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China Has Declared War On America!

by Ben Taylor

While Americans bury their heads in the sand, all-out war is being waged against her, not only by criminal International banking cartels, but by so-called trading partners, such as China.

If the unadulterated truth were known, the gangster financiers and their multi-national corporations are at the root of the poison foods and tainted products coming out of China and China is more than happy to accommodate them. America is being systemically dismantled by these companies, most of which were birthed and founded in the USA.

The industrial infrastructure has been moved out of the USA to other parts of the world-particularly China where labor is some of the cheapest available. The fact that labor is cheap in China is not inherently evil, but most of the labor in China is tantamount to slavery for the benefit of ‘the state’ and their multinational business partners. Although the Chinese people may realize some degree of benefit over what their lifestyle would be without ‘commerce’ with America, within China, the government is the real beneficiary of this massive transfer of wealth. Most of that wealth increase is not going to the Chinese citizen on the street, but directly into the coffers of a very evil government who is pumping massive quantities of that wealth into arms and arms technology. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t understand that the target of this arms build-up is America?

The irony here is glaring. American wealth and prosperity has been used to build the economic foundation of a nation (China) who is then using that financial benefit to turn around and attack the very source of their new found prosperity. But, I place less blame on those evil entities and regimes that want to destroy us than I do on the greedy politicians, both Democrat and Republican, in America who are willing to sell out their country for thirty pieces of silver or less. What we see being manifest here is closely akin to the fable about “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs”.

China is not only attacking America by way of imported products, but also by virtue of massive investments into our economy. Although it may appear that it wouldn’t be in their interest for these investments to fail, their goal is much more sinister than making money. The real goal is to own America whatever its condition may be and ‘investment’ means ‘ownership’. She would then be rebuilt in the image of the owner.

Tainted products range from poison pet food to lead paint in children’s toys and there is probably no way for importers to police everything item being manufactured in China and shipped here and I don’t think most of the multi-national importers want to spend the money it would take to filter all these products out of the market place. Americans had better wake up from this propaganda induced lethargy (i.e. “Oh, there simply can’t be any such thing as such a broad-based conspiracy to destroy America.”) or the poor and middle class of the whole world is going to suffer an economic calamity, the purpose of which is to usher in a One World Global Federalism.

But back to the subject of the Chinese angle to this multi-faceted attack; the following article(s) document some of this “attack” against America. Please read and wake-up before it’s too late- if it isn’t already.

Has China Declared War Against America?
article from: Health Truth Revealed

It started with pet food contaminated with melamine. There were reports of pets all over the country dying from kidney failure. Now, we're discovering that melamine is in literally thousands of products all over the world that humans consume from baby food, to pigs, to wheat gluten, to rice protein, to candy. Ironically, it's all coming from China.

If a problem like this were isolated to one product and the manufacturer was caught it would be one thing. When something as serious as we're now finding effects so many different consumable products, it can no longer be passed off as an accident or a simple mistake. This appears to be a silent method of warfare, and food is the weapon our enemies have chosen.

Perhaps all those drum beats during the opening ceremony of the Olympics had far more to do with being the drum beats of war than a ceremony to open a sporting event. Check out all the stories and clips for yourself posted below about the level and depth of the melamine contamination and draw your own conclusions. If this isn't bioterrorism, what else would you call it?

What is melamine? Read what Wikipedia says here .

Read "Melamine found in pet food may not be accidental" here.

Melamine found in baby formula. Parents beware. Read about it here .

FDA says melamine has been put in the food intentionally. Watch this short video clip here .

Melamine found in Snickers, Kit Kats and other candies. Read it here .

Melamine tainted candy shows up in U.S. Read about it here .

Melamine detected in pigs. Consumers of all pork products beware. Read about it here .

USDA and FDA allow the sale of chickens and pigs found contaminated with melamine. Watch this short video clip here .

Melamine found in fish farms. Be sure you know where the fish you consume is from. Read more here .

Melamine found in more Chinese food products. Read about it here .

These stories barely scratch the surface of this problem. Look for much more to come on this unfolding story.

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