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Do you have information on or supplements to ease the pain of fibromyalgia?
Pat in Louisiana

Hi Patricia,
Can you give me more detail on the nature and location of your pain? As you probably already know Fibromyalgia is considered a rheumatic disorder with no definitive cause. I do have some ideas to pass on in regard to nutrition and supplementation.

Ben in Utopia

Hi Ben,
Thank you for responding to my question.  I will probably be doing this in pieces, as I cannot type very long at a time.  The reason I am so long replying is because the last couple of days even the tips of my fingers have been sore, but today it looks like that has passed and I'm back to "normally abnormal" joint pain. My doctor has me on pain killers that do nothing about the pain, but keep me dopy all the time and that's why when I had a few extra dollars, I ordered more CS and CG that I KNOW work.  My doctor doesn't want to talk about it, all she says is I should see a specialist.

I can give you detail, but it is going to sound crazy…in fact, I felt like I was going crazy when it first began in Dec 2009.  Although looking back I see slight hints prior to that time, it became real obvious on Christmas Eve when I was in the local ER having x-rays made.  My hip had done a really crazy thing:  It popped out of joint and back in– one excruciating moment.  My daughter and I decided I should have x-rays to see if any abnormality showed up, and of course, other than great inflammation, they saw nothing. I know what a broken bone feels like and when I had tried to get up off my low couch the eve of the 23rd, I screamed out as I stood and fell back onto the couch.  That sudden horrible pain, the stinging, the nausea that comes when you snap a bone were all there, but since I was able to continue to move slightly while lying on the couch, I knew it wasn't truly broken.  I was able to hobble into the ER the next morning (Dec 24), which I know I could not have done had it been broken.  I did have to use a cane for a few days, though.

Then, the unusually cold, wet weather set in here in Louisiana, and so did the crazy joint pains.  I kept saying that it was just arthritis and when it warmed up I'd be better, but the pattern of the aches was just crazy…they MOVED AROUND–and in places I've never hurt before.  A day or two it would be one or both hips, then an elbow, then an ankle–or both, then my knee(s).  Nothing about the span from Dec to now, has been normal, but the pain has increased and has traveled daily from joint to joint including my jaws, my toe and finger joints, even the little bones/cartilage in the top of my foot/feet, etc.  Sometimes the areas are tender to touch along with the inner pain.

Sometimes it is a dull ache, sometimes a throb, sometimes shooting (especially in my legs and arms).  Not only does the surface area often become tender to touch, about March a knot showed up on the inside of my right thumb joint.  I thought at first I had a briar stuck in there, since we live in the country and I'm always poking around briars and things.  However, I noticed that the worse the joint pain got, the larger the knot got.  And then, there were two knots.  Sometimes they are tender to touch, sometimes not so much.

Also about that time, my thumbs began to pop out of socket as I was trying to dress/undress (e.g. pulling up or down on a skirt).  The pain is excruciating, always causes me to yell, but they always pop right back and the pain eventually subsides.  I notice the last month they have not done that so much, but maybe I have just learned how to dress to accommodate them.

I play the piano in church and I've digressed to the point that sometimes I have to one-finger the melody because I cannot play a chord–neither reach the span to play the chord nor play with enough force to be heard when I can reach.  I guess that is the most distressful of all of this.  I love to play but I can't even span an octave anymore.

The latest evolution is that my hands will jerk or tremble for a moment.  I figure that could be just a nervous response to all this pain and frustration.

Recently, while being examined for sleep apnea, (I've had it for years, but this was to see if it had changed any) the doctor told me I have RA.  That was no surprise, since it is real evident in the twisted fingers and frozen joints on my right hand.  He, too, suggested that I see a specialist, but I cannot afford it at this time.  It is on my agenda, however.

I almost had to float a loan just to make my most recent purchase from you.  But I **know** your CS and CG work, so my money isn't being wasted.  (I lost my SS raise this year because I was helping to bail out the big banks!)

Years ago a doctor told me that if a person has four or more symptoms it is most likely depression.  No doubt I am somewhat depressed because this is all so abnormal, but the cause of this is NOT just depression.  Our medical care in this Parish is renowned for its poor quality and I would love to consult with your MD/ND, but for now I will just have to go with what you can offer me.  The advice and ideas you have passed down through the years has always been right-on and I appreciate the study, time, and most of all– the compassion you put into your work.  

Thank you and God bless you all.

Pat in Louisiana

Hi Patricia,

Do you have Psoriasis? There is a condition called asymmetrical psoriatic arthritis. Which means it is generally in one of each joints of your body and affects 10-20% of Psoriasis sufferers. For example, one hip, one jaw, one shoulder, one knee, etc. will be affected, the other side will not. Different joints may hurt more or less than others at different times making it seem like the pain is moving around. I cured myself of that 6 years ago, using colloidal silver and gold, and mega doses of MSM, Glucosamine, Chrondrotin, and Collagen in  a Joint Care formula.

Are you taking any calcium supplements, such as a calcium citrate product? If so stop immediately, and go to a calcium AEP, like in Membrane Complex. There are some people who cannot assimilate calcium in this form and it tends to collect in the joints causing Arthritic pain.

If you ever have muscles cramps with the joint pain, you may also be Calcium deficient? If so membrane complex will help there also. I would rub the muscles and joints with Magnesium Oil. Watch this video about Magnesium Oil.

Ben in Utopia

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