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Utopia Silver,
Do you have any information on how colloidal silver affects your white blood level counts? I am healthy. I haven't had concerns (the blood work was for an inner ear disturbance that caused me to get dizzy) when I learned to drain my ears (by leaning my head sideways) the dizziness stopped (it is supposed to have been caused by calcium crystals in the ear canal); but they did blood work to check me out; and these levels appeared. What do you think? I have been taking silver for about 8 months I think. My joint pain is better, (I have arthritis, and I don't get cold sores anymore.) So I like taking the silver. But I need to find answers to this blood work difference.
Thank you,
Nancy G.

Hi Nancy,
I know of no documented relationship between silver use and white blood count. I can only speculate that if you have 'elevated' levels, could it be due to the 'die off' of bacteria or virus, which would be carried from the body by the bloodstream- possibly triggering a rise in the white count. On the other hand- over time it might be that there could be a lowered white count as any viral or bacteria counts are reduced.

As for calcium deposits in the body, especially the joints, that is sometimes caused by calcium citrate. A more absorbable form is Calcium AEP as contained in Membrane Complex .

There has been research which has indicated that some Arthritis may be viral related and if that is true, then it stands to reason that it would improve with silver use. Cold sores are caused by a Herpes virus which silver will help.

To read more about silver usage, go to,

Ben in Utopia

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