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Go to an MD and You may Commit the Worst Assault to Your Body (Opinion)

by: Christopher Gussa

(NaturalNews) To TCM and other natural practitioners as well as many common every day Americans, it is becoming more and more evident that MDs are programmed to simply rob, kill and destroy. This may sound a bit harsh but this is not meant to take anything away from their amazing talents of surgery and traumatic injury repair. The paradox of such a life saving talent combined with the "lowest of the low" lifestyle of deadly drug pusher is almost impossible to fathom. With all their understanding of anatomy, what is so hard to understand about keeping the body healthy with only wholesome natural substances? In fact why would this not be their first and only form of treatment?

What is it about the hypnotizing power of big pharma`s agenda that always wins over common sense? One seems compelled to say, "Come on Doc, one side of your brain knows so much better than this while the other side has fallen under the control of Big Pharma. Either you have no shame or you are as evil as the force that has you under control."

Let`s take any common disorder….Say, high blood pressure. There is a host of herbal formulas and diets that can bring down blood pressure quite substantially, but if it is still only a few points more than 120/80 they say it is not good enough and you need to be on drugs! So many people swallow this nonsense and wind up getting hooked on deadly drugs. It should be a crime to even suggest it.

Then there is heart disease…..A little angina or a bit of arrhythmia or tachycardia and you are destined to be on extremely dangerous drugs the rest of your life. They will scare you into it with their highly manipulating tone. This all takes place when there is a very safe Chinese herb known as Dan Shen that will correct most common heart problems within 24 hours.…

How about high cholesterol? The way they lie about it is such an incredible joke! It would be hilarious if they didn`t push deadly statin drugs and get paid to do it.

Again, the question must be asked: How can such highly educated and talented surgeons and traumatic injury specialists buy this nonsense? Is it possibly the education itself? Is what doctors are learning so carefully presented in the universities (which are mostly built with money from Big Pharma) cause them just to wind up getting brained-washed? Or is it something even more evil?

TCM herbalists and other natural practitioners come up against this in two ways. Many times they hear just what this article is talking about from their patients (before they have to bring it up themselves). However, often they have to give this same "speech" in this article to get them to see the light. These are people that find themselves miserably hooked on pharma drugs wondering what is wrong. They will say, "But I did everything the doctor said." The practitioner must then tell them, "That is exactly what is wrong; you did everything the doctor said."

Sadly, some still don`t get it but it is encouraging to see more and more that do get it. These are the people that rise above the evil curse of Big Pharma and say: "My health belongs to me. I will not be lied to anymore just because the FDA gives these drug pushers permission to lie."

Best of health!

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