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Alternative to Antibiotics

Hi Utopia,
I am going to have a tooth extraction soon, and will be getting an antibiotic prescription. I am currently nursing my baby and was wondering if CS is a safe alternative to antibiotics.

Thanks! Lena

Hi Lena,
It is my alternative and that of many others rather than using dangerous antibiotics. There are thousands of deaths each year caused directly and indirectly by antibiotics that go unreported in the major media and none from colloidal silver …unless an occasional producer happens to fall into his silver vat. J The overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics has caused an epidemic of super germs that antibiotics will not kill.

Dr. Joshua Lederberg in his book “The Killers Within”, discovered bacteria gene swapping. The book, charts the acceleration of resistant infections that began with a few cases in the late 1980s and is now spiraling out of control. The germs, once killed easily with standard antibiotics, can disintegrate skin, clog the lungs and consume large abscesses in flesh. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria kills tens of thousands of North Americans each year, and the numbers will continue to soar unless the so-called super-germs are brought under control.

Lederberg writes, "Among the billions of bacteria in a drop of human blood, or on a pinpoint of skin … might be a few — just a few — with a chance mutation that enabled them to resist the antibiotic used against them," the book notes.

"If the antibiotic was then removed because the patient felt better and stopped using it, those few resistant bugs would have an ecological niche, or clear field, in which to run wild."

“Unlike other creatures, bacteria can swap genes between species, so enterococci can donate genes to staphylococcus.“

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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