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FDA & Federal Judge Shut Down Amish Farm For Selling Raw Milk

by: PF Louis

(NaturalNews) The drama of FDA tyranny versus raw milk freedom continues from one state or province to another, almost like episodes from a dystopian TV series.

First, the Amish farmer Dan Allgyer and his wife Rachel were forced to shut down their Pennsylvania farm after two years of harassment from federal agents for selling raw milk to a food club in the Washington D.C. area.

The Allgyers were advised to switch to a cow-sharing system for the raw milk distribution, which they did in order to comply with legal statutes in their area that would avoid interstate commerce issues.

But they were betrayed by a judge who upheld the FDA's position of having jurisdiction over private property ( Dan and Rachel Allgyer had been supplying the privately-owned Grassfed On The Hill food club with raw milk and free range eggs for six years prior to the Allgyers' forced shut-down. No one died or got sick.

The next episode in this ongoing drama takes place in Wisconsin, where Amish farmer Vernon Hershberger is making a stand for his right to provide raw milk under a private herd-share agreement with the Right To Choose Healthy Food (RTCHF) food club.

An attorney is providing free counsel to Hershberger as he is committed to proving his rights as a farmer of healthy food within the legal system by standing trial with the possibility of a jail sentence and/or stiff fines (

A freedom rally at Wisconsin's Sauk County Courthouse is scheduled for March 1 and 2 this year by the RTCHF. Hershberger's trial is scheduled for March 2nd at 1:00 PM. It appears that the Canadian dairy farmer who went on a hunger strike for the cause, Michael Schmidt, will speak at that event.

Is Monsanto's milk man behind the FDA's constant harrassement?
Here's an excerpt from to illustrate Michael Taylor's –FDA Deputy Commissioner of Foods — revolving door history between Monsanto and the federal agency, and their collective war against small dairy farmers. It reads like bullet points from a dairy-villain's resume:

Helping Monsanto devise the legal constructs to get the synthetic GMO hormone rBGH approved by the FDA and then guiding its approval during his tenure at the FDA in the 1990s.
Drafting the agency's draconian rBGH labeling laws that made it illegal for farmers and dairy companies to properly label their milk rBGH free.

These two excerpted items reveal dirty dairy dealings. Taylor was able to manipulate top federal and state officials to legislate against and actively pursue small dairy farms that simply labeled their commercially pasteurized milk as rBGH free or hormone free.

These innocent and accurate statements caused considerable litigious grief to small dairy owners, forcing some out of business. Michael Taylor was behind the whole operation.

Monsanto's growth hormone infected cows' udders, destroying their health and shortening their lives. More antibiotics were ordered, attempting to offset the bad side effects from the growth hormone that synthetically forced more milk production from sickened cows, and passed puss into the milk of average unaware consumers.

Today, roughly 40% of dairy cows are injected with rBGH, but non-hormone using dairy farmers have succeeded, after years of legal haggling, with having different states rescind Taylor lobbied laws that banned "hormone free" labels on their milk.

Now Michael Taylor is back in government as the Obama administration's food safety czar, and he is in FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg's ear as the White House top food safety adviser to the FDA. Michael knows how to get Monsanto's way and weasel out of accountability.

Taylor's track record with hassling small dairy farmers has given him the connections and techniques for continuing his suppression of all things not GMO or rBGH. The FDA and Monsanto's top lobbyist devil are colluding to continue their suppression of healthy dairy products, including those offered by raw-dairy farmers like the Allgyers and Hershberger.

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