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Eye Infection

Hi Utopia Silver,
I have a severe eye infection but also itchy and swollen ears and have had skin rashes for about 3 weeks now can you advise what to do. I have colloidal silver but don`t know in what dosage I should take it and whether as an eye bath or internally.
Thank you,
B. Saunders in the United Kingdom


Hi B.
I’m not sure what brand or what kind of ‘colloidal silver’ you have, I can only speak about what we produce, …but generally there is no problem using silver drops in your eyes. I have used it for many years to get rid of pink eye and other bacterial infections both for my family and my pets. One can also use an eye cup to flush the eye. An ear flush can also be helpful for ear infections by filling the ear with ‘silver’ by tilting your head to one side and letting the silver sit for 5-10 minutes before draining it.

Ionic silver is best used for topical purposes and anywhere that does not have to pass through the stomach. For the stomach and beyond, particle silver is best. For more info, go to,

If your problems do not diminish or go away in a couple of days, be sure and see a healthcare professional.

You are appreciated in Utopia.
Ben Taylor
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