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Herpes & Staph Infection

Hi Utopia Silver,
This is my second testimonial. Several months ago I told you about curing the bacterium Clostridium'dificile', which had caused a severe lengthy illness that could not be cured with any of several antibiotics, including Vancomyacin. Then someone recommended trying colloidal silver, and it took care of the condition in only 6 days. At the same time it brought my liver enzymes down to normal – the elevated liver enzymes had undoubtedly been caused by the bacterium. (Since then I used it to nip a urinary tract infection in the bud ).

Recently I had a discussion with a doctor who lives in my block during which he asked why he had not seen me for quite a long time after he moved in. I shared my story of the delibitating illness I'd had, and how I surprisingly had cured it. His first reaction was 'It could have killed you!" And that Vancomyacin was the preferred medication.

The doctor and his wife stopped by as I was working in the yard yesterday, and happened to mention that his sister-in-law had been out in the sun too much, and she was miserable because it was causing an awful herpes sore on her face. He went on further to say this happens periodically because of a staph germ in her system. I asked if he wanted to 'play' with my colloidal silver, I had just made a fresh batch. So, he took it home with him. This was yesterday afternoon.

Today, mid-morning, he and his wife drove by and stopped to talk. They were both beaming and could hardly wait to tell me that the treatment (applied every three hours in the manner of a bandaid) was working. And the sister-in-law – a medical student – was totally amazed but she had to believe it since it was happening to her.

I can't wait for the next installment to see what he tries the CS on next. Since I got a doctor to 'believe', perhaps I can get my own kids (grown) to believe and use it.

Glenda in Wisconsin

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