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Hi Ben,
Again … another success story for your silver!!! I burned my forearm , and have been working my butt off with 14hr. days, screening people at Dell… well I put bandages on it trying to keep it away from nasty staph etc…. well yesterday it hurt real bad, looked circular red, and swollen. All the nurses I work with and the Doc/pathologist screamed at me saying "you better be carefull…. You might get staph or cellulitis or whatever….."   I came home and promptly soaked cotton balls in your wonderful magical silver and wrapped it for the night…. Next morning as I got ready for work @ 4 …. No more swelling or redness!!!! Go figure?? Super Yeah to you my dear. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It is my CUREALL

Gail in Texas

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