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Chemtrails – The Latest Assault on Us

by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

These past two days there has been a dramatic Chemtrail assault around much of New England.

Friday morning, April 17 at 6 a.m., the sky was a vibrant deep rose-red, dotted with synthetic blackish clouds. By mid-morning, the cloud cover had changed to artificial, Chemtrail-laden clouds that resembled Morgellons with tendrils. Later in the morning, many counties saw sometimes more than eight planes in the sky, going about their nefarious work making miles and miles of toxic parallel lines.
How could anyone look up at the sky and think this was normal?
With this latest toxic offensive, the air now smells full of chemicals. There is no such a thing as "fresh air" anymore. By mid-afternoon, the sky was entirely blanketed with a greyish-white covering. It lasted the rest of the day and into Saturday.
Meanwhile, there are many reports of hard-to-cure upper respiratory illnesses (colds, severe hacking coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia). Children and the elderly seem hardest hit. It takes weeks and weeks (sometimes two months!) to get over these illnesses. Many people I know are going to work with pneumonia! What some doctors are diagnosing as colds or bronchitis are not the usual variety that we had prior to about 2000. Drugs do not seem to be working. Alternative choices seem to be doing better. Upper respiratory illnesses are now the third leading cause of death. Five years ago, lung illnesses ranked number eight.
All mammals are targeted. So animals, too, are suffering. Domestic cats and dogs have chronic itchy skin. This also can be seen with farm animals (cows, sheep, pigs, and goats). In my own backyard (and those of many neighbors), the squirrels, hedgehogs, and an occasional raccoon are always scratching themselves. (At this time of year, no mosquitoes or other insects are around.) It seems to get worse for all mammals when there is a constant blanketing of more Chemtrails poisons.
In a 2003 report, Clifford Carnicom interviewed someone who has insider knowledge that the Pentagon and pharmaceutical companies are involved. (1)
Our immune systems continue to be under daily attack and are breaking down significantly with this chronic, government-induced poisoning. Chemicals used (such as barium and fiber-coated nano-aluminum, plus bacteria and viruses) destroy our own body's ability to heal. We are all breathing these poisons constantly. On top of this, how much chemical brain injury has already been done to us, with daily aerosol spraying of aluminum that cause brain damage? (2)
Now there are reports of the illegal current administration wanting to do more planetary geo-engineering. With more lies and deceit piled on to compliant masses, they want to "slow down global warming." Yet, the majority of scientists now are coming out to jointly say that there is no "global warming." Rather, our planet is suffering from climate change. This is not to say, that humans have not caused significant environmental damage around the globe. The raping and pillaging of the last remaining natural resources continues at a reckless pace. As long as corporations have their short-term profits, it matters not to them what massive environmental havoc they cause to our eco-systems. We, humans, remain at the very top of a poisoned and collapsing web of life.
The earth is showing positive signs of cooling, and there are numerous scientific reports that confirm this. (3) The last IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control] Report was a watered-down consensus and did not include some important other considerations, such as sunspot activity.
How much of climate change is being caused by at least ten years of more than 60 different (private, military, and "public" ­i.e., using our own taxpayer dollars to poison us) Clandestine Weather Modification Programs? None of these has ever had any public discussion, input, or scrutiny.
Meanwhile, in a recent flight across the country (somewhere between Iowa and the Grand Canyon, at 37,000 feet), I counted 10 planes that were spraying dark-grey-to-black Chemtrails. One plane flying perpendicular to our path and below us, was clearly marked "United." So it appears, that at least one plane spraying these aerosols was a United Airlines plane.
Has anyone else noticed/researched these black Chemtrails? What new toxins are in them?
Millions of people know about the extreme dangers that Chemtrails pose to all life on this planet. Many private citizens have tested soil, water, and snow to find dangerous levels of poisons in them. Why cannot we harness this shared concern? How long are we going to be unwitting test subjects for these deadly daily assaults? When will we wake up and put a collective stop to this criminal activity?
We are in a deliberately planned collapse not just of our economy, but also the destruction of our health. Yet, because every topic of serious concern is compartmentalized –instead of looking at an inter-disciplinary approach, and how everything relates to everything else– we do not see how this daily overhead poisoning, along with all the other environmental toxins, is already un-doing what little health we have. This is what we are experiencing now: the Illuminati Ponzi-scheme recipe for disaster.
The Augean Stables that are the beltway must be cleaned out. Each and every corrupt official and bankster who is leading us down a path of disaster must be charge and held accountable. They are all part of our continuing crises that they have deliberately created. They will never do anything to fix what is going on, because those in charge are the problem. We need a completely clean slate.
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