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Baldness Drugs Destroy Sperm, Cause Infertility

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Hey, men! Looking for a way to ruin your sex life and become infertile? Try Propecia or Proscar, two drugs from the vaccine giant Merck, whose top vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman already admitted that Merck's vaccines contained "stealth viruses" that cause cancer.


Now, the FDA is finally — after years of delays and denials — calling for new warnings on the labels of male baldness drugs made by Merck. According to the FDA, Propecia and Proscar are now linked to:

• Ejaculation disorders (oops!)
• Libido disorders (not tonight, honey)
• Orgasm disorders (still nothing?)
• Erectile dysfunction (life is hard, but you're not)
• Male infertility (you're firing blanks, dude…)

And the best part about these male baldness drugs? These effects continue even after you stop using the drugs!

The downward spiral of going soft on life
So let's see: A guy starts to go bald and thinks his male virility is slowly slipping away, but at least he can still get erections without pills, he thinks to himself. So he reaches for Propecia or Proscar to solve his male baldness problem. But a month later, he might have another tuft of hair on his head, but his manhood has gone soft. And five months down the road, he's got so much hair that "chicks are digging me!" but in bed he's softer than a baseball bat made of Jell-O.

Ah, but wait — there's another pill for that, too! So the guy starts popping Viagra to give himself an erection which barely even works because blood flow to his member has been reduced by his baldness drug.

So now just to "get laid" as some guys like to crudely describe it, he's got to pop one pill to have hair, another pill to have an erection, and the thought of it all makes him so depressed that he soon finds himself popping SSRI antidepressant drugs just to keep from crying like a baby during his morning shower. So now he's a total pill freak who doesn't realize the real root of the problem is not his biochemistry but far more likely his personality and priorities.

There's a better way: Toss the pills and restore your manhood naturally
I could do a whole series of articles on how to keep your male hormones and "performance" at peak levels no matter what your age. Healthy men and women have sex well into the 60's (and beyond). Healthy men in their 30's and 40's do not "go limp" unless something's seriously wrong with their health. In fact, just to be open and honest about basic male biology, if you're not waking up with a "stiffy" several mornings a week, something's probably not right with your nutrition and cardiovascular health. Healthy men experience frequent morning erections, plain and simple. (What, I can't say that on the internet? Just be glad we're not posting videos!)

Now, for hair loss there's not much you can do about that. It's the same story with hair color: Hair is "programmed" to go grey at a certain age as a sign of seniority. You see it in gorillas as well with the silverback hair pattern that signifies experience and seniority. Some guys are just flat-out programmed to lose their hair (it truly is genetic in most cases), and about the only thing you can do about that is practice anti-aging nutritional strategies to slow the biological clock of aging. This is done through four primary strategies:

• Engaging in regular strengthening exercise
• Consuming superfoods and raw vegetable juices
• Avoiding processed dead foods, fried foods
• Avoiding medications and vaccines

To generate your own sex hormones for free, the best strategy is to engage in regular strenuous exercise with something like kettlebells.

Avoiding junk food and medications is key to protecting your manhood and preventing "premature aging," which is technically what's hitting a lot of guys in their 20's and 30's these days. A huge number of prescription drugs interfere with healthy hormone levels and turn you into a flaccid pill-popping eunuch. This is especially true of cholesterol drugs and heart medications.

If you're in that boat right now, you can turn it around by making better choices on your day-to-day diet and activities.

Losing your hair? Real women like authentic, confident men more than they like hair
Sure, losing your hair is depressing and downright cruel. Do women judge you by your looks? You bet they do, especially when they're younger. But if you're losing your hair at age 35, you probably shouldn't be dating 20-year-olds anyway.

Mature women are far more interested in who you are as a human being rather than solely what you look like. If you are authentic and confident in who you are and what you bring to a potential relationship, the male pattern baldness issue quickly becomes irrelevant. After all, there are lots of guys with plenty of hair who treat women like crap, and women are tired of that routine. What women really want is someone who sees them for who they are; who values them as human beings and life partners; and who is committed to a loving relationship.

If you're chasing after women who aren't into quality relationships, you're probably chasing the wrong women, hair or no hair. Because, remember, a full head of hair doesn't compensate for being a prick.

And if you're popping pills to try to override your biochemistry, you're probably looking for love in all the wrong places, as the song goes. Maybe you should focus on yourself for a change: Your listening skills, your ethics, and your appetite for sharing the fun moments in life with someone you love. Maybe the problem isn't your lack of prescription medications as much as it's just YOU!

Looking in the mirror and manning up to that fact isn't easy, as we all can probably agree. I've had my own moments of awakening that took courage to face as well. But if you really want to be attractive to the opposite sex, happy with who you are as a person, and confident in moving through the world with purpose, you'll need nutrition, regular exercise, and a dedication to living by a set of ethical principles. And as far as I know, you can't pop pills to get principles. Those have to come from your inner drive to be a better human being.

That's the true path to not only a happy relationship with your partner, but also just being able to live with yourself.

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