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The way you hawk worthless and potentially dangerous crap to unsuspecting people for profit, while mixing in "religious blessings" makes me flat pissed off, both as a Christian and a Texan.Response

Hi Greg,

Is it possible that you are misjudging me without knowing the truth yourself? …and just how Christian is that?

Do you mind telling me what I am selling that you believe is worthless and potentially dangerous crap and on what facts and/or whose opinion is that based? If you are willing to dialog with me for a while and look at some facts, both historical and recent, I believe that you will change your mind.

Ben in Utopia

Nah- you won't change my mind- I just tripped over you on the colloidal silver path.  Voodoo that'll turn ya blue- with NO SCIENTIFIC basis at all.  It's just infuriating, as is the entire industry. And I did NOT judge you (reread my email), only your mode of sales- that would have been un-Christian of me, wouldn't it?



Hi Greg,

If my ‘mode of sales’ is as unscrupulous as you say, then how can I not be a pretty despicable fellow. Any kind of silver taken to excess for a long period could cause a build-up in the fatty tissue under the skin, resulting in Argyria, …but it is highly unlikely with simply silver and water taken reasonably, otherwise we would see blue people everywhere; I have only heard of three or four examples all total. I have personally averaged from ½-1 ounce of silver per day (combination of ionic and non-ionic) for the past 7-8 years and the only blue you will see around me are my Wranglers and the South Texas sky. I have a friend who consumed an 8 oz. bottle of silver every couple of days for 2 years and still isn’t blue. All one has to do is simply stay away from chemically produced large particle/high ppm silver, silver nitrate, silver in saline solution and silver in gelatin/protein.  They are the culprits in all the cases of Argyria that I am aware of. [Read the three part series concerning my experience with silver.]

Can you answer a question for me, Greg? Are you also a crusader against ‘patented drugs’, which kill hundreds of thousands every year? Over the counter pain-killers alone kill thousands and cause extensive organ damage (liver and kidneys) in thousands more. Except for the small handful of idiots who consumed a quart a day and developed Argyria, there are no serious side effects or deaths from using silver. An aspirin or two will kill a headache; a bottle will kill you; that is the truth with even water. Over consumption of water can cause such a dilution of electrolytes that it can cause one to have a heart attack. Water kills, silver doesn’t, unless you drown in a tub of colloidal silver, so where is your logic based? There is common sense to all things and silver isn’t excluded from that, but it is safer than any drug sold either over-the-counter or by prescription.  If you’re truly looking for a Crusade; have you read “Death By Medicine”? Now there is a crusade for you,

How about cell phones?

OR Fluoride?

There are real dangers out there from dangerous food to unsafe drugs, without arbitrarily going after mankind’s oldest, safest, and most effective natural anti-biotic mineral. Considering your vitriolic and un-scientific attacks on silver, could it be that there is more to your story than you are revealing? Who do you work for and what is your business? Call me if you like; I don’t mind talking to you without hiding behind an email address.

Thanks for your time.
Ben Taylor
830 966-2315


Thus far, there has been no further response from Greg, …if that was his name.

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