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Dear Ben,
My 83 year-old father has cellulitis on his feet, along with fungus. He finished taking IV antibiotics for a staph infection on his right foot, and is continuing his treatment with oral antibiotics.  The cellulitis has been there for two months and doesn't seem to be improving.  The doc simply tells him to keep his foot up as much as possible. He has a pacemaker, and takes coumadin (warfarin) and other meds.  Is the colloidal silver safe to take with other meds?      

Wendy R.

Hi Wendy,
Colloidal silver is not a med/drug; it is simply a mineral supplement. There are no interactions or contra-indications that I know of between silver and any other supplement or any drug or medication.

Silver may very well be effective in dealing with your father’s issues. I would use silver both internally and externally for his problems. For more information on the effective therapeutic use of silver, go to, and read “The Layman’s Guide To Using Colloidal Silver” .

Ben in Utopia

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