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Bill in Texas

Hi Ben,
I am greatly concerned about these weasels who are paying big money to get the EPA to ban Colloidal Silver. Aside from getting the equipment to make it ourselves (bootlegging?) do you foresee any way of still buying the "insecticide" to kill the little "insects" we harbor from time to time? I hope that someone with a lot of clout and readership will loudly publicize what our "public servants" are really doing and how they do it.

And more power to you!
Bill in Texas

Hi Bill,
We are dealing with nothing less than gangsters and shake-down artists under the guise of ‘government’ and I believe that when the American people come to a realization of that, there-will-be-hell-to-pay! When I found out during my court case that the ‘Judiciary Courts of the State of Texas’ were listed on Dun & Bradstreet under ‘Business Solutions’ as Business Type: Corporation for Profit, I was not at all surprised.

We can’t change this by way of legislation and Congress; most of them are cheap whores and have already been bought and sold time and again. The only solution is for “We The People” to simply say ‘NO’ to this corporate government beast and refuse anything that is not based on the organic laws, which are “The Supreme Law of The Land”. To read the American Organic Laws, go to, and other relevant information about where we should be,,

Ben in Utopia
within The organic State of Texas

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