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For Liver Protection & Overall Liver Health, Milk Thistle Is Tops

Crusador Staff

Milk Thistle is the pre-eminent remedy to protect the liver from degeneration. Compounds found in milk thistle – sylibin, sylimarin – act as antioxidants and also stimulate the repair of the liver. Milk thistle seed extract contains active compound known as flavonolignans, which can protect the cells of the liver from toxins as well as encourage cleansing and detoxification. Milk Thistle is widely used because it protects the liver against toxic damage from alcohol, drugs, poisons and environmental toxins. It helps to lower elevated liver enzymes and prevent cirrhosis and necrotic liver damage for any and all reasons. It will help to regenerate liver cells. Milk Thistle can be used while on or using toxic substances like alcohol, drugs and chemical solvents to protect the liver. It can be used long-term and is non-toxic.

Milk Thistle is specific for Hepatitis, especially the C type. While not a cure, Milk Thistle helps keep the liver healthy and prevents healthy functioning liver cells from breaking down into connective tissue (cirrhosis). It can help turn damaged cells back into healthy cells as well.
Modern times have created a host of toxic chemicals to the liver and no other herb helps as much (and without side effects). It is anti-inflammatory and supportive to other therapies for those with many inflammatory illnesses (auto-immune disorders, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid, swollen prostate-BPH). Milk Thistle also protects and assists the liver in detoxing from the results of chemotherapy. Milk Thistle also increases bile so it helps in fat digestion.
Side Effects and Safety Concerns
Human studies performed have shown few side effects if milk thistle is taken according to instruction. You may have a brief stomach or intestinal upset (diarrhea) or mild allergic reactions, but this is rare. People with allergies to daisies, artichokes, kiwi, common thistle or plants in the aster family may be allergy sensitive to milk thistle.
How To Obtain Milk Thistle?
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