Natural Remedies


• You'll need to find a carpeted area for this heartburn remedy called a heel drop. This sounds strange, but it works. Roll up onto your toes as high as you can, and then allow your heels to quickly drop down onto the ground. Repeat this 20 to 30 times, holding onto the back of a chair for balance if you need to. The downward motion pulls the acid that causes heartburn back into your stomach.

• Apple Cider Vinegar. It may sound wrong because of the massive ad campaigns that sell anti-acids, but Vinegar can actually help heartburn, as

heartburn is more often than not caused by a LACK of stomach acid rather than too much. As we age, our stomachs produce less acid over time – and that causes the same symptoms as too much acid. So sometimes anti-acids only make the situation worse since we are medicating with a

substance that allows our stomachs to produce even less acid. Vinegar to the rescue! The acid in vinegar will help digest your food, and over a period of time, alleviate heartburn if yours is caused by a lack of stomach acid.

• Pancreatin and Enzymes. Digestive enzymes break down foods and other nutrients so that the body can utilize them, such as lipase, amylase, protease, pancreatin, papain, betaine, and pepsin.

• Eat a cup of vanilla ice cream or drink a glass of cold milk to get heartburn and acidity relief within minutes.

• Bromelain. A Pineapple enzyme aids in digestion as well as enhances the absorption of other nutrients. Do not take bromelain with any drugs as it will also increase the absorption of drugs and intensify their effect.

• Take one piece of Clove and suck on it slowly. This should give you relief from acidity and also help in reducing the onslaught of diseases arising out of acidity.

• Papaya. Particularly good if you have ulcers and cannot tolerate citrus, vinegar or spicy substances. Use natural papaya or natural papaya juice.

• Lemons. Can prevent heartburn. Cut a lemon into thin strips and dip in salt. Eat before meals to prevent heartburn.

• Lemon rind can also be eaten to prevent heartburn.

• For acid reflux, try DGL tablets (licorice). Take two tablets 20 minutes before meals. Usually symptoms will be gone within about three days.

• Saltine crackers. Eat anywhere from two to six saltines when symptoms begin. Drink a little water afterwards and symptoms should go away quickly. Pretzels also work.

• Mustard. Take one teaspoon by itself. If necessary, repeat a second time. Works wonders!

• Almonds. Can relieve heartburn. Eat several almonds when heartburn symptoms persist.

• Bananas. Eat a banana slowly.

• Other effective remedies include raw potatoes, pineapple or pineapple juice, raw ginger or ginger tablets, baking soda and water, and root beer. Peppermint is an over-rated remedy for most people.

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