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Hidradenitis Supperativa

I am disabled due to SEVERE Hidradenitis Supperativa.  I have read the testimonials from other sufferers.  I recently saw a man on TV who is turning blue due to taking what I thought they said was this colloidal silver.  Is that a possible side effect of this drug?

Trena G.

Hi Trena,

We have addressed this story several times the past few months, but since the media keeps harping on it, I’ll go to it again.

First, colloidal silver is not a drug, it is a mineral (silver) supplement in water. Supplements are simply nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and herbs consumed to compensate for the lack of nutrients in the normal food diet. Today’s foods are generally severely deficient in many essential trace minerals having been depleted by the raising of crops on the same soil for generations. Except for some “organic” oriented farms who add a broad spectrum of minerals back to the soil, most mass producers of food add only potassium, nitrate and phosphorus. This makes for beautiful fruit and vegetables, but is sorely lacking in other essential trace minerals. The general ”lack of taste” as many of us have noticed over the years is an good indicator of this fact.

This “Blue Man” story is 14 years old and probably true, but Mr. Karason consumed large quantities every day for years. That kind of consumption can cause Argyria using the wrong colloidal silver product, silver in saline solution, silver nitrates, and silver in gelatin/protein. For more info, go to:

The most telling aspect of this is the fact that if it were truly an issue with colloidal silver, there would be many, many examples of it. The fact is the anti-silver people (the pharmaceutical companies and their media puppets) have to recycle the very few cases in order to give the impression that it is a problem. To give perspective to this hyped up media event is the fact that thousands of people die each year from using anti-biotics and over-the-counter pain killers (even aspirin), but you seldom if ever hear a peep about it on Oprah or in the so-called “news”. To see where the real health concerns lie, read “Death By Medicine” by Gary Null. and “To Catch A Deadly Germ”, by Betsy McCaughey

For additional articles, go to , then “The Best Years In Life” on the left hand menu, then to the article “Colloidal Silver Has Mainstream Medicine Singing the Blues”.

Also, read an article I wrote called “The Blue Man, To be Blue or to Be Dead?”. For that one, go to “Health and Freedom” also in the left hand menu.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor

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