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Cancer Profiteering? New Chemo Drug Costs $30,000 a Month

by: Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Big Pharma's pill pushers and natural remedy skeptics are always trying to drill one idea into your brain: "Natural remedies are a ripoff!" they say. "And they aren't even proven to work!"

In response to those skeptics, allow me to introduce a new cancer treatment drug called Folotyn, made by a small drug company named Allos Therapeutics. It costs $30,000 a month. That's a thousand dollars a day, mathematically speaking.

But here's the best part: Folotyn has never been proven to save lives. That's the complaint about natural remedies from conventional medicine pushers, and it reveals the contradiction in their criticism: When natural remedies aren't proven to work, they call them "quackery." But when their $30,000-a-month medicines aren't proven to work, they don't have any problem with that. Take your medicine and stop asking questions! Who needs scientific proof when they're already so sure they're right?

Folotyn has been proven, by the way, to shrink tumors by 27%. Of course, you can accomplish the same thing with vitamin D, spirulina, green tee, medicinal mushrooms and other anti-cancer nutritional therapies. Even if you went all-out and bought a huge collection of anti-cancer supplements and started taking them aggressively, you'd be hard pressed to consume more than $2,000 worth of product in a single month. That's a $28,000 savings over Folotyn, and the best part is that all those supplements would boost your brain health, heart health, liver health, kidney health and immune health at the same time.

Or, you could just exercise outdoors, getting both vitamin D and exercise for free, saving you $30,000 a month while healing your own cancer. (It also helps to give up all the cancer-causing chemicals in your foods, personal care products, home cleaning products and medicines.)

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather save the $30,000 and just heal the cancer myself. That might be good advice for you and me, but it would spell financial disaster for the cancer industry.

A thousand dollars a day to poison yourself
Reading this news about this $1,000-a-day cancer drug makes me laugh, because lots of people still complain about the cost of a $19 book on cancer cures, or a $20 bottle of superfoods that contains anti-cancer medicine. Somehow, any amount of money seems justifiable for conventional medicine, but even the smallest investments in personal nutrition or wellbeing are met with a lot of resistance.

I remember talking with a couple at an acupuncture clinic a few years back. They were complaining about the price of the $75 acupuncture treatments for infertility. When I asked them what they had tried before, they told me they had spent something like $20,000 on an infertility clinic, with no success. Wow! And $75 is expensive?

Now, if a legitimate cancer cure really was offered by conventional medicine (and it never will be, because such a cure would destroy their business model), it might be worth $30,000 or more. Heck, a one-time cure might be worth a million dollars, but don't hold your breath on that one… no chemical cure is forthcoming.

Not from the world of conventional medicine, anyway. The only cures that exist today are from the realm of natural medicine, where cancer is routinely cured by patients who heal themselves with the help of natural cancer clinics all around the world. And at those cancer clinics, the entire treatment is usually far less than $30,000.

Of course, if you really want to poison yourself while paying somebody $1,000 a day, this high-priced chemotherapy agent might be just what you're looking for. But you can chug wheatgrass shots for less than ten bucks a day and probably get just as much tumor shrinkage — at 1/100th the cost!

Draining you bank account before you die
Conventional cancer treatments are a ripoff. They cost you a fortune and they don't even work. No one has ever been cured by cancer from chemotherapy. Not a single person… ever! There isn't a single documented case anywhere in the medical literature claiming that a person was cured of cancer from chemotherapy. So why do people still fall for the chemo scam?

The answer: Because they're desperate. They're dying, and they're willing to pay anything for hope, even if it's a false hope thrust upon them by their oncologist. It is in this context that these cancer drug companies charge $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month or even now $30,000 a month to treat you with their "breakthrough" cancer drugs.

The purpose of all this isn't to cure your cancer: It's to drain your bank account before you die, extracting every last dollar of your savings and retirement money before you expire. No one out-quacks the cancer industry in terms of exploiting the fears of dying elderly patients.

If this were done in the financial industry, it would be called a swindle. If an investment con man targeted sick, elderly people, promising some miraculous result if they just paid him $30,000 a month, he'd be arrested and locked up as a purveyor of financial fraud. But when the cancer industry perpetrates the same fraud on our nation's elderly, they get away with it! No one questions the fraud. No one realizes the industry is based on fraudulent marketing and fraudulent science combined with a huge financial con that convinces sick, elderly patients to part with their life's savings in exchange for some high-tech quackery that will never save them.

Part of the reason this con continues, I think, is because the victims of it don't live very long. Dead men don't talk, and dead cancer patients don't file complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

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