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How Mainstream Media Lies About Supplements

by: S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) How does the Media lie? How do the major networks mislead you into buying things you normally wouldn't buy, or NOT buying things you would regularly buy? How does the media convince you so well, to change your mind and spend money supporting the wrong causes, the wrong "cures," and worst of all, the wrong food and medicine?

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Let it be told that the media in the United States has been suppressing natural cures, vitamins, herbs, and supplements for over 75 years, knowing there's hardly any money to be made from healthy people, especially compared to diseased ones. Most people know that television and radio talk shows are full of crap when it comes to nutritional advice, or do they? The media monopolies are quickly becoming experts at deception, and finding helpful information via the networks, CNN, and talk shows is impossible; it's just a labyrinth of misinformation and "close-by-choice" sales tactics, where the only options presented are all bad ones, and you're supposed to still make a decision where and HOW to spend your hard earned dollars.

ABC lies about supplements
October 10, 2011: ABC covers supplements: Just 8 months ago, ABC presented the findings of a "collection of research" showing that people who take dietary supplements are getting "few health benefits in return." The study's lead author, Jaakko Mursu, pronounced the overall message, which is a bold faced lie: Here's her overall message to the millions watching ABC and putting their faith in major network's presentations and "informative" shows that influence mass consumption in America: Mursu said, "I would conclude that supplements are not protective against chronic diseases," and "In some cases they may be harmful, especially if used for a long time."

She went on to claim that, "News about the benefits and risks of dietary supplements seems to change by the week." Maybe that's because it's hard to track all the lies the media spits out. The shows main goal was to crush the reality that antioxidants like beta carotene and vitamin E are major players in maintaining optimum health.

Then, Dr. Donald Hensrud, chair of preventive medicine at the Mayo Clinic stuck histwo cents in and said, "The conflicting evidence seems overwhelming, but the new study helps to clarify the overall message." Notice how this "chairman and doctor" makes sure you're thinking that the overall message is right to begin with. This is the ABC network convincing you that supplements are dangerous. They conveniently slide in that "Mayo Clinic" opinion, which seems so objective and reassuring. Remember, lies are best perpetuated when the consumer is given two or three choices, neither of which is beneficial or based on truth, and then left to decide within the parameter of a SET OF LIES which road he or she will follow.

CBS lies about supplements
February 11th, 2009, CBS covers supplements: This network's atrocity to humankind informs the masses that beta-carotene raises the risk of heart disease and cancer. They go on to "inform" the loyal fans that Vitamin C causes kidney stones and does not help prevent disease or the common cold. Finally, they add that Vitamin A causes liver damage, blindness and bone fractures. But only in very high doses can this occur, and just about every legitimate supplement warns you, so the story is completely misleading and full of fear tactics to get consumers to avoid supplements all together. Plus the headlines/titles of these shows warn the masses about the "danger of supplements" in general, and barely cover that it's only specific cases that create any kind of health implications.

The Early Show's Dr. Mallika Marshall misdirects the masses in a very slick way: She says, "It's also generally recommended that women who are pre-menopausal, that is, entering the change of life
…take at least 1,200 mg of calcium to help prevent bone loss and osteoporosis." But with the wrong calcium supplements, and especially with a massive dairy and meat diet, Americans are asking for kidney stones, gall stones, and brittle bones. The advice is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you need to know and it's delivered wearing a clever mask, by your trusted network and the talk shows that "play doctor."

Then she tries to trick you into believing you can only get vitamin B12 from meat: "Also, it's not a bad idea for vegetarians, especially vegans, to take a daily multivitamin, since they could be deficient in certain vitamins, such as B-12, found primarily in meats."

Unfortunately, most consumers are NOT well enough informed to understand that a few or occasional lapses in quality assurance can translate into nutrient deficiency and disease, including consumption of eggs, milk, meat, sugar and table salt. Jumping into the supplementing arena late in the game, after cancer, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer's has set in and expecting miracle results is not the wise approach.

FOX lies about supplements
February 15, 2012:, the so called "Fair and Balanced" news,delivered this pack of twisted, distorted lies to their naive, loyal masses: A survey was presented involving more than 2,500 people in France with a history of heart disease or stroke. The results contend that the consumers took either Vitamin B "or" omega 3 fatty acid supplements and their risk of developing cancer was not reduced. The survey went on to say that women taking fish oil supplements actually increased their cancer risk "threefold."

The study did not reveal any of the participants' diet, or whether or not they consume GMO foods, artificial sweeteners, fried foods, or other beneficial supplements. Then, in reading the whole study, which most people don't, readers see that the group study admitted in the Archives of Internal Medicine that, "Early cancers and pre-cancerous growths might have been missed when participants were recruited."

A more recent (August of 2011) and much larger study found that women who took fish oil pills were a THIRD LESS LIKELY to develop breast cancer than women who didn't. The study also revealed better cognition and brain health for those taking fish oil supplements! (

The NEWSPAPER lies about supplements
How many people in the world wake up and read the morning paper, front to back? How many people rely on their morning paper, be it The New York Times, The Washington Post, or their favorite printed version of their city or county news? How many innocent people who want to improve their health or their children's make most of their informed decisions based on what they read in black and white print every morning or afternoon?

The BIGGEST LIE comes to you in the form of the general "multivitamin." Centrum, Equate, and One-a-day are perfect examples of a counter-offensive move by Big Pharma to give you what you're asking for, but in a harmful, hidden delivery of toxic, synthetic vitamins your body can't use, and "other ingredients," which often include artificial, cancer-causing sweeteners, gelatin which comes from abused GMO animals, and much more! Do people know that supplementing with CALCIUM can be detrimental to their health?

Get your supplement information from reliable sources, people who have degrees in NUTRITION, not medicine. No offense, but not a single Medical School in the United States teaches nutrition. They occasionally have "mini-lesson" lectures, but when you want real information about HOW to supplement and build your immunity and know the difference between organic, powerful supplements and dangerous toxins posing as supplements, ask a Naturopath or someone with an actual degree in Nutrition.

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