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Hi Utopia Silver,
I am interested in using colloidal silver to treat a herpes condition but I wonder what the risks of developing Argyria are.  Do you have any information on this matter?

G. Rivera

Hi Grey,
The risks of Argyria are virtually non-existent with Advanced Colloidal Silver (ACS) . The cases I have heard publicized are of people who used very large quantities of silver in gelatin (mild silver protein) or in saline solutions or silver nitrates. Even then it must be abused by consuming large quantities for an extended period of time to develop the bluing of the skin. I’ve used ½  – 1 ounce a day for 6-8 years with no problem, nor have I turned blue. The only effect has been that I seldom if ever get a serious cold or virus. Although I have had occasional minor cold symptoms, the duration is much shorter than it was before I started using Colloidal Silver regularly.

More Colloidal Silver info:

ACS can be effective in reducing Herpes symptoms and should be used both topically and orally. The Herpes virus which causes chicken pox, shingles, cold sores, and genital herpes is very tough to kill since it uses the nerves to ‘travel’ rather than the blood stream. It hibernates at the base of the spine or the joints of the jaw until ‘triggered’ by fever or trauma and is then released and moves to the nerve endings where it erupts. If the silver doesn’t do the job, I have an extensive protocol that has been around a long time and has reported very good success.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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