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Just sending you some feedback regarding treatment with your colloidal silver for severe cellulitis with ulceration, which affected both legs from ankles to knees.

I am a medical aromatherapist with over 25 years of experience. Suffer from cellulitis attacks regularly, at least once a year, due to diabetes and impaired blood circulation in the legs. Always was treated with antibiotics and developed resistance to most of them. I discovered your colloidal silver by pure chance doing internet research on cellulitis treatment.

I treated myself with your colloidal silver, saline compresses and essential oils. The infection is gone now. Below is what I did.

I initially tried to use 1 tsp daily as directed for 3 days with no effect. I then increased dosage to 1 tablespoon twice a day (morning and night) and developed flu-like symptoms [Herxheimer effect] for 2 days, but continued treatment with colloidal silver.

I also Used hot saline compresses for 30 minutes daily, then gently massaged the affected areas with blend of the following essential oils:
German (Blue)Chamomile – 6 drops
Roman Chamomile – 3 drops
Lavender – 4 drops
Tea Tree – 2 drops

These essential oils are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and German Chamomile is fantastically effective in treating skin ulceration of any kind.

After applying the essential oils to the affected skin, I wore support stockings or wide elastic bandages to aid blood circulation.

The visible improvement started after approximately 48 hours. In 4 days, the ulceration was completely healed, erythema disappeared, swelling was substantially reduced, and the excessive warmth of the affected skin was reduced to normal.

Currently my cellulitis is gone. I reduced usage of colloidal silver to 1 tsp as directed and stopped using saline compresses. Now, I just wear support stockings and apply a blend of Roman Chamomile and Lavender essential oils at night as a preventative measure.

Well, colloidal silver seems to work well regarding cellulitis, so a few minutes ago I ordered another bottle purely for experimental reasons. I want to check if this could be used to kill fungus infections and if it could be used as topical application on infected small wounds, scratches and cuts. Does any of your customers try to use colloidal silver for topical applications? Answer from Ben Taylor: Yes, colloidal silver is commonly used for skin wounds and various other conditions.

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