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Health Basics – Why You Should Always Choose Organic

by: S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Ever notice when you meet someone who eats mainly organic, who works out often, is financially stable and always in that "sharing" mode, that no matter what happens around them, they stay in that "gear," that energetic and positive attitude just stays illuminated and seems to levitate over the negativity? Some people just seem to reach their potential every day, in almost every way. If you haven't noticed this, start paying attention, because they're out there, and they are loving life. There is also a reason many people never reach their potential in life, never finalizing that idea that would have made them wealthy, and they're just kind of "getting by," not really applying themselves or making the most of their opportunities and gifts. (


Believe it or not, a fairly rigid diet of organic food, drinks, herbs, vitamins, minerals, Dead Sea salts and natural spring water enables human beings to reach their ultimate HEALTH POTENTIAL and use more than 15 percent of their BRAIN each day. (

Most people who do not consume these foods, supplements and spring water daily often use the same excuse when confronted with the organic choice: "It's too expensive." This is simply NOT TRUE. Organic food is only more expensive when you shop at stores which either cater to processed food lovers or high end organic/health supply stores. Many mid-size grocers like Trader Joes and local farmer's markets are quite reasonable, and even Whole Foods offers many organic items at the same prices you would find the "bad" foods at if shopping the big chain grocers like Farm Fresh, Food Lion and Kroger.

Embrace reality and change your habits
Once you come to grips with the fact that organic food is affordable, you have to pull in the reigns on your SALT AND SUGAR habit. Don't panic! Your taste buds will return to normal after you come off the high fructose corn syrup and the monosodium glutamate. Once you quit the deep fat fried habit and the super-salted meat and French fries, you'll start tasting the true flavors of vegetables and fruits again, and realize exactly what it is you're missing.

When you consume organic foods, your body and brain function at maximum capacity. Your body is not struggling to digest and filter out toxins, gluten, hormones, antibiotics, fluoride, bleach (white rice, white bread, white flour, white sugar, white pasta), artificial sweeteners, radioactive fish, genetically modified corn and soy, and the list goes on.

When you consume organic foods, your cells aren't being strangled by preservatives like sodium benzoate, BHA, BHT, and your water isn't polluted with BPA (bisphenol-A).

When you cut out processed foods and synthetic food agents from your daily intake, your energy doesn't tap out five to ten minutes into a workout, or a jog. You last 30 minutes, an hour, and eventually longer!

When you stop buying foods and products that cause cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and arthritis, you STOP DONATING MONEY TO DISEASE, and you begin the repair and refortification of your own system. You stop wasting money going to the doctor for colds, flues, viruses, bacterial infections, allergies, bronchitis, cavities, heart disease, headaches, fibromyalgia, irritable bowels, colon polyps, prostate problems, breast cancer check-ups.

Make that change
When you change over to either strictly organic or even mostly organic, you support 'mom and pop' farmers and small businesses that don't pollute the environment. You foster businesses that ARE NOT huge corporations interested in your slow death. Eating organic foods and using organic products promotes sustainability.

On non-organic farms in the United States, 30 percent of the insecticides, 60 percent of the herbicides, and over 90 percent of the fungicides are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. These hormone imbalances and toxins in humans lead directly to cancer tumors, make no mistake about it. Research proves that non-organic farm workers have unusually high rates of multiple myeloma (cancer of the immune system), stomach cancer, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. ( Not a single one of these chemicals, which total over 3,000 in pesticides, are used for ORGANIC FARMING.

That is why you should always choose organic. Organic food is healthier, safer, and COSTS LESS THAN TOXIC FOOD, because one year, five years and 20 years from now, the bills related to your "health care" are massively reduced and/or non-existent.

Of course, if you don't work on a non-organic farm, you're not going to be exposed to that high quantity of pesticides and herbicides, but eating non-organic food adds up quickly, and can leave you grasping for straws and some "miracle" cure for your condition.

If given the choice outright, would you choose to feel happy or have a headache? Would you choose an exercise class that's easy and fun, or a 20 minute stomach ache followed by 10 minutes of diarrhea? Would you choose to spend $5.00 on something which makes you obese and tired, or $5.25 on something which helps you earn more money, make better decisions, and helps your family and friends?

How to live to be 110
Would you like to die when you're 65 in some hospital while being treated with chemicals and given your last goodbyes from lying "Big Pharma" doctors who live in million dollar homes, or would you like to live to be 110, still full of vigor and positive attitude, telling everyone you know how they can do the same? If you're not deep into organic living, dig in now and do your own research before and after you talk to your Naturopathic doctor. Also, do research on organic soil and seeds for your own garden. ( If you have the time, maybe go and get your own degree in Nutrition! (

Organic food enables you to relax your conscience. It's a whole lot easier to think positive when you are eating food that is full of nutrients. Find out about many chemicals that are posing as food and avoid them like the plague! ( Stop planning your early death, and start planning your long phenomenal life beyond 100 years. Always choose organic when you can, and the rest of the time, tell your friends who have organic gardens that you're broke and you would like to borrow some vegetables. Then go buy some organic soil and some organic seeds, and you can return the favor in about three months.

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