Taylor and noted constitutional activist Al Adask refused to accept the non-constitutional authority of the FDA or the administrative color of law courts they employ to enforce codes and laws that are in violation of constitutionally protected unalienable rights as declared by our forefathers in the Declaration of Independence.

Next, the famous blue man, Papa Smurf Paul Karason was paraded around to talk shows and media across the United States.  Despite his declaration that silver had saved his life the message was that ingesting colloidal silver turns you blue and is dangerous. What was not told was given little attention was the fact that Karason made his own ionic silver and contaminated it with salt, and then drank over 14 ounces a day for years.

What was given even less media attention was the fact that Karason got a complete physical at Mount Sinai at the request of the Today Show after his appearance there and was given a clean bill of health.  Probably no one has taken more nano-sized silver than Paul Karason and he took an improper form.  His clean bill of health should stand as stark testimony to the LACK of danger of nano-silver.

In addition to Karason, blue woman Rosemary Jacobs was resurrected and sent on her own series of interviews and speeches, talking about the dangers of silver in language that was obviously coached from behind the scenes. Once again, lost in the coverage was the fact that Jacobs took an MD prescribed nose drop product containing large particle silver nitrate, not colloidal nano-silver, in large quantities for many years.

Now, we see what appears to be a well orchestrated end game to abolish colloidal silver by the absurd idea of classifying it as a pesticide because it kills such pests as bacteria, viruses and fungi and thus is an anti-microbial agent and falls within the EPA definition of a pesticide.  That sounds far too similar to me to the FDA's arbitrary definition of anything that implies health benefits as a drug, and conveniently allow the FDA to suppress and persecute natural supplements and even fruit growers who tell the truth about their products health benefits.  If anything that has "anti-microbial action" is to be deemed as a pesticide, should we not regulate bleach, germicidal soaps, household disinfectants, alcoholic beverages AND mainstream antibiotics in the same way, to name just a few?

How about the vegetables and fruits we eat?  They ingest elemental silver and convert it into nano-sized particles too.  Of course, the same people who are really behind regulating colloidal silver would love to regulate vegetables and fruit, as well as all vitamins, minerals and natural health supplements.  Colloidal silver is just one of many targets intended to force us into GMO foods and into the hands of the managed illness industry wrongfully called healthcare, with its side effect laden drugs created in the lab which are not found in nature and have side effects in over 95% of the cases.  One might point out that those compounds are themselves delivered in nano size molecules and groups of molecules, and that studies HAVE proven the harm to aquatic and other life from the volume of antibiotic and other drugs that is flushed into our water supplies from urine in vastly larger quantities that colloidal and other nano-silver will ever be.

Silver is a natural element that has been found in the soil for millions of years as mankind and animal and vegetable life have developed and flourished.  Recent studies in Hungary have discovered silver receptors on human cell tissue, which means that silver is in fact an essential element for health in humans.

The EPA conducted its own study on silver a few years back and found it to be non toxic in any but huge amounts far beyond what anyone would ingest in a colloidal silver product.  NASA conducted tests to find the best and safest product for water purification and guess what they chose?  Yep, silver.  And they continue to use it in many applications, including the International Space Station, where they use none other than nano-sized silver.

Finally, nano-sized silver does not remain in that form for any length of time after being re-introduced to the environment anyway, as demonstrated in a recent study by Dr. George Maass.

And so, instead of sending in a positive comment on regulating nano-silver I will be sending a very strong message against such regulation and sending out a message to every list, group and publication that I am a member of or write articles for and I urge everyone here who values health freedom and continued access to a supplement that has saved untold lives and suffering to do the same.

Where to Send Your Comments and Have Your Opinion Count

Anyone who wants to post to the EPA comments system can do so at this web address:  
Anyone wishing to email EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson with their comments against the petition to have silver regulated as a “pesticide” can do so here:  
Additionally, faxes can be sent to EPA, addressed to Administrator Stephen Johnson, at:  Fax: 202-501-1450  
All comments must reference Docket # EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650.  
Also, comments should reference the “Petition for Rulemaking Requesting EPA Regulate Nanoscale Silver Products as Pesticides.”   

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