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CCHR Exposes List Of Psycho-pharma Front Groups

by: PF Louis

(NaturalNews) A highly effective public relations technique is the "third party technique" of creating front groups to endorse or promote the need of any service or product. The first party is the original group or client that would benefit more from increased public trust or affinity. The second group is the public or consumers. A third group is created with a contrived name to appear publicly as a disinterested party endorsing the industry of the first party.


Often, the third party, or front group, uses a name that implies authority or concern for the public's welfare or concerns. You can be sure these bogus front groups are usually only concerned about their clients welfare and themselves.

Edward Bernays Pioneered Front Groups

Edward Bernays, a notorious spin doctor throughout the 20th Century, is considered USA's original front group creator as well as the father of public relations. The public relations industry is concerned with creating a favorable image more than direct sales advertising, although they can be closely associated at times.

The womens rights movement peaked in 1919 with the passage of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. A very few years later, Edward Bernays created an image to help promote the tobacco industry. He had photographs published in newspapers and magazines of several women marching in a New York City Easter parade brazenly smoking cigarettes, which until then was considered unladylike. The idea was to link a womans struggle for more rights with openly smoking anywhere, just like the guys.

Besides making tobacco appear healthy over several years using fake doctors to promote various cigarette brands, Bernays also used front groups to glorify fluoridating water supplies. He was a very important contributor to our mass poisoning.

Psychiatry, Big Pharma, and Front Groups

The Citizen's Committee on Human Rights International (CCHRI) focuses on psychiatry's irrational and barbaric treatment of mental illness with its propensity for categorizing behavior in order to dispense harmful drugs. It's a cozy arrangement with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and Big Pharma.

Ever since the APA was accepted as a regular medical organization a few decades ago, Big Pharma's sales for psychotropic drugs have gone through the roof. What was once pen and pad for taking notes by a psychiatrist during talk therapy became the pen and prescription pad.

For children, psychiatry's categorizing behavioral problems enables educational and child care institutional personnel virtual prescription power as well. Children are kidnapped "legally" by social services agencies if parents refuse to medicate them according to psychiatric decree. Big Pharma's reach into TV advertising enables depressed adults to demand prescriptions for drugs that lead to bad health, actual insanity, and death.

Front groups exposed by CCHRI include the following: The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHAAD) and several bipolar, depression or ADHD "support groups" that flourish on the internet.

CCHRI has several more front groups listed on one of their site pages with links to explanations of who they really are and how they function for psychiatry and Big Pharma. (see CCHRI source below)

CCHRI's depth of investigative reporting offers the premier site for understanding the true nature of psychiatry and its relationship with Big Pharma's destructive psychotropic drug racket.

Front Groups Everywhere

Front groups can also lobby directly to government officials, elected or appointed. And they are created for almost any controversial issue that needs to be white or green washed.

A former health insurance insider, Wendell Potter, became a whistle blower with his book Deadly Spin. He explained that a front group "Health Care America" was used to attack Michael Moore's "Sicko" documentary.

APCO Worldwide created Health Care America with Big Pharma money. The insurance industry used APCO in 2007. APCO recruits think tanks and other agencies as allies for their campaigns. The public is unaware of who is really supplying the media's information.

Earlier in 2011, New York Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth submitted a press release photo of her receiving a plaque from a representative of a purported senior citizen support group called 60 Plus Association. The sign above those two declared in large letters "Senor Citizens Thank You for Protecting Medicare and Social Security."

There are two lies here. Nan Hayworth had voted against Medicare, and 60 Plus has hardly any senior citizen members at all. They remain afloat financially from Big Pharma's funding, according to AARP.

All this crassly corrupt activity backed by government and corporations continues to escalate through the mainstream media. A lyric from a 1980s jazz tune rings true "We are Caught in a Blizzard of Lies." The upside is we are forced to distinguish between truth and fiction and become our own informed authority.

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