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Give People Real Food Not Genetic Poisoning

By Dr. Laurie Roth

Scientists and researchers are all over the food industry trying to improve the look of food, the quantity of food and the longevity of food. Front and center with this ‘enlightened’ food movement are genetic engineers hanging out in ‘Frankenstein’s laboratory’ who move genes between organisms. Unfortunately, the priorities of safety and common sense do not always apply in their testing of our food supply. The bottom line seems to be – make them pretty – make them last longer – make more of them.

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One simple discovery was made with tomatoes. Apparently, tomato breeders discovered a ‘gene mutation’ on accident 70 years ago that caused tomatoes to turn scarlet and appear uniform. Yes, the red tomatoes you see at the store have been genetically mutated to turn red. In the process, they discovered that the price of the beautiful and artificial color was that small thing called taste. Yes, the tomato you bite into now days is not the luscious taste it is supposed to be, unless of course you eat one grown naturally without being modified. A ‘real’ tomato, not the ‘stepford wives’ version we are given, has a ring of white, green or yellow at the end of the stem and much more flavor.

Genetic manipulation is going on with our meat, dairy and crops all in the name of ‘scientific progress.’ How most genetic scientists define ‘good’ and ‘needed’ genetic help is a literal nightmare for most Americans who just want to eat natural, healthy and yummy food while staying alive…preferably without disease.

What are the potential dangers?

According to a variety of food and agriculture groups, the risks are numerous. says there are hazards everywhere. They reference many sources you can check yourself.

1) Imprecise Technology — the random insertion of genes into an organism is random and can hurt or disrupt other genes critical to the life of that organism. 
2) Side Effects – Scientists do not understand the ramifications of creating mutations which could be harmful to the environment and our health. No matter what they try to sell about food safety, they do not know the repercussions.
3) Widespread Crop Failure — Since all the planted genetically engineered seeds have the same structure, a fungus, a virus or pest could destroy the entire crop.
4) Threatens Our Entire Food Supply – Insects, birds and wind can carry genetically altered seeds into other fields and beyond. Pollen from transgenic plants can cross-pollinate with genetically natural crops and wild relatives. All crops are vulnerable to contamination.

Health hazard and other dangers

No Long-Term Safety Testing
Allergic Reactions
Decreased Nutritional value
Concentration of Toxic Metals
Antibiotic Resistance

Other Environmental Harms

Increased Weediness
Gene Transfer to Wild or Weedy Relatives
Change in Herbicide Use Patterns
Squandering of Valuable Pest Susceptibility Genes
Poisoned Wildlife
Creation of New or Worse Viruses
Unknown Harms to the Environment

On top of throwing all these risks and dangers at the eating public and environment, we are given draconian regulations regarding growing and producing healthy and natural foods. How many times have we heard in the news, dairy farmer being threatened and shut down due to producing or selling whole or unpasturized milk to people who wanted it? Natural News reminds us of the full on assaults against farmers who dare to sell perfectly safe and desired raw milk and cheese. I have talked with those producing wonderful and safe cheese for decades, never with a single health complaint, but who have been threatened, harassed and fined repeatedly.

Is our Government trying to make people sick and die? Why make it so hard for people to develop, grow and share natural foods, meat and crops without genetic pollution and risk? It is high time we draw lines in the sand for the sake of our health and children’s health.

It is common sense to assume that many cancers and diseases manifest themselves in our bodies as a result of ‘mystery’ genetic manipulation in much of our food supply. How do we know what toxins build in our system over time, when the scientists do not know either? We are the victims and experimental widgets who are to sit and take it.

I bet you did not know that your beautiful tomato was not luscious red and had much more flavor that had been sacrificed for the color.

It is time to buy our own seeds and grow our own gardens and food supplies. Unless of course you want to someday, battle unwanted diseases and live to 130 years of age due to being permeated with preservatives and other chemicals.

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