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Are Vaccines a Gift From God?

by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD

It’s fall in the northern hemisphere and more than one type of darkness has set in. Vaccines are being injected at lightning speed. New vaccines, untested vaccines, double-strength flu vaccines for the over 65 group; none of which have been shown to be effective at keeping anyone healthy. The naïve are lining up at clinics, shopping malls, and retail stores. They don’t know which kind of vaccine they will receive. Which manufacturer is it? Does it have mercury? What chemicals does it contain? Why should they care? Why would they not trust their doctor (or their local pharmacist)?

These healthcare professionals say it is a good idea to get a flu vaccine to stay healthy this winter, so they allow disease to be injected into their muscles. The people have been mesmerized, duped and frightened by a bogeyman illness called the flu. Ironically, the real bogeyman – the silent monster that can wreak unrecognized havoc – just slipped beneath their skin, completely unnoticed, and masquerading as something healthy, called a vaccine. Despite any logic or science behind the mass marketing of the flu and pneumonia jabs, these vaccines remain the most recommended solution to preventing disease by the uninformed, propaganda-parroting practitioners.

The people who are getting vaccinated and the practitioners who are pushing vaccines are parishioners of the largest church on earth. They can be very devout and unreasonable. They believe this medical religion, vaccination, has saved millions of lives. They’ve read the holy bible of Merck and believe the mantras of the CDC that vaccines have eradicated disease from the Earth. They must be a gift from some god, right? But what else have these indoctrinated persons in white coats read about vaccines? With few exceptions, precious little. Most who administer these slurries don’t even know what ingredients are in them.

No matter how obvious the true cause of so much human misery becomes – that people are actually being sickened and immunosuppressed by vaccines and drugs – the pharma-faithful can’t see the cause. Here’s why: Doctors are the modern day priests and priestesses, anointing their followers with prescriptions. The priests are infatuated with and addicted to the power endowed to them. They strut about, cock-sure that they were rightly taught the one and only true form of medicine, and they are fulfilling their service to humanity. They have been successfully ordained into the Brotherhood. They have no intentions of doubting or abandoning their programming, even when they witness someone healing without drugs, or being healthy without vaccines. Where would they be if they realized that the earth would be better off without their temples and holy water? They are unintentionally dependent on their devotees’ illnesses and on the system that taught them to spar with disease rather than heal it. The temple of mirrors is filled with smoke, and creates illusions that will keep the sick coming back for more.

Vaccine reactions can look to those who do not consider a vaccine to be a potentially toxic drug, like bad luck or like a new problem that randomly materialized out of nowhere. No matter that the new symptom or illness arrived a few hours, days or weeks after a vaccine; the new problem is considered a random event. People with heart attacks, strokes, infections(namely pneumonia),organ failure, cancer, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, allergies, blood disorders, seizures, exacerbation of chronic diseases almost always have a past history of allopathic “treatment” and vaccinations that could have led up to today’s medical conditions rather than prevented them. Scientific safety studies and long term follow-up studies demonstrating the lack of association between vaccines and the above listed conditions do not exist. Whoever doubts this, please produce some evidence to the contrary since the burden of proof is not on me. I am just a doctor, bearing witness from the bedside.

To the average practitioner, if vaccine reactions don’t occur within hours of the injection and if they are not on a list of likely vaccine reactions, then the vaccines are removed from the suspect list by the medical priests. And those who question, or point out the connections, are summarily dismissed. The pharma-faithful priests will say, “This correlation cannot be proven; this is anecdotal. It could have been anything.” Anything…like what? A bad hamburger, bad luck, bad genes, cold air, too much cholesterol? Anything. Anything, that is, except their most beloved potion, the vaccine. Not the solution of lore. Not the greatest discovery of the past 200 years. Not the holy grail of pharma. No, no. It simply cannot be the vaccine for which they hold so much blind trust.

In the days and weeks that have passed since this fall’s vaccines, the sick and wounded have stumbled into emergency rooms and clinics. Or they have been wheeled in, obtunded, disoriented, dyspneic, coughing up blood, seizing. I have seen this first hand, from the emergency room to the intensive care units, and if they are lucky, to the wards. And if they were not lucky, they were noted in the obituaries. The hospital was mysteriously filled to capacity in mid-October. The search for the cause of so much illness was hunted down with millions of dollars of tests. The cause of this big wave of sick patients just might be right beneath the priests’ noses, yet they continue looking for something that makes sense to them within the bounds of their programming. You know what “they” say, “If you want to hide something, put it right out in the open”. In the case of vaccines, that tactic has been surprisingly successful.

Here’s the plan by the vaccine enthusiasts: Vaccinate everyone. Tell them it is necessary to prevent death and disease. Make it easy for them, and if necessary, make it free. Tell them it is irresponsible to refuse the shot. Threaten them and coerce them. Tell them they could lose their livelihood if they do not comply. If too many refuse, declare states of emergency, ramp up production, make the shot mandatory. If enough people are vaccinated, it will soon become impossible to discern regular illness from vaccine-induced disease. Everyone will simply appear to be sick and every human will become desperate enough to swallow at least two or three of pharma’s widgets (pills) every day for life. Disease will become the expectation from birth to death, and the time will shorten between the two.

Once in a while, a patient, doctor or nurse sees some truth through a half open eyelid. When that happens, s/he gets a glimpse of the unbelievable, the unimaginable. To everyone else, the fable of the germ theory lives on, as the shareholders bank their dividends. Few of us were born enlightened, and waking up is painful. The truth almost always sneaks in, unannounced. It startles the best of us, jogs our souls, riles our egos. And if righteous indignation doesn’t keep us imprisoned, the truth will liberate and cause the observer to seek a new path, a true vocation (translated literally to “calling”). In the world of conventional medicine, those who are comfortable need to be shaken, and the few who are shaken often need comforting.

The walls of deception- that vaccines are necessary, safe or effective- are cracking . Each week, fewer people are figuratively deaf, blind and less are simple-mindedly naïve. The masses are not lining up these days the way they did just a few years ago. Public trust is declining despite the propaganda of the media machine. Truth is indestructible and the web of lies around the value of vaccines is unraveling. The day will soon come when the weight of the lies will collapse on the heads of the priests, who have been recruited to maintain the distorted truths about vaccines.

In the meantime, many will be maimed and many will die. Sadly this will happen without anyone in the temple making the association between the vaccine and the death. German physician, Samuel Hahnemann MD, the founder of Homeopathy once said that if an allopathic doctor deepens an illness with their suppressive drugs long enough, the patient would become incurable. He knew the truth: when the damage is deep enough, short of a miracle, there is no returning to health. Vaccines shorten the time between mild illness and incurable disease, especially when they are given to persons who already have compromised health. When injuries are piled on top of illness, the only thing left to do is damage control- and pray for that miracle.

There is credible information readily available on each and every vaccine’s risk. There is a mountain of evidence that speaks differently than the vaccine mantras told by doctors and seen on television.* The chanting of vaccination necessity and safety is dissonant with logic and reason…and science. Maybe you shouldn’t trust your doctor-priest because s/he’s been fooled too. Many will profit on your disease, but only you will profit from your health. If a vaccine causes damage, there will be no man behind the curtain to give you a new life and no one to help you get back home. There will just be you, your sad family, and a doctor with a prescription pad. It’s time to wake up, while the choice is still yours.

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