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Global Agenda: Centralized Money, Power & Tyranny

by J.B. Williams

( The more things change, the more they stay the same! Communism and socialism have always been sold as populist theories and advanced by those seeking to serve only themselves. Nothing has changed in that regard, as Obama-Clinton deploy The Cloward-Piven Strategy via social networking and communal organizing of leftists across the country and around the world.

By democracy, they mean Democratic Socialism. By progressive, they mean regressive Marxist principles and values aimed at stripping every citizen here and abroad of their God given rights to freedom, liberty and personal achievement.

In the United States, the public call from parasites to “occupy” the hard-earned assets of others is being pushed to a fever pitch, using classical Marxist Class and Color Warfare techniques taught to young activists by people like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

Economies, currencies and nations all over the globe are in financial crisis. Marxist principles and values have bankrupted much of the world and yet, Obama and Clinton are using remaining American assets and resources to purchase themselves a position in the developing Global Government.

Global Socialism is the plan and UN Agenda 21 is the strategy for implementing that plan all the way down to every local community across America. This agenda is not designed to sustain the freedom, liberty, security and sovereignty of the United States or our Constitutional Republic.

It is instead, designed to replace the sovereign United States with a Global Community with Centralized power, and replace our Constitutional Republic with Democratic Socialism.

If you have done your homework and understand these realities, you can easily understand what you are watching unfold in the United States and other nations around the globe today.

• Euro Officials Begin to Weigh Greek Exit
• Merkel's party routed in big German state
• Concern about Kuwait's finances
• French elect Marxist President
• America’s Militarized Zone
• Investors Flee Greece and Spain
• California’s Death Knell Rings
• 49 Found Headless South of the Border

I can go on and on linking an increasing flood of bad headlines from all over the world. In the USA, reports of abnormal stock-piling at F.E.M.A. camps and unusual U.S. and Foreign troop movements on U.S. soils are swirling across the Internet with increasing frequency.

Federalizing all state military and law enforcement units has been repeatedly reported, with many speculating about alleged foreign military cross-training exercises in U.S. cities, aimed at preparing for “civil unrest” or even “civil war.”

With a Federal Government hell-bent upon pitting American against American through a litany of political, race, religious and class warfare initiatives launched right out of the West Wing of the people’s White House, essentially an American version of their “Arab Spring” represented by the Socialist Occupy Movement, imagining civil unrest in America circa 2012 requires no real imagination at all.

Because patriotic pro-American citizens are reluctant to riot against the tyranny raining down from D.C. daily, the Left was forced to incite riots from within their own ranks. As they promote the false notion that their voters are entitled to the assets of other voters, they create an environment in which denying their parasites access to those assets will be enough to ignite civil unrest, much like events we have watched unfold in many European states over the last few years.

Just like Greece, Iceland and much of Europe on some level, the International Left is igniting civil unrest by uniting Labor Unions, Black Panthers, Muslim’s, Illegal Aliens, Green, anti-war and special interest groups against white, conservative Americans focused only upon keeping that which they have diligently earned.

In the months preceding Obama’s inauguration, over $13 Trillion in American investments left America for foreign markets and has never returned. The Obama Administration has been forced to threaten foreign nations into snitching on American investors who moved their resources to safe havens abroad before Obama-Clinton could confiscate them for their greater communal agenda. American manufacturing is all but extinct. Even our military machines are manufactured overseas now.

This evil administration has toppled numerous Middle Eastern allies of the United States, placing the Muslim Brotherhood (the Mother Ship of all Jihad organizations) in charge all across the Middle East while leaving the USA increasingly dependent upon Middle Eastern oil.

The bottom line here is they have created the perfect storm for the West. Contrary to newsroom controlled propaganda written and released by Obama-Clinton, unemployment is at an all-time high in America. An additional 230,000 Americans lost their unemployment benefits just this past weekend.

Occupiers are right to be angry, along with all other Americans. But Occupiers have been misled into being angry at the wrong people. The 1% they should be angry with is the 1% in government who has intentionally run this ship aground.

Governments don’t create jobs or prosperity — people do, in the private sector. Yet public sector parasites and their labor unions have convinced many young ignorant Americans to help attack the private sector, free-enterprise and the capitalist goose that lays the golden egg of individual freedom and prosperity.

Even though Communists, Socialists and other parasites march side-by-side with Occupiers, these kids remain unable to connect the dots and realize that they are being exploited by International Leftists for their own power, not benefit of the student occupier.

Worst of all, there is no viable resistance to all of this evil in America.

There is a shrinking movement of Tea Party types that started out with the right intentions a few years ago, only to be almost instantly hi-jacked and exploited for the same purposes by the same people.

Despite knowledge that their 2010 crop of turncoats have done nothing to even slow the current march into unconstitutional Marxism — they remain foolishly hopeful that the next 2012 crop of future turncoats will do better.

No government in human history has ever failed to seize increasing control over the people and their private earnings. No government has ever returned the stolen goods of their people after stealing them.

Still, too many citizens sit silent as their nation and way of life is stolen right out from under their collective noses, and pretend to care by throwing more campaign money at yet another crop of turncoats in the false hope that someone in government will reform government. It never has happened in history and it never will.

Governments are focused on growing government power. Only the people have the purpose and power to protect and preserve individual freedom and liberty – and they can’t do it so long as they are focused on celebrating diversity instead of unity – and place their individual agendas ahead of their common goal of freedom and liberty for all.

The American Dream is gasping its final breath and the average American is completely unaware. The few who are aware, have no idea how to stop it and won’t unify under any leadership or strategy, despite knowing that divided, we will indeed fall.

There is nothing new or inventive about the 2012 Global Agenda. The agenda is centralized power over the people, paid for by America’s most productive citizens, making all citizens equally destitute.

2012 may well be the last chance for Americans to change the course of history and preserve freedom for ours and future generations. But I see no signs that the people are prepared to do anything real in that cause.

Free-market freedom is under direct assault an on the brink of the abyss all over the world. But make no mistake — the United States is the biggest prize of all for those hoping to take all the marbles. If America is not free, no people on earth will be free.

The Global Agenda is tyranny, paid for by hard-working taxpayers all over the world. American assets are being seized for the sole purpose of purchasing power for a few, in a Marxist One World Order. It’s no more complicated than that!

At the rate we are going, by the time they get ready to fight, the battle will be long over. God have mercy on those so foolish as to relinquish their freedom for a pittance in free-stuff from a bankrupt treasury.

When the people who have fed the world for two-hundred years can no longer feed themselves, we know what comes next. That is the end game of Cloward-Piven and the enemy within is in their 11th hour press.

Do Americans have the good sense and uncommon courage for the task ahead?

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