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Big Pharma Tries Again To Profit From Children

by Mike Adams

NaturalNews) In the latest example of absurd disease mongering to receive widespread media attention, the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee has announced that infants as young as two years old need to be screened for high cholesterol, and children as young as eight years old should be put on prescription statin drugs.

This absurd advice is being offered even though statin drugs have never been tested on young children. But the FDA, in its ongoing drug-pushing campaign, has granted approval for the use of such drugs on children as young as eight. (Will they now expand that approval to children as young as two?)

The point of all this? To sell more high-profit prescription drugs, of course, to yet another group of victims being targeted for medication by Big Pharma. This is called "market expansion," and it's the only way drug companies can continue to grow their profits and keep shareholders happy.

As drug companies continue to expand their profits and influence over the now-utterly-corrupt medical industry, they are also expanding their customer base by continuing to push medications for increasingly younger demographic groups. Not content to drug more than half the adults in western nations, Big Pharma now sees children as its next area of market growth, in much the same way that soda companies once sought to persuade parents to feed their babies soda pop as a way to instill the desire for sugary beverages at a very young age.

The conventional medical profession — which has long since sold its soul to the drug companies and now functions as little more than an elaborate pharmaceutical vending machine — is likely to follow this absurd advice and place children as young as eight years old on statin drugs, even without a single safety test having ever been conducted with children taking these powerful chemicals. NaturalNews readers need no reminders that statin drug side effects include:

• Severe disruption of hormone production, including sex hormones
• Extreme loss of cellular energy
• Devastating loss of muscle function (rhabdomyolysis)
• Kidney failure
• Erectile dysfunction
• Mental confusion
• Homicidal impulses
• Amnesia

Are these the kinds of results our medical community wishes to see in eight-year-old boys and girls? Do we really want to send adolescent boys off to school, doped up on drugs that cause homicidal impulses, erectile dysfunction and mental confusion?

The medical community apparently thinks so. After all, they're already drugging up the children with psych drugs that cause suicidal thoughts and violent outbursts (school shootings, anyone?). The thought of adding yet another mind-altering, body-damaging drug to a child apparently doesn't earn a second thought from modern medical doctors, most of which are too busy cashing "speaking fee" checks from drug companies to invest any real time actually protecting the health of their patients.

But what if these children really have high cholesterol?

I can already hear the drug pushers chanting in unison: "But what if these children really have high cholesterol? Don't they deserve treatment?"

"Treatment," of course, is a clever euphemism for "drug 'em!" It's the call-to-arms of the medication industry, and it really only means pushing more drugs onto more people who don't need them.

I'm all for real treatment — that is, treatment that reverses the underlying health condition. But the medical community won't stand for that. It is currently illegal in the United States to offer a patient any treatment whatsoever that claims to reverse cancer, for example. Doctors are only allowed to offer prescription drugs and surgery, and that's it. Neither option, of course, will resolve the underlying health problem.

And what, exactly, is the underlying health problem in this case? Any child diagnosed with high cholesterol at the age of eight has been a victim of dietary abuse and physical neglect. To imbalance a child's cholesterol at such an early age requires the consumption of large quantities of:

• Milk and dairy products (like cheese)
• Fried foods and trans fatty acids
• Processed meats and animal products

Such a condition also indicates a dangerous lack of plant-based nutrients in the child's diet, since a plant-based diet focused on unprocessed, fresh foods and living foods reverses heart disease and normalizes cholesterol!

I submit that any child can be cured of high cholesterol in a matter of weeks by being fed a 100% plant-based diet, comprised entirely of non-processed foods, and including fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juices along with numerous superfoods. (The junk food companies, of course, will never stand for this. They earn no profits when children eat fresh produce…)

That's how you solve the cholesterol problems in America's youth. Change their diets, and you change the health results you get. It's so simple that you'd have to be an idiot not to get it.

Why are the nutritionally illiterate in charge of health care?

Interestingly, the health authorities in power today are, indeed, idiots when it comes to nutrition. Having never been taught the absurdly simple relationships between food intake and health outcomes, they continue to operate in a fantasy realm of false ideas where food has no relationship to health and children who exhibit symptoms of disease merely suffer from pharmaceutical deficiencies requiring rectification with medication.

That's right: The mainstream medical profession now thinks of pharmaceuticals as essential nutrients, believing that children who are not given numerous medications are somehow lacking treatment or missing out on the benefits of those drugs.

And yet, at the same time, the real essential nutrients — vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals — are scoffed at by conventional medical practitioners who claim that VITAMINS exhibit no health benefits whatsoever in the human body!

You got that? Vitamins are useless, they say, but pharmaceuticals are essential!

Why no drug company will face my $10,000 health challenge

Which brings me to my $10,000 health and fitness challenge. Two weeks ago, I challenged the drug companies to produce a single person who could beat me in a physical fitness contest, pledging that I would personally pay $10,000 to anyone who could beat me. The catch? They have to provide a contestant who is experiencing the "benefits" of multiple pharmaceuticals that the drug companies claim enhance consumers' health. Y

To date, not a single drug company has dared to meet this challenge. Can you guess why? Because pharmaceuticals make you sick, not healthy. The more medications a person takes, the worse their health gets! It's true with adults, it's true with senior citizens, and it's true with children as well.

Big Pharma is an industry based on fraud. It is, in fact, a criminal operation that preys on the bodies of innocent children who will only be harmed by these patented, high-profit synthetic chemicals that have no place in the human body to begin with. What children need today is:

1: Regular access to honest, fresh, unprocessed foods.

2: An honest education in health that isn't influenced by the junk food companies.

3: Protection from all the chemicals, additives and refined ingredients in processed foods and popular beverages.

They aren't getting that in the public schools, and they sure aren't getting that from the USDA's laughable Food Guide Pyramid. And sadly, they're not even getting that in the homes, since most parents know as little about health and nutrition as conventional doctors!

See the shocking documentary: All Jacked Up

Once you understand this, you'll instantly grasp why every parent and child in America should watch the movie ALL JACKED UP, which reveals shocking truths about food, nutrition and health by following the nutritionally-induced tragedies of a group of real-world teenagers.

This movie should be shown in every school in America, and it should be required viewing for all doctors (who, of course, are too convinced of their own drug-pushing ways to even consider the idea that foods might be related to health).

Call 911: Your child is under a chemical attack!

Once you realize the truth of how drug companies are engaged in fraudulent, illegal and downright dangerous efforts to expand their profits at the expense of the public's health, you might find yourself asking the question, "Well what can we do about it?"

If you're as fed up with the mass poisoning of our children by drug companies, corrupt psych doctors and misinformed pediatricians, just invoke the law enforcement resources your tax dollars pay for: Call 911 if a doctor tries to poison your child with synthetic chemicals.

In terms of saving our children from modern medicine, you see, given all the chemical assaults on our childrens' bodies — endless vaccines, mercury fillings, dangerous drugs and toxic food additives — we're way past the point of playing nice with the people in these industries of death. It is time to start demanding the safety of our children. It's time to start making arrests of the doctors, health authorities and drug company executives who conspire to poison our children with an ever-increasing list of toxic chemicals that have absolutely no justifiable medical use.

I remind you that none of the drugs recommended by these pediatricians have EVER been tested on the young children now being screened for high cholesterol. This fact makes a complete mockery of conventional medicine's claim to be "evidence-based medicine." There is no evidence to support this medication of children, period!

If we the People continue to allow these mad doctors and drug pushers to exploit our children's bodies like guinea pigs, and to turn them all into experimental medical subjects, then we are going to find ourselves at the receiving end of a global medical tyranny where children are required by law to be injected with more than 150 different vaccines and drugs before the age of two. We are going to witness a generation of healthy babies wiped out, decimated by a for-profit industry that has, at every opportunity, abandoned ethics and embraced greed. It is an industry so dangerous that it dwarfs the threat any terrorists might hold against the health and safety of you and your family.

A terrorist detonating a nuclear bomb in a major U.S. city could still not approach the number of casualties (and economic damage) that has been caused by the pharmaceutical industry in just the last five years.

It is no exaggeration to state that Big Pharma is the enemy of the People, and rather than offering the "cures" it seductively promises, it has only delivered ongoing disease, suffering, bankruptcy and death. There are no cures coming from Big Pharma. The drug industry, remember, doesn't even believe in cures! (Any cure would simply cause too great a financial loss. Profits are only to be found when the population is kept in a state of ongoing disease…)

That Big Pharma is now targeting our children for untested, medically unjustifiable pharmaceutical "treatments" is just one more example of the degree of profit-minded evil that has now taken possession of the industry, perhaps in much the same way that a human soul is sometimes possessed by an evil spirit as depicted in Hollywood movies like, "The Exorcist."

I'm not saying Big Pharma CEOs are literally possessed by demons. My own guess is that they're merely possessed by extreme greed combined with the complete abandonment of ethics, compassion and a sense of doing what's right for humankind. Beyond anesthetics and limited-use antibiotics, there is absolutely nothing the drug industry has produced in the last fifty years that didn't have a safer, more effective and far less expensive natural alternative.

We should be embracing the nutrition and natural medicine that can keep our children safe, and arresting and imprisoning the drug pushers who endanger our children's lives, don't you think?

There will be a time when this takes place. Be ready and be informed. Be prepared to take back your health freedom from an industry of greed and evil that has already made plans to profit from the disease and suffering of you, your children, your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

We must either declare this industry to be engaged in crimes against humanity or we will, undoubtedly, surrender the futures of our own children to a system of chemical enslavement that calculates the value of a human life only by the degree of sickness that can be exploited for shareholder profits.

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