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Fighting Unlawful Forced Vaccinations

By Ben Taylor

We The People of America are not animals and should not permit ourselves to be herded as sheep by evil people and governmental agencies controlled by evil people. We have a God-given Right of self-determination over our lives and our health. No other ‘person’ and no government agency has any right to force us to be vaccinated with potentially dangerous drugs. There are mountains of evidence showing that, not only do vaccines not work, but actually cause outbreaks of disease they are supposed to prevent. The flu epidemics of 1918 were probably caused by vaccinations rather than naturally occurring flu outbreaks as have many others since then.

Vaccines also contain dangerous contaminates such as squalene that is probably responsible for much of the Gulf War/Desert Storm illnesses and syndromes experienced by more than two hundred fifty thousands of our soldiers as outlined in Gary Matsumoto’s book, “Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GIs Are Only The First Victims of This Vaccine”. Please go to and watch the video where the director of the CDC is interviewed by Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes. Many of our veterans suffer from dehabilitating incurable ailments as a result. The government lied and disseminated false information for years about this before grudgingly admitting the truth years later.

Rumors and credible insider leaks abound that this government is gearing up for mass forced vaccinations sometime in the near future and it is prudent to have a contingency plan in such an event. The government, hand in glove with their partners in crime, the drug companies will un-lease their massive propaganda machine and make it sound unreasonable and downright nutty not to ‘get your vaccination’. After all they will be saying that they are “from the government and we’re here to help you” and if you don’t get vaccinated you will endanger the lives of others. In my opinion, that will be a lie! This is where it gets difficult to deal with. ‘Big Brother’ usually uses low level government employees/’public servants’ at the local level to enforce their criminal actions, whether it be non-existent and non-constitutional tax ‘laws’ and the confiscation of private property for unpaid taxes of any kind. The vaccination programs may be no different.

Local government ‘officials’ are generally ignorant of the truth of the manipulation behind the scenes and simply do what they are instructed and are trained to do. They essentially park their critical thinking and their moral compass at the door of their ‘job’. If they encounter something they do not understand, they call another un-informed worker bee the next level up the food chain and then follow their instructions. As a perfect illustration, I recently filed a lawsuit in small claims court against a dentist who had pulled the wrong tooth; she extracted a perfectly good tooth and left a rotten wisdom tooth. The judge, rather than ruling as he is bound by ‘due course of law’ to do, called the state capital ‘hotline’ for judges and was instructed to dismiss my case if I didn’t have an ‘expert witness’. The catch is, it is near impossible to get one doctor to testify against another, except for the traveling ‘hired guns’ who do it for a living at a very high cost and certainly impractical for small claims court. The judge, who would be considered a good man in anybody’s book, then made himself party to a criminal act of violating a damaged party’s constitutionally secured right to redress under ‘due course of law’. The sad part is, this judge knew that he was doing wrong and apologized profusely, …but did it anyway.

This decent man and a generally fair and reasonable judge parked his common sense and moral compass at the door of his job and became the servant of an evil and corrupted system rather than doing what he knew was right. His general ignorance of “The Supreme Law of The Land and the guarantees it provides for redress of grievances caused him to harm a man with a legitimate grievance to an even greater degree than the damage caused by the dentist. Generally good and honest people are used by this ‘thing’ passing itself off as our ‘government’ to do its dirty work. The vaccination programs will be no different and that is the insidious nature of this beast which has raped and pillaged our God-given Rights stated by the Declaration of Independence and secured by the Constitutions and Organic Laws which are supposed to limit the authority and powers of government.

Remember, the guards at Auschwitz were only following orders and ignored any moral awareness or sense of responsibility for what they were doing. The point is, we must diligently and belligerently if necessary, assert our God-given Rights if we have any hope of retaining those Rights. Even then, some unknowing and unthinking low level government employee may be willing to commit a crime of enforcing a non-constitutional act of government. Many are afraid to ‘rock-the-boat’ and jeopardize their paychecks and their retirements. Others have been de-educated by the government controlled educational system and their ‘government training’ to the point of being devoid of any critical thinking ability.

So who do we trust when we already know unequivocally that government will use its massive propaganda machine against our own soldiers and that big business making billions from vaccines will spend millions hiding the truth? Ultimately we must keep an open mind and figure it out for ourselves, because almost anyone would be better than those who are already proven liars and manipulators. My rule of thumb has become, if the information comes from government or mainstream ‘medicine’ and the pharmaceutical industry, I immediately start looking for ‘other’ answers.

Let’s get back to vaccines. The first option is to refuse any vaccinations for you and your family, especially children and pregnant women, whether based on religious grounds or on your God-given right to make your own health choices. But in the event you feel that you will be threatened with job loss or bodily harm if you do not comply, then the protocol by my friend Dr. Ken O’Neal, ND (WHAT WOULD I DO IF  FORCED TO BE VACCINATED AGAINST MY CONSENT? ) may be the best recourse which you have. We have made links in Dr. Ken’s protocol to the products we sell, but there are other good sources, so use what you have and whatever is available. Good luck and God Bless.

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