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Boy Suffers From Extreme Narcolepsy After Getting Swine Flu Vaccine

by: Jonathan Benson

(NaturalNews) Shortly after six-year-old Josh Hadfield of Somerset, UK, got jabbed with Pandemrix, GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) vaccine for H1N1 / swine flu, a few years ago, he developed extreme narcolepsy that caused him to sleep up to 19 hours a day. Two years later, the boy is still suffering from the condition, and now takes daily doses of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug Ritalin, as well as two other antidepressants, to supposedly alleviate his symptoms.

Vaccine Protocol

Josh's parents Charlie and Caroline told the UK's Daily Mail that their son quickly took a turn for the worst after receiving the vaccine back on January 21, 2010. Once a bright, energetic, and healthy young boy, Josh spiraled into a state that his mother can only describe as "a puppet whose strings had been cut," adding that he literally just "fell to the ground."

Four years old at the time, Josh's doctor had recommended to his parents that he receive the untested vaccine because he was supposedly "at risk," and needed extra protection. Little did the parents know, however, that the toxic brew would affect the boy the way it did, and ruin his health. Since that time, the nation's health regulators have adjusted the recommended minimum age for the vaccine to 20 — but this decision does nothing to help Josh.

"Before the jab he was completely healthy," says Caroline, who noted that her son was always active and energetic prior to getting the shot, and never had sleeping issues. "His personality changed drastically as well (after the shot). We had this happy, cheerful little boy who turned into someone who was aggressive and frustrated."

This frustration and aggression becomes exceptionally apparent when Josh's parents try to wake him up from his sleeping episodes, they say. The couple told reporters that Josh will sometimes try to throw furniture or other items at them when being awoken from sleep, and that sometimes he suffers from cataplexy, a rare type of muscle tone disorder, when he laughs or becomes afraid of something.

GSK and its allies in the British government continue to deny that the Pandemrix vaccine is at all linked to causing narcolepsy or other conditions. However, reports from twelve different countries have linked Pandemrix to a 900 percent increase in narcolepsy, and the Finnish government has actually agreed to pay for a lifetime of medical treatments for all children permanently harmed by the vaccine

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