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Posted in the CureZone colloidal silver forum:

Saturday: Left upper eyelid was tender. I knew that blepharitis was on its way.

Sunday: Woke up with eyelid swollen, red, and painful. Took ibuprofen for pain, and began CS treatment. Over the course of the day, drank about 8 oz. of Utopia Silver. Also sprayed eye with CS roughly once an hour. Used saline hot compress three or four times during the day.

Monday: Woke up with eyelid less swollen, but still painful, and goopy. Same treatment as Sunday.

Tuesday: Swelling down 50%. Pain is down 85%. Continued with CS treatment. Ingested approx 3 oz. of CS, and continued spraying eyelid with CS.

Wednesday: Swelling down 85%. Pain is gone. Continued CS spray, and ingested approx. 2 oz.

Thursday: Eyelid almost normal. I have no pain, and there is only a minor amount of residual redness.

IMPRESSIVE! Utopia Silver has proven its worth. I have had blepharitis before, and have known it to last for at least a week to two weeks. My aunt had it for a month and was given steroid creams to deal with her swollen eyelid. Less than a week later, my eye is almost back to normal, through the use of CS. I love Utopia Silver!

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