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Colloidal Silver

Dear Utopia Silver,
-What, specifically, are the ingredients of colloidal silver?
-What types of ailments are treated by colloidal silver?
-What is a reasonable length of time to see a change, hopefully positive, if used to relieve Rosacea?

Robert in California


Hi Robert,
Colloidal silver is made of about 20 PPM .9999 silver and de-ionized water.
Anything caused by on-celled organisms, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc..
Since everyone and every condition is different, that is a question that cannot be answered definitively, but many claim to have alleviated those symptoms with silver, especially reducing the inflammation. The underlying cause of Rosacea is very difficult to treat and there may be more than one cause including microbes and even microscopic mites burrowing under the skin (or maybe the bacteria that live on mites). Our Health and Nutritional Healing Manual by Dr. James Balch suggests several supplements as being helpful in addition to Silver, Primrose Oil, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin E, and Zinc.
If you decide to use silver, I would suggest the silver aloe gel and the Utopia Naturals silver soap with Aloe Vera to enhance healing and Colloidal Plant Minerals to regenerate the epidermal layers. Note: Some of the world’s high end cosmetics use plant minerals for the same reason.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor
Utopia Silver Supplements
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