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Good Ruling, But What Is the Rest of the Story?

By Ben Taylor

The ruling by a Federal Judge in Connecticut that dentist Dr. Mark Breiner may exercise his “Right to Freedom of Speech” by advertising and advocating mercury-free dentistry in any public forum, and state why they are such a health risk is certainly a step in the “Right" direction.

The problem is, when and how did we ever get to a place where we had to have a federal judge give us an OK to exercise our Right to free speech about scientific facts? And it is a known fact and there is no debate within the scientific community that mercury is one of the most toxic metals on planet Earth, but this ‘fact of science’ seems to just disappear when the American Dental Association (ADA) is brought into the room.

How the heck do supposedly ‘intelligent’ people become completely brain dead on such a no-brainer topic? That question is mostly rhetorical and I’m not trying to answer it here, but I’ll bet it can be traced back to who funds the ADA and dental schools. We already know how big pharmaceutical company money has corrupted the American Medical Association (AMA) and medical schools by their grants from their inception. Throughout the history of mankind, there have always been influence peddlers and power brokers who believe it in their interest to control the words and actions of all other men. Those power brokers inevitably gain control by the illicit use of their money of people in the public and politic arenas. That is simply a given. Our Nation’s Founders knew that from the beginning of our Republic and repeatedly warned us about “government” that falls under corrupt influences. completely ignore your Rights, unless you are willing to go to the mat with them in asserting those Rights.

Delving into where the corruption by money comes from is not my point here, so I’ll get right to the real issue with my comments. My point is about exercising your Rights. Every man and woman has an absolute God-given, unalienable, and non-negotiable Right to state their opinions and beliefs and it should go without saying, “That Right” certainly extends to stating widely accepted scientific facts! We can’t stop those who would steal our Rights by “going along to get along”, by not “rocking the boat”, by trying to be “good citizens”, by obeying every “Right stealing statute” that government throws at us. The only option is that we must belligerently assert our Rights as Free Men and Women!

Make no mistake about it, the current system which is largely controlled by special money interests will try its damnedest to steamroll right over you if you even think about standing up to their machine. Exercise your Rights! Live as Free Men and Women and , ignore anyone who would harness your freedom of thought, as well as your voice! Remember, you need not check with “the state”, that includes and is not limited to any agency or judge, before you exercise your rights. There are only two choices, use your Rights or loose your Rights! If you have time also read the article below.

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