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What is the single best herpes product?
Gary in Australia

Hi Gary,
The herpes virus manifests  itself in many different ways. It is responsible for cold sores, chickenpox, shingles, various autoimmune disorders, possibly multiple sclerosis, roseola, lymphatic system infections, and genital herpes. Predictably, a microbe that manifest itself in so many varied ways is not that easy to get rid of with one magic bullet.

The Herpes virus, unlike most viruses which travel in the bloodstream, travels along nerves and hibernates in the nerves at the base of the spine and joint of the jaw and probably other equally hard to reach places. This is one reason that outbreaks can occur after long dormant periods and makes it very difficult to reach the virus so they can be killed by generally effective germs killers such as silver.

The only protocol which I know of that can result in extended remission times; 6-12 months that I am aware of and possibly longer if used periodically before outbreaks occur. If one can't afford to do but one thing, my choice would be the DMSO and Colloidal Silver mixture. Iodine applied directly to the outbreak can also be very effective. But if one is
serious about eliminating it or putting it into extended remission the whole protocol should be exercised.

Ben in Utopia

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