Health & Freedom

Cabal of Gangsters

by Ben Taylor

The Pharma-Industrial Complex and their cohorts in the so-called media are at it again. In their latest propaganda campaign to scare the American people away from natural remedies and toward patented drugs, the so-called consumer magazine, Consumer Reports, has published an obviously biased and unscientific hatchet job on twelve supplements that they call “the dirty dozen”. They claim to be independent experts, but I seriously doubt that is the truth. I see absolutely nothing scientific about their methods and their analysis of these supplements.

There is one glaring omission in their report; they failed to cite any deaths caused by these supplements and their claims of any health damage are suspect at best. Is it is also noticeable that 11 out of 12 of these are stated as being “likely unsafe” or “possibly unsafe”. The simple fact is they present no real evidence that these supplements are unsafe when used as suggested and even when using therapeutic amounts. Any element on planet Earth can be possibly unsafe or likely unsafe if used to excess. One can drink too much water resulting in death caused by dilution of the body’s electrolytes. One part two aspirin can get rid of a headache but if you eat a whole bottle they will kill you. The body cannot function and live without iron, but toxic levels of iron can be consumed that are detrimental.

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications are well-documented to cause tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of deaths every year, but since they are approved by the FDA, then that seems to be an acceptable sacrifice. What we need to recognize here is that there is little if any scientific criteria for whether or not natural supplements or drugs are truly dangerous or even effective, but whether or not a government agency (FDA) controlled by the pharmaceutical industry gives its approval or not. Obviously the FDA is not going to give their approval to cheap natural remedies that are in competition to the patented drugs produced by the industry they are protecting.

If we will pay close attention, we can see the pattern as it develops with so-called national healthcare. In my opinion, the prime purpose of this system is to force every living American into their mainstream medicine system so that we will no longer have a choice of how to care for our health. The only option that will be available to us will be the disease management model of mainstream medicine. This current system owned by the Pharma-Industrial Complex that controls regulatory agencies has no desire to prevent or cure diseases; they simply want to manage your disease with their drugs for the rest of your life. In this manner you become a permanent consumer of their high-priced services and products.

At some point, the American people must stand up and think for themselves. We cannot let ourselves be led around by the nose as cattle by government agencies and their cohorts who are trying to control our every thought and our every action. To this cabal of gangsters, we are simply ‘consumers’ , we are not people with unalienable rights that include deciding how to best care for our own health. When government exceeds its sole mandate to protect the people’s God-given Rights, as stated in the Declaration of Independence “to secure these rights governments are instituted …”, then We The People must refuse their nose rings. If enough of us stand up, there will not be enough of them to make us sit down!

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