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Gout is common type of arthritis that occurs when there is too much uric acid (sodium urate) in the blood, tissues, and urine.  Uric acid is the end product of the metabolism of a class of chemicals know as purines.  
In people with gout, the body does not produce enough of the digestive enzyme uricase, which oxidizes relatively insoluble uric acid into a highly soluble compound.  As a result, uric acid accumulates in the blood and tissues and, ultimately, crystallizes.

When it crystallizes, uric acid takes on a shape like that of a needle and, like a needle, it jabs its way into the joints.  It seems to prefer the joint of the big toe, but other joints can be vulnerable a well, including the mid-foot, ankle, knee, wrist, and even the fingers.  Uric acid is more likely to crystallize at lower temperatures, which may explain why roughly 90 percent of gout attacks affect cooler extremities like the big toe.  Acute pain is usually the first symptom.  Then the affected joints become inflamed, almost infected looking-red, swollen, hot, and extremely sensitive to the touch.  Repeated attacks of gout over a long period of time can lead to joint damage.

Uric acid is a byproduct of certain foods, so gout is closely related to diet, especially a rich diet high in sugar and fructose. Obesity and an improper diet increase the risk of developing gout.  Gout has been called the rich man’s disease, since it is associated with too much rich food and alcohol.  But in fact is affects people from all walks of life, most commonly men between the ages of forty and fifty.  It may be inherited or brought on by crash dieting, drinking, certain medications, overeating, stress, surgery, or injury to a joint.  Approximately 90 percent of the people who suffer from gout are male.  Uric acid kidney stones may be related problem.

Here are a few natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms of Gout:

• Essential Fatty Acids in the form of Flax Seed Oil or Omega 3-6-9 .

Enzymes and Pancreatin aid in digestion and of proteins especially.

• Black Cherry Juice. Drink one 6 oz glass of Black Cherry Juice once or twice a day.

• Black or sour cherries. Cherries seem to work well to prevent gout. Consume 10 or more per day. Cherries are also high in anti-oxidants and good for you in many ways.

• Drink three to four cups of one of these tea's a day: yarrow, dandelion, celery seed to rinse out and neutralize the uric acid. An old time favorite is corn-cob tea! Just get three corn cobs and simmer in four cups of water. Strain and keep in the fridge and then simply heat it and drink after meals.

Vitamin B Complex . Essential for proper digestion and all bodily enzymes systems.

Minerals (preferably plant minerals). The foundation and building blocks of all bodily enzymes.

• Never take aspirin for gout! Apply ice and drink lots of water.

• Do not eat any of the following: anchovies, gravy, sardines, cauliflower, mushrooms,

clams, oatmeal, shellfish, spinach, and absolutely no alcohol.

• It is also helpful to limit your intake of caffeine, cauliflower, beans, eggs, oatmeal, peas, spinach, poultry, red meat and yeast products.

• The most important thing one can do is to stay away from processed sugar and fructose foods and drinks; instead drink pure water.

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