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Colloidal Silver Effectivness

Hi Utopia Silver,
I recently read an article on 12 supplements that were not safe. One of them was Collodial Silver. Is there any truth to this?

Valerie in Alabama

Hi Valerie,
There has been a concerted effort for a number of years worldwide by government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to scare people away from using any alternative to patented drugs. They see Colloidal Silver and other health supplements as a threat to their profit margins as well as to the total control of healthcare by government and their cohorts in the drug industry. Any consumer product, any supplement, or any drug, taken to excess can be detrimental to health. We cannot live without iron, copper, and zinc, but too much can cause adverse reactions. We cannot live without water, but drinking too much water kills a number of people every year. Excessive amounts of water dilute the body’s electrolytes and can cause cardiac arrest.

Patented drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and organ failure every year, but you seldom see it mentioned ‘in context’ in mainstream media. A couple of Aspirin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen can alleviate a headache, but take too much (and even very often within prescribed limits) and it can result in kidney and liver failure and even death. This is a very common occurrence, but health damage and death from any kind of supplement is rare if not non-existent. See how many deaths you can find from silver use, then see how many you find from commonly used drugs. There has for decades been an epidemic of deaths from the use of patented drugs. Read the following stories:

Death By Medicine
Does Mainstream Medicine Deserve Your Faith?

Considering the context and the lack of facts, I would consider this article a blatant lie.

Ben in Utopia

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